I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Billy Joel concert + False is finally lvl60!

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:50:31 AM

I'm finally getting a chance to update, yay! It's really been unforgivably long, considering how much has been crammed into the past week.

Last Saturday, Dan came out to Binghamton for the day, and that evening Chris, Dan and I drove on up to Syracuse for the Billy Joel My Lives concert! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it was - I honestly think that it's one of the best times I can remember having. He started off with Prelude/Angry Young Man, and went right through Summer Highland Falls, Billy the Kid, Goodnight Saigon, Miami 2017 and Zanzabar to Only the Good Die Young, Piano Man (!) and Italian Restaurant. There was only one song that I didn't know, which is pretty good ;) Thanks to Dan's spawn-camping of the ticketmaster page last December we had fantastic floor seats, and they didn't mind cameras at all. The place was *HUGE*, and the whole crowd sang along at every possible opportunity...the effect was awe-inspiring and just indescribable. The guys from Orange County Choppers showed up onstage in the middle to give Billy a shiny new bike, which was a pretty neat extra!

I think, though, that Dan and I singing along while Billy played Italian Restaurant live right up there on the stage shall forever remain one of my favorite memories...I'm getting all teary again while I write this, which damnit is just not fair since it's a really happy one!

We came back with sufficient loot to prove we were there, and although I only had a crappy camera with me, I do have pictures. I need to get them off said camera now...

Pager duty wrapped up on Thursday, and although it definitely went better than I expected I'm glad that it's done. Wednesday night was really long due to a mysterious transaction causing the Java code to fail (the exact cause remains undetermined...I think I need to work on that). I'm sort of miffed that I gave an honest answer to "How much sleep have you gotten?", and then got pulled off of active duty...my lead sent an email out saying "Can anyone cover the pager 'til the next guy comes on this afternoon?" I don't know, it doesn't seem fair really - it's not like I asked for nor needed help, and weekdays are pretty slow after you wrap up all the morning tasks (which I'd already done). Chris made the point that once you get to a certain level of sleep-depravation they can't really trust you to do things correctly, even if you still think you're ok...and while I understand that, I'm still going to be miffed. Le sigh.
Other than that, yeah...went well. Definitely a lack of sleep during the week (I think I was running on 7 hours, spread out over 3 days, by the end there...resulted in my getting sick, of course) but damnit, for an admittedly approval-dependant overly-responsible workaholic, it's the perfect job. I really like feeling needed, so even if I'm exhausted and have barely eaten that day, if I know that I'm doing something necessary that only I can do and do well, I still feel good and satisfied with everything. It's so hard to explain the mindset that I get into, that allows me to drive myself literally to ruin all while enjoying the work that I'm doing...it's very different-feeling, even internally, than my usual only-slightly-stressed way of thinking. I dare say that someone will stumble across this entry some day and will know what I mean, and if so, that's enough.

I was supposed to be able to take Friday off, but due to the amount of non-pager related work I still had all backed up it just wasn't possible. I had to promise to take a day off this week instead (today wouldn't have worked either). I can't say that I mind, now that I'm back in normal-Laura mode ;-)

Of course, instead of trying to get myself back onto some semblance of a normal sleep schedule this weekend, Chris and I went out on with friends on Friday, and I did my first Molten Core run on Saturday. I was still only 59 (the lowest out of all 40 of us, I think) and it was fantastic. I only stayed through Lucifron and Magmadar (by then it was 4am), although I saw in the guild note on Sunday that they'd gone on to take Gehennas and I think Garr. It was quite an experience, and we did *really* well - this guild is fantastic, and I'm feeling really lucky to be a part of it. Shin chose well when HoP merged into KotW!

I had a botched Scholo 5-man yesterday, as well as a pretty bad ZG run in the afternoon...can't really blame anyone for ZG, as some of the KotW people were running one of our sister guilds through for their first time. They didn't have enough people to field a 20man, though, so it was half-PuG half-guildies, and we didn't have a tank who was really equipped to handle the bosses down there. Meh, my intro to endgame raiding was pretty enlightening, and I imagine that it's the same for all of those
guys :)

Later last night I went on a really good guild HU Strat run, which is where I (finally) hit 60!!! I got a Righteous Orb and a shiny new pair of Ash Covered Boots for my birthday, too ^_^ Time to level Bron... ;)

There will be absolutely no WoW tonight, as good grief I need to sleep, as well as do some cleaning, etc. With any luck I won't need to stay late today...

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Panic Mode

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:50:25 AM

Well, I made it through my first night and morning of pager duty, and so far I'm still alive! I know, I'm shocked too.

Got to bed around 2, since as long as I had to be up anyway, Chris and I did our first ZG run with the guild. We had fun, and it certainly was quite an experience, being the first 20-man that we've either of us been on! Unfortunately I then had to get up at 7am to kick off some scripts for work...well, No. I am supposed to get up at 7 to kick off some scripts... What I actually did was get up at 7:30 only to discover that my laptop suffers from a severe malady of the type "Laura is Going To Throw You Against the Wall!!!!!!!!!!" (no internet, at all, nada. Not the network's fault, either...it's all the laptop's problem). So, off I go into work, bright and early on-time.

Very hectic morning, which somehow appears to have gotten very organized and sorted out. I'm not at all sure when that happened, but I'm eternally grateful for it. The afternoons are typically pretty quiet, and now I know what to expect from both an evening and a morning...I think that this may turn out alright :)

I left the office early yesterday, so I'd have some time between when I escaped and when I really had to pick up the pager to run errands. Went by Old Navy, discovered that they've redefined my jeans size yet again...clearly, if I want to stay the same size, I must now lose weight. WTF?

I also went by the optometrist and got a new pair of glasses! I absolutely, positively cannot find my existing pair, and it was becoming imperative that I take my contacts out while still retaining the ability to to see clearly...staying up all night and leaving my contacts in was just unpleasant, and then having to go straight to work for 12 hours...yeah. Plus, in the event that I find my original ones, it's always good to have a spare pair. However, on to the reason for the announcement:

I really, _really_ like my new frames.

I will pause while you consider the enormity of that statement.

It's unprecedented in the umpteen years that I've needed vision correction, I assure you. Chris agrees that they're fantastic, even though he prefers glasses!Laura under most circumstances anyway and is therefore slightly biased ;) You may even see me wear them in public *GASP*, although I still dislike wearing them on principle...and also because I prefer my peripheral vision to be of the Non-Blurry type.

I've got tomorrow off, thankfully - it'll let me sleep at least a bit...! Dan, when are you planning on getting here? (Better not be too early ;-) ) And are you still planning to stay the night and drive to the airport in the morning? Just let me know...

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Posted at 01 Mar 2006 09:58:02 AM

Dan got his CFI!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *cheers*!!!

In geeky news, I'm getting closer to having a working file & print server! My little old black rose computer boots up perfectly with the DSL 2.0 liveCD that came with this month's Linux Journal magazine, and so far it seems to detect my hardware pretty well. I can see my wireless card when I run iwconfig, and that's at least a plus...I've got some forum threads scattered about looking for help getting the silly thing an IP (dhcpcd doesn't seem to be present on this distro, so I'm a bit in the dark now). Other than that, I'm so far seriously impressed with DSL. It had no problems at all with the old hardware (it even appears to be ok with the ISA NIC), and runs really smoothly. And it looks pretty darn good, really...no slowdown or anything in the UI.
If this starts working, I'll probably upgrade the hard drive to an 8gig and then actually do the hard drive install. Then, all that's left is for me to find a printer!


My little linux metadata project is coming along rather nicely, as well...the code's still an absolute godawful mess, but once it's working completely I'm more willing to split it out into coherent modules. So far I've got some good screens working and documented plans for the others, and Chris made a wonderful stack implementation for me to use. The current project is a lot of fun file I/O, and I dunno...I think it's coming along well :) I'm definitely noticing the influence of all the perl coding I've been doing lately, though...I'm writing a very perl-esque C file, and I'll need to stop and reformat before this is ready for public viewing. It's definitely good for me to be writing in a normal language again; I've gotten seriously spoiled.
Still planning on throwing this thing up on Sourceforge once it's usable... I figure hey, why not?

I'm unfortunately still feeling sort of yukky (I don't see why I couldn't have gotten sick all at once, instead of this weird dribbling-out business. This weekend I was all stuffy and miserable, today the headaches and sore throat are setting in. Ick. Need more Vit. C...)