I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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In which we watch Laura devolve into complete and total geekiness

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:53:28 AM

I should probably update this more, but I wasted most of today and now need to leave the house kind of imminently, so this will be quick.

Spent most of the week playing World of Warcraft. 2 bars plus a sliver until 66 (and I logged. Yes, I know. I'll grind it out tomorrow!). Leveling leatherworking without skinning officially sucks. Did Ring of Blood the other day with Super, some hunter, Madskillz and Elandrian, and got my shiny new Mag'Hari Fury Brand. That combined with Scimitar of the Nexus-Stalkers in my OH has my DPS skyrocketing - no enchants yet, but already I got a new SS crit: 1041. *glee* No new Evis crits yet, which I'm kind of not surprised at given that my existing record is 3081.

Went to Wine on Ice yesterday with the crew from STYP. Wandered around, drank (oh excuse me, *cough* tasted) a lot of wine, and picked up a few bottles of those that I really liked. I'd link them, except that would require going to the kitchen to see what exactly I got and I'm not really willing to get up right now.

Went to dinner @ Lost Dog with Robert on Friday, and finally had penne ala vodka, so I'll stop griping about how much I really wanted that now :) Went back to his place aftewards and cozied up to the Star Trek: Borg Fan Collective... I *know* I'd seen Best of Both Worlds 1 and 2 before, since I've seen the Locutus episodes and that's what those were, but I couldn't for the life of me remember anything else about them while we were watching 'em. *shrug* Also watched Endgame, the ST: Voyager series finale, and as I absolutely adore temporal paradoxes that was a lot of fun. There were some pretty bad logical fallacies in it, though, which I think I'm going to try to get down on paper....

So - Janeway, in the original timeline, spends 26 years with Voyager in the Delta quadrant. Gets back, lives the rest of her life, apparently gets promoted to Admiral. Decides that the people she lost in those extra years in the Delta quadrant were too much, so she makes a deal with the Klingons for anti-Borg technology. Says goodbye to people, 'borrows' a shuttle with some darned impressive anti-Borg technology of its own, and hops a timeline back into the past.

She meets up with the past Voyager, and through various gross violations of the temporal prime directive, manages to convince the then-Janeway and crew that they should take the path offered by the Borg Unicomplex back into the Alpha quadrant, managing on the way to collapse the pathway so the Borg can't follow them (thus giving the Federation a few more years before having to worry about Borg infestations). Just as they get back, Tom & B'ellana's baby is born.

Now - my questions are these:
1) Admiral Janeway only went back in time to get the crew back home earlier because she had lost so many crew members, etc, in the extra 13 or so years that *she* spent in the DQ. If the crew got home earlier, which they did, the [Captain] Janeway that would be present when the timelines reconverged wouldn't have that impetus - so she'd never go back in time, she'd never get herself home early, and the whole fix that Admiral Janeway managed would only last until Captain Janeway made the decision not to go back - at which point you could theoretically watch the timelines unravel until you get to the point where Voyager did in fact spend 26 years in the Delta quadrant (at which point all of a sudden, Janeway would have that impetus and would therefore go and do it and the timelines would re-ravel ....hmmm... I love this. Maybe the story could work, as long as you don't mind getting a bit timesick (what *is* the temporal equivalent of seasick, anyway?) in the middle of it...)

2) A secondary consideration is that Admiral Janeway used B'ellana's kid as her liason with the Klingons when she was looking for that anti-Borg technology. It's debatable whether or not said kid would have still done that if she didn't live the first 13 or so years of her life wandering around the DQ, watching her parents' friends get killed off.

2 is surmountable, definitely. Personal loyalty can account for a lot, and she might have done an extremely dangerous 6-month undercover topsecret mission purely out of loyalty to Janeway. Sure, why not.

But... 1. 1, 1, 1. The whole story unravels if the Captain Janeway that makes it back home doesn't realize that at some point, whatever her motivation, she *needs* to round up that Klingon technology, the armored shuttlecraft and all the rest of it and head back into the past to get herself home (and, incidentally, die in the process). *A* Janeway from the future needs to go back into the past to get the crew home, or none of it ever happens. And since it was the end of the series, we'll never know if she does it.

Minor changes can still take place - if the dialog Janeway has when she goes back isn't quite the same, the timeline won't unravel - it'll just shift a bit. But the point is she's got to do it, and by getting home early, she doesn't have the impetus to do so anymore.

I love temporal storylines, but I hate when writers don't tie up their own loose ends. They're too much fun not to do right!

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Laura's Law

Posted at 18 Jan 2007 10:19:55 AM

I have decided to declare this a law. *ahem*

Laura's Law: The quality of Starbucks' [grande extra vanilla dry] cappucinos is inversely proportional to how tired you are when you need one.

*bows* *steps down from soapbox*

.... fuck me, i'm tired.

Kinda sorta haven't been to bed yet between yesterday and today. I am also level 62, for those playing along at home. Boots of the Vanguard have given way to Sure-Step Boots, Eskhandar's Collar for Pendant of Cunning (lucky world drop found in a chest in the Blood Forge, there), and my Nightslayer Chest and Pants really could also go if I wanted to start breaking set bonuses. My ZG ring set is only saved because it's really damn uber... I don't expect it to last more than a couple more levels. Some of the new enchants are truly spectacular (+24 and +26 AP to bracers and gloves!) and the socketed-items thing isn't actually the train wreck that I thought it would be. Bara's 300+ Jewelcrafting already too, so I've got 2 shiny new +12AP gems in my new Shifting Sash of Midnight.

I know that I only listed blue upgrades there. I can't be arsed right now to go and track down the greens that I would actually wear in preference to some of my epics, largely because clearly I'm not wearing them and you can list armor by slot on Allakhazam just as well as I can. There was a quest reward neckpiece that I wore for awhile, and a really nice bp that I'm not wearing only because a) it would break my ZG set bonus, and b) there's a blue one which is *also* knocking around in my bank waiting for the day that breaking that bonus does become advantageous and which I would wear in preference to the green, stats or no, because I didn't spend the last 6+ months working for the best gear I could get my hands on only to have it replaced by greens. Damnitall, I have my pride.

The gear that drops out there is insane - greens drop like candy, and all have incredibly stats. It's not a myth that greens are replacing epics - it seriously happens, and easily. Things with +47 healing and +59 Sta? +40 AP on shoulders and gloves, or +128 AP on 2h druid staves and maces? Wtf...

Hellfire Citadel is neat. The wings are incredibly short, but drop good loot and you can really knock one out without having to worry that you'll get bogged down and have to postpone dinner - < an hour, easily.

Terokkar is a *gorgeous* zone - really, really beautiful, and Shattrath is an incredibly neat city. I'm excited :D Even though I'm not nearly as single-minded about getting quests done and leveling as oh say Bara is, I still haven't explored *too* much. Knocking around the world with Madskillz, who is holy and for whom therefore solo questing -sucks-, is sort of keeping my ramblings in check as well. Plus, I enjoy it :)

I think I'm sort of distressed at how easily gear is getting trashed and vendored, but then I know I attach more than average importance to things... I remember getting a lot of this stuff, and esp. that which was early (for me) KotW, and I can't bring myself to just vendor all those memories. I know, I'm an idiot and that's the kind of sentimentality which just fills up bank slots, but that's who I am and so be it.

I'm in the office today because if I were at home I would be doing one of two things... a) sleeping or b) staying logged onto WoW... neither of which are good. Also, conference calls still suck on my cellphone, and it sounds like this afternoon's is going to be sort of involved. Which is fine.

ETA: Oh, and just so this isn't purely rambling about WoW? Windows 2000 sucks. A lot. It has no WPA wireless encryption!?

I tried downloading the McAfee security thing that's supposed to enable it, but naturally it doesn't like the card that I have (random PCI wireless NIC that I had lying around - Netgear MA311, and don't ask why I actually know that off the top of my head). So, *sigh*. Need to go get myself a new card, one which works with both McAfee and whatever the hell I'm going to have to use to make SUSE behave itself and see the network.

I've sort of been dreading this - printers and wireless are both my nemesis (nemesi?), and they only get worse when you start trying to make them play nicely with linux. Admittedly it's something to tinker with, but I seriously need some more hours in the day. My cloak is still sitting half-finished in the middle of my living room because I've gotten to a tricky part and then started procrastinating...

Anyhow, any tips and/or suggestions on what sort of card to get are more than welcome. Heavens know that I'm only going to be scouring LQ.org myself.

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Burning Crusade tally

Posted at 17 Jan 2007 10:03:12 AM

Slackware: done
Win2K: done
Win2K: working on it, the network on that computer's driving me up the wall
SuSE: going to have to make wireless work first (same computer). Wish me luck.

Getting it to work on Slack tlack took about half a day, and most of that was just tracking down which precise version of wine I had to use to get the installer to run. 0.9.17? No good, it just told me that I didn't have WoW proper installed. 0.9.29 (the latest)? Nope, gave glibc errors. 0.9.27? Nope, just sat there, didn't error, didn't run anything. 0.9.22? Bingo, except there wasn't a binary for it so I had to build it from source. Which is cool, since I like doing that - but it took about half an hour, and after that worked like a charm. BC installed, is flawlessly integrated with Cedega, no problems at all.

There's the usual graphical and sound glitching that says "No, you don't understand, we HAVE to push this build! Yes yes yes, it's done, send it down and start pressing CDs or we will have a whole lot of angry people screaming for our heads." but all in all, it's pretty solid. Moreso than I certainly expected!

As for Outlands... they're beautiful. Really, really beautiful. I spent most of my first few hours just knocking around the zone, exploring and seeing what was there... somehow I just didn't feel right diving right in, picking up quests and already "having to do" something. There are lots of new places, lots of fluff and backstory, and every time I look up at the sky I feel compelled to take a screenshot.

Part of the guild ran a couple of wings of Hellfire Citadel, which is apparently nicely original and not too tough. Bara didn't -sleep- and is now 62 (for all I know he's 63 by now, who am I kidding?) and a good chunk of the guild is 61. I'm still about 5 bars from 61 when I took a break last night and nearly fell asleep on the couch :)

Going to go take a shot at making my wireless work in Win2K (apparently Win2K was too good for WPA encryption, or some such nonsense like that... 3rd party software ftw).

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Burning Crusade launch!

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:01:36 AM

Well, the crowd at the midnight release at the mall was spectacular - out of the EB, around in front of the whole JC Penny's storefront, and up by the Kay Jewlers - but nevertheless it is mine!! *squee*

And... it's 4 discs? For an expansion? Good grief, whatever happened to the good ol' one new CD of days gone by?

Anyhow, I don't have a whole lot of confidence that it'll work with Cedega out of the box (hells, I don't have a lot of confidence that it'll work out of the box, period - I remember this game's launch!), so I'm patching up the Windows installations that I've got around here and will give it a go on them first while I wait for Transgaming to figure stuff out.

In the meantime, I've just made some beautiful fresh tortellini and homemade sauce, and have a glass of sparkling cider waiting for me. I'll be in the living room, watching Law and Order, if anyone needs me :-)

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Rambling, links, new music and Avenue Q

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:53:15 AM

Since I've now been poked by at least two people to get off my arse and update this site, here goes nothing :)

Christmas was ... eh, Monday, I guess. I got back to Binghamton on Sunday afternoon, and Dan followed me down that evening once he got off work. It was good, we just hung out, I sat around loading data all day (was still on pager duty), and in general we had a nice relaxing catch-up-on-your-movies type of day :)

I got off of my last pager rotation on Thursday, slept most of the day on Friday, and Kyle came up to visit that evening. We gathered up Matt and all went over to Robert's place to play with the Wii Matt brought up (neat system, it really is), and then raided Denny's at midnight :D Really, it was an awesome evening.

Kyle crashed at my place over the weekend, and we went up to Ithaca on Saturday both for lack of anything else to do, and to stock up on hair dye since that's the closest place to here that I know of which stocks Special Effects. Mine's dark blue now (I got bored of purple :) ) and I actually really love it. For some reason it doesn't dye quite as evenly as the purple did... *shrug* It's still pretty darn cool.

Picked up a couple of new desks for my apartment at Staples on Sunday... $13.50 each (!), and they're pretty good for it - pine, pretty big, no bells or whistles... just a nice big flat space. One is set up perpendicular to my regular desk so that I've got this whole corner-type thing going on, and the other is across the room as both spare space, and as a desk for anyone who comes to visit.

Ahh..hmm... oh yeah - I caught Kyle's damned cold :P So for the past couple of days I've been feeling like death warmed over, and pretty much just camping out in the apartment. I think tonight I'm going to go hang out at Robert's for a bit, maybe come home and do some AB with the latenight crew before going to bed. I *should* be in bed before 2, logically speaking... chances are good that it'll be around 4 again. Yay, weekends.

I've been accumulating tons of new music lately, some of which I've mentioned here before (Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars) and some of which is a bit newer. The song that I'm currently addicted to, and which has (no joke) been running through my head almost every time my brain has some downtime is this one:

Emilie Autumn's Shalott.

Apparently on Last.fm that song is tagged as "victorian industrial, songs I fucking love to death, Emilie Autumn"

... Yep, I pretty much agree!

It's from her Ophiliac album, which I have on preorder and am insanely excited about. Check out the Wikipedia article on The Lady of Shalott - it's probably shorter than going and getting ahold of the whole poem just to understand what she's singing about. (Have I mentioned that I love Arthurian legend?)

I'm also tempted to get into a discussion of just why I adore violin in grunge and rock music, but really I think it's sort of self explanitory ( Cruxshadows, TSO, Emilie Autumn and to a lesser degree* Barrage? Yep.)

*Lesser degree meaning they're neither grunge nor rock, not that they're not violin-ish. That's practically the main instrument in the band. They're so much fun :D

Also, hello to anyone jumping over here from Frosty's very kind journal entry! That was a really fun night; I still kick myself because I really ought to have been able to come up with Holocaust Cloak. And the phrase "don't-refer-to-me-by-my-haircolor-Laura" has already sent several of my friends into convulsions from laughter, which is *always* a good time ;-)

...Umm, Frosty? What on earth did I win this so-called "person of the year award" for, praytell?

I'm heading over to Kyle's next weekend, so we can take the train down and catch Avenue Q on Saturday afternoon (silly sold-out evening shows, blah). I'm really looking forward to it, since a day in the city is always a blast, moreso when it's accompanied by friends and good Broadway :D A quick stop along 28th street will be useful too, as I'll probably take the opportunity to stock up on some spices and such that I need.

That's all for now folks - I need to be out of here in under an hour, so time for another dose of Dayquil and the daily "finding some clean socks" ritual.

(Note: yes, I am leaving out all mention of the recent guild drama. Those that know what went on already know, and I don't really feel the need to start things up again here. I never did and never will have anything against KotW - my switching to BC was purely a factor of who I play with on a regular basis... and unfortunately, just about all of those people are in BC now. I completely understand if anyone is upset at me, and I am really and truly sorry.)

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Insert pithy yet witty subject line .. here.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:52:48 AM

Mmhmm, ADD post from hell coming up. Be afraid.

I am le tired, due to having been up all night and then stupidly attempting to get 15 minutes' worth of shuteye without first actually turning my alarm -on- (as opposed to just setting it), so slept for an hour and a half before waking up and blazing out the door to work. Worth it though, I think... went along on one of Atmos' PUG MC runs, got myself a [Striker's Mark], a Lava Core and a Fiery Core (I should be a good girl and send them to the guild bank, but I really need mount money!)...hung out afterwards and explored the Caverns of Time with Brian and Quin. That's such a cool new area, and I'm incredibly excited for it. Also found the Dark Portal out in whatever the area name where Nethergarde Keep is (Blasted Lands?). That is one darned cool-looking portal! I have some really nifty screenshots that I'll have to make into wallpapers or something.

Need to figure out how to make my video card not suck quite so hard. It's a damned good card, but for some reason I can't configure it to give me more than 15fps. It's been long enough now that logically someone can shed some light on this...

Got False to 300 herbalism, and took advantage of the assloads of herbs that I farmed up in the process to make probably 60g worth of potions (not to mention selling the plaguebloom and dreamfoil outright). I'm trying this as an alternative to farming Silithus... at the very least it has novelty going for it.

Starbucks seems to have redefined "dry" to mean "pour in as much milk as it is humanly possible to fit into that cup." I've been getting the heaviest dry cappucinos lately... one more and I really am going to say something.. this morning's fortunately escaped tasting like nothing but hot milk, so I didn't feel like caring that much.

The new Ego Likeness album is fantastic. I can't stop playing it. It's this perfect combination of bass and mellow vocals that makes it so easy to listen or dance to - really, really good. Now if I could just find my good headphones, I'd be all set.

Am thinking that I will add a custom-painted iPod nano to my list of soon-to-be-purchased guilty sins, as long as I'm already hitting up colorwarepc for my laptop. I need a new mp3 player, I know that my iPod software works (as opposed to trying to find linux-y software for some random brand of mp3 player. Sorry, but I'm not that masochistic), and heck, who can resist a matching laptop and mp3 player?

I want this. Check the 2nd picture, with the fishtail skirt - I want that too.
Not that I have anywhere to wear it to, more's the annoyance. Karma, I'm coming to visit just so that I can go out someplace worth wearing half of my wardrobe to!

I want a 360 too, and am dangerously close to buying one. My sole restraint at this point is the honest wonder whether I'll actually have time to play it, without resorting to first constructing a time machine and all that. Since it's not like I don't have other tasks on hand ... finishing my cloak (that's a big one, since it's sort of taken over my living room), doing laundry, there's some stuff on this website that I want to fix/upgrade/implement, and oh, play WoW. Right. Because that's not a full schedule or anything.

Christmas is coming entirely too quickly, and this is problematic. No luck on shaking off pager duty that week, and honestly I think I'm ok with it. It is going to severely SUCK to try to pull it off while at home, though... I think I'm not going to enjoy it at all. It's sort of hard to be a nice, normal, stressed-out sleep-deprived workaholic bitch when your grandpa is downstairs politely asking for some help cutting up the salad stuff for dinner, you know? All I want is to be left alone during that week, and that is exactly what I will not be getting. If I had my way I would go up for the TSO concert, say Hi and give people their presents (which I have yet to get. Shit!), and then come right the heck back home on Saturday morning... don't think that's going to happen.

UI mods are still broken. Most of them, anyway. I want all of Titan Panel back (it's only half-functioning as of yet), and I want my arcHUD, and also Serenity. Rawr... at least CTRA works for me, last night's MC was kind of funny in that a lot of us really discovered how much we depend on notifications like "**Damage reflection for 10 seconds**" flashing across our screens at 30-point font at crucial moments to keep us alive. We got through Domo by the skin of our teeth - I think there were 3 people up at the end, and noone was actually tanking Domo himself... O_o

Heading down to Maryland this weekend. Really have to get to the bank today. Should really find some work to do and then go do it. The car's behaving nicely, thank you :)

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PTR notes

Posted at 30 Nov 2006 03:24:47 PM

So, 2.0 is due out on December 5th.

It revamps honor and the talent trees, changes the +hit/+crit/+dmg percentages into ratings - fine, dandy, no problem, go right ahead. We'll bitch and moan, and then we'll adjust. Here are some highlights of the patch notes, though, which I feel are sort of noteworthy:

Players can now cast item targetable spells on items that are in your action bar. For instance you can cast feed pet and have the food you want the pet to be fed in one of your action bars. (This is cool.)

Keyrings have been expanded to hold more key-type items and will now size dynamically for the number of keys in possession. (This is nifty.)

Players will now be able to scroll down their ignore list if it extends beyond one page. (This took until 2.0?!)

Meeting Stones now function similar to a Warlock Summon spell.
* Player's select party member to be summoned and right click the stone.
* A second party member then clicks the portal to summon.

(Now that's just downright awesome.)

Rage generation from dealing damage has been normalized.
* All Rage awards are averaged with our expected rage per swing (adjusted for weapon speed).

(Ah-ha, so THAT'S why all the warriors are pissed off. I agree, that's pretty lousy. Warrior = tank = they're *supposed* to be better than everyone else at generating rage... stop trying to balance out what's not broken. Not everyone is created equal, even in an MMORPG. This one will take some time to get used to, I can already tell. Good thing noone's raiding atm; we'll all need to get readjusted to how it's done...)


Skill level now determines what items you can disenchant.

* Skill 1= Level 1-20
* Skill 25= Level 20-25
* Skill 50= Level 25-30
* Skill 75= Level 30-35
* Skill 100= Level 35-40
* Skill 125= Level 40-45
* Skill 150= Level 45-50
* Skill 175= Level 50-55
* Skill 200= Level 55-60
* Skill 225= Level 60-65

Wait, what?! Excuse me Blizz, but just what was so darned broken about letting people DE any item, regardless of their enchanting level? I mean really, did this kill the economy or whatever so very very much that you felt you had to take away one of the really useful "professions"? Damnit all to hell and back >_<

So, it looks like DE'ing will be going away as a 'profession' in its own right... it was insanely useful, but no way am I going to level Enchanting on False just for that. This is just ridiculous. (I may keep it on Vanion... although I'll have to get him to at least 35, which I'd really rather not try to do... may switch False to Herbalism and Bron to enchanting. We'll see. Bah.)

They never manage to get it all quite right, do they?

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*falls over laughing*

Posted at 27 Nov 2006 11:08:36 AM

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I am slightly excited

Posted at 20 Nov 2006 08:54:34 PM

Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.
They fixed it!



As you know, Blizzard Entertainment traditionally makes a serious
commitment to protect the World of Warcraft community from players who gain
unfair advantage through hacks and exploits. Last week, our
administrators implemented bans on a large number of accounts that were
identified acting against the terms and the spirit of the game.

However, it has since come to our attention that a very small
percentage of those accounts should not have been banned. This case of mistaken
identity seems to be isolated to users of an unsupported, Linux-based
Windows emulator called Cedega.

Once this pattern was brought to Blizzard's attention, our staff worked
directly in conjunction with the Cedega development team in a rigorous
and thorough review of the situation. We have since determined that
your account was one of those accidentally flagged, and as such we are
immediately reinstating your account to fully playable status.

Blizzard Entertainment deeply regrets the error, as we understand that
this brief account closure presented you with an inconvenient and
highly frustrating experience. We remain firmly committed to enforcing our
regulations and suspensions for those exploiting our game, in the
interest of ensuring that our legitimate customers have the best possible
play experience. In this case, however, we regretfully caught a handful
of innocent customers in the process, and for that we offer you our
genuine apology.

In consideration of our error, we are applying a credit of two weeks
play time onto your account, in addition to crediting back the time that
your account was locked. This comes to a total of twenty (20) days
credit, which should be visible on your account within the end of the

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this account,
please do not hesitate to let us know. We appreciate your extraordinary
patience in this matter and hope you will continue to enjoy your time in
World of Warcraft.


World of Warcraft Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment

They actually admitted it. Holy shit. This is way too cool - I honestly didn't think they'd own up to it; I figured that by this point, even if they did identify the problem, they'd still leave us all banned. OMG. Squee!
/dance :D

They've not made any official statement yet (that I've seen, anyway) which says they *fixed* whatever the problem was which led to all the cases of mistaken botting, so until they say "Yes, go ahead and use Cedega, we promise that you won't wake up tomorrow morning to another ban letter", I'll be capitulating and using the Windows box. No point in taking chances, and I don't want to go through this again!

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Well, good

Posted at 16 Nov 2006 05:35:11 PM


November 15, 2006
Account Ban Update

We are in contact with the Blizzard engineering team. The update had been tested extensively with Cedega and Blizzard believed that it would not adversely affect Cedega users. We are working together to try and solve the issue as best we can.

If you are a Cedega user that has had your account banned please list your World of Warcraft username in the forum post or email support@transgaming.com with the information and we will assist in getting your accounts back up.
Posted by wulfram at 03:19 PM

So, they're working on it. Go TG!