I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Posted at 21 Nov 2007 12:17:41 PM

If a deep-sea fish and a flayed, smashed, gutted human corpse were somehow to produce a child together, it'd look like Grendel in Robert Zemeckis' new computer-animated film Beowulf. And if 300 and The Polar Express were to commit a similar unnatural act, their offspring would look exactly like this film.

That more or less sums up everything that I've been thinking about that film since first seeing the horrifying previews. For gods' sake, Hollywood - get your grubby "everything's better in CGI with famous names!!!" philosophy off of classic literature. It doesn't work, and it makes you look like a pack of horrid illiterate fools incapable of actually reading a goddamn book.

Shocking, I know. And what's worse, now a whole generation is going to think that THAT's what Beowulf is. Just like they think Troy is something that Homer wrote.

Blah. Elitist bigot, I suppose thy name is Me.

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Weekend plans

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:54:53 AM

Sooooooooo bored. Due to doctor's appointments this week, plus a long lunch on Monday, I ended up 3 hours behind this week. Stayed late yesterday and finished off all my projects. Unfortunately, this means that when I got in an hour early today (and have to stay an hour later, too) I have nothing to do. I'm sort of generically reading code, with my mind on other things (demonstrably) until my 11:30 lunch meeting.

( Click for the rest )

So other than that, life is normal. Got some new threadless tshirts! Going to have to miss Dan's bowling match tonight both because I have to stay late at work, and because greasy food and cigar smoke doesn't sound like a fun-filled evening right now. Still slated for picking up my new pressure canner tomorrow morning, but it looks like apple picking is going to have to be canceled. Apparently there was a 4-day frost in April which screwed up the growing season of most produce around here, and places which are normally u-pick have picked the last from their trees and are selling whatever's left out of big bins. Not exactly worth driving all the way to an orchard for, so I'm thinking that I'll just have to see how many pounds' worth I can get at Soulard tomorrow, and make what I can from that. (If my calculations are right, I need something like 4 pounds of apples for 5 half-pint jars, and I was planning on canning about 50 half-pints. Not all for us, no! Apple butter makes darn good gifts, and it's better than cookies or cakes in that it's actually shippable.) If all goes as planned, I might not be around the computer much this weekend.

50 degrees this morning - god, I hope there's enough tomatoes left next weekend to make salsa.

May be selling/loaning/giving away my green computer. Still have to check the specs of it, but if memory serves, it's not terrible. It's sitting in solitary confinement, in a CPU cubby in my desk, waiting for someone to need it... it makes a good guest computer, but with my main one up and running again, I have the laptop for that. And the blue mini box. And hells, if I need to I'll build another one ;) It's been awhile, hope I'm not rusty.

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I'm going home to read JTHM again.

Posted at 20 Apr 2007 06:01:24 PM

(Disclaimer: Ok, this is the one entry in which I will mention the Virginia Tech shooting. This is stemming from a comment I was going to make to a recent metaquotes post, but it got a bit long for a comment and I decided this was better posted in my own journal rather than making several thousand people suffer through it.)

"...the same argument was made over comic books causing violent behavior." ---orejen

Of course, because something always causes violent behavior. Nobody's ever fucked up all on their own - oh no. That would be too simple, and then we wouldn't have anything to blame!

I honestly believe that part of our [society's] need to blame something - anything - stems from our desire to make the whole thing a bit more remote. If we can pin down what "causes" it, then we can delude ourselves into feeling safe around the people that we know for whom that particular cause isn't an issue. It's not always blaming something external because we dislike that external thing; it's because if once we admit that violence of this magnitude can be to all intents and purposes random, we can't really ever feel "safe" again.

I'm reminded suddenly of the scene in 8MM (excellently made, HIGHLY recommended but very dark Nic Cage movie from a few years back, which I am spoiling liek woah in the next paragraph) where Cage's character tracks down the final guy from the film - big guy, one-word name, always lurking in the background, upside-down pentagram tatoo, always in black leather, sleeveless vest, half-zipped gimp mask, absolutely silent at all times. The epitome of fucking creepy. And before he dies, the guy finally takes off his mask, and looks exactly like someone you'd see in an office - like George from Seinfeld - glasses, kinda paunchy, totally normal.

He looks up at Cage's character and says "I wasn't beaten, I wasn't abused. Daddy didn't rape me. There's no mystery. The things I do, I do because I like them, because I want to."

(Spoilers done!)

So yeah in a way, I can understand the need of society at large to point fingers all over the place; we're not equipped to handle random, we want obvious triggers and warning signs and people on whom we can take out our anger. I think we do it wrong, I think we do it far too much, and I definitely think that we teach kids the wrong lessons about all of this ("No, Virginia, playing too much GTA will not *make* you kill people. However, if you feel sad or upset about anything, come talk to me, ok? I promise just to listen and not judge or tell you what to do." And then do it. Listen and do not judge. I know that it's hard to do honestly, but when's the last time you were perfect?) But at least I can understand the desire.

(Don't even get me started on Jack Thompson.)

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Oh, this is just beautiful.

Posted at 07 Apr 2007 03:57:24 PM

I am brilliant.

No, really.

I was vacuuming out my car in our garage, here in Catskill. I had the dome light on, so that I could see what I was doing, and I had my keys in one of the little side pockets next to the center console. I hit the door button to unlock all the rest of the doors so that I could vacuum them out, as well, closed the door...

And realized that instead of unlock, I had just locked all the doors. With the keys inside. And the dome light on.

.....sigh. Currently trying to find out whether I have locksmith service on my AAA...more later.

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Laura's Law

Posted at 18 Jan 2007 10:19:55 AM

I have decided to declare this a law. *ahem*

Laura's Law: The quality of Starbucks' [grande extra vanilla dry] cappucinos is inversely proportional to how tired you are when you need one.

*bows* *steps down from soapbox*

.... fuck me, i'm tired.

Kinda sorta haven't been to bed yet between yesterday and today. I am also level 62, for those playing along at home. Boots of the Vanguard have given way to Sure-Step Boots, Eskhandar's Collar for Pendant of Cunning (lucky world drop found in a chest in the Blood Forge, there), and my Nightslayer Chest and Pants really could also go if I wanted to start breaking set bonuses. My ZG ring set is only saved because it's really damn uber... I don't expect it to last more than a couple more levels. Some of the new enchants are truly spectacular (+24 and +26 AP to bracers and gloves!) and the socketed-items thing isn't actually the train wreck that I thought it would be. Bara's 300+ Jewelcrafting already too, so I've got 2 shiny new +12AP gems in my new Shifting Sash of Midnight.

I know that I only listed blue upgrades there. I can't be arsed right now to go and track down the greens that I would actually wear in preference to some of my epics, largely because clearly I'm not wearing them and you can list armor by slot on Allakhazam just as well as I can. There was a quest reward neckpiece that I wore for awhile, and a really nice bp that I'm not wearing only because a) it would break my ZG set bonus, and b) there's a blue one which is *also* knocking around in my bank waiting for the day that breaking that bonus does become advantageous and which I would wear in preference to the green, stats or no, because I didn't spend the last 6+ months working for the best gear I could get my hands on only to have it replaced by greens. Damnitall, I have my pride.

The gear that drops out there is insane - greens drop like candy, and all have incredibly stats. It's not a myth that greens are replacing epics - it seriously happens, and easily. Things with +47 healing and +59 Sta? +40 AP on shoulders and gloves, or +128 AP on 2h druid staves and maces? Wtf...

Hellfire Citadel is neat. The wings are incredibly short, but drop good loot and you can really knock one out without having to worry that you'll get bogged down and have to postpone dinner - < an hour, easily.

Terokkar is a *gorgeous* zone - really, really beautiful, and Shattrath is an incredibly neat city. I'm excited :D Even though I'm not nearly as single-minded about getting quests done and leveling as oh say Bara is, I still haven't explored *too* much. Knocking around the world with Madskillz, who is holy and for whom therefore solo questing -sucks-, is sort of keeping my ramblings in check as well. Plus, I enjoy it :)

I think I'm sort of distressed at how easily gear is getting trashed and vendored, but then I know I attach more than average importance to things... I remember getting a lot of this stuff, and esp. that which was early (for me) KotW, and I can't bring myself to just vendor all those memories. I know, I'm an idiot and that's the kind of sentimentality which just fills up bank slots, but that's who I am and so be it.

I'm in the office today because if I were at home I would be doing one of two things... a) sleeping or b) staying logged onto WoW... neither of which are good. Also, conference calls still suck on my cellphone, and it sounds like this afternoon's is going to be sort of involved. Which is fine.

ETA: Oh, and just so this isn't purely rambling about WoW? Windows 2000 sucks. A lot. It has no WPA wireless encryption!?

I tried downloading the McAfee security thing that's supposed to enable it, but naturally it doesn't like the card that I have (random PCI wireless NIC that I had lying around - Netgear MA311, and don't ask why I actually know that off the top of my head). So, *sigh*. Need to go get myself a new card, one which works with both McAfee and whatever the hell I'm going to have to use to make SUSE behave itself and see the network.

I've sort of been dreading this - printers and wireless are both my nemesis (nemesi?), and they only get worse when you start trying to make them play nicely with linux. Admittedly it's something to tinker with, but I seriously need some more hours in the day. My cloak is still sitting half-finished in the middle of my living room because I've gotten to a tricky part and then started procrastinating...

Anyhow, any tips and/or suggestions on what sort of card to get are more than welcome. Heavens know that I'm only going to be scouring LQ.org myself.

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An itemized list

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:53:07 AM

Because *I* think it's funny, my last two days (inclusive) have gone thusly:

9:00: Get up, only to discover that Outlook has the IQ of a retarded eggplant, and that my meeting is not infact for another half-hour. Go back to bed.
9:30: Get told that I really don't need to be on this conference call anyway. Go back to bed.
10:00: Realize that if I do not get up soon and do errands, I will not be here when the pager arrives, then it will get taken back to the FedEx place and then I will be in trouble.
11:00: Get dressed. Tell people that I will be afk for a couple of hours, since the post office and the mall two business days before Christmas are guaranteed to be quite the collective party.
11:15: Am out of the post office. Rock on.
1:00pm: Am finally out of the mall, and am feeling slightly homicidal.
2:00pm: Pager arrives, and the fun begins.
Sometime that afternoon: Begin discussing pager hand-off with previous pager holder, and am informed that some significant processing issues have cropped up which will require equally significant catching-up later. Mmmm... can already see how this will play out.
That afternoon and evening: Play WoW and check email. (This is normal.)
8:00pm: Am informed that an additional 16 hours or so will be needed to fix the aforementioned issues, and to check back tomorrow afternoon. Simultaneously wince and giggle with slightly-hysterical delight, since the train wreck this will be is already becoming clear. Go back to playing WoW and checking email.

2am: Have been alerted of issue requiring an immediate solution.
2:10am: Am rapidly discovering that the documented solution is in fact so much crap, and wake up the oncall DBA to fixplskthx.
3:30am: Problem is still not solved. Give up in disgust, and let the poor DBA go get his well-deserved rest. Also, attempt to get some well-deserved rest myself.
3:30 am - 8:00am: Attempt to sleep, yet get woken up every half-hour or so by emails. (This is normal, albeit depressingly so.)
8:00 - 10:00: Do normal work-related stuff.
10:00: Realize that I have exactly one hour to get out of the house. Take world's fastest slowest shower, since I am still resisting wakefulness with all my bodily power, pack and hope that I'm not forgetting anything, write emails to the wonderful people covering pager for me today while I am driving and at the TSO concert, and come to the conclusion that it is 11:00 and I am still not out of the house.
11:00: Load car. Realize that I have neither watered the plants, cleaned my apartment nor done last night's dishes. Verbally apologize to the apartment at large, and pull the door shut behind me.
11:05: Realize that rented movies are due back on Saturday. Swear, and then retrieve them.
11:15: Realize that today is clearly the day they gave free drivers' licenses to anyone who cared to apply, regardless of IQ, reflexes or aptitude. Swear some more, and arrive finally at Starbucks.
11:20: Am calmed down slightly by caffeine, and on the way to the video place.
11:45: Arrive impossibly late to said video place. Yikes.
12:00: Am finally on the highway. Jeez.
2:30pm: Arrive in Coxsackie to pick up Dan, and immediately turn around and hightail it up to the Pepsi Arena.
4:00: Thoroughly enjoy the TSO concert. YAY omgsquee happy :D
8:00: Am on the way home. Arrive, greet family, scrounge up something for dinner, am told that "I look tired." Hmm.
10:00: Yay, internets. Check email and discover to my joy that nothing serious has broken which I need to deal with. Also discover the new ETA of that solution has been pushed back yet again, and that I will need to somehow invent at least 48 mythical hours in order to catch it up again.
10:55: Finish this and realize that it is not nearly as funny as I think it is, but am sleep-deprived enough to post it anyway.

Notes: Yes, the TSO concert was wonderful, and I loved every minute of it :D Dan and I have gone every year for the past 3, and really I hope that we can keep up the tradition. We went to the afternoon show because I was a dumbass this year and didn't actually get tickets until last week, but honestly the 4pm was probably the better choice this year (as opposed to the 8pm) given the availability times of people to cover for me.

Not sure what's going on tomorrow (Dad?) or when I'll head back to Binghamton. It may be either Saturday or Sunday, depending on that server and my personal schedule... I tend to get really tired and that makes me not want to deal with people during these weeks (not that any of you have noticed though, right? ;) ), so honestly the sooner I'm back in isolation the better it will be for all concerned.

Oh, and - all the well-meaning people who keep inviting me to Christmas dinner because I will be all by my lonesome on Monday? Really, I'm ducking out of our own family's dinner because I am guaranteed to be in a heinous mood, probably unshowered for a couple of days and in general quite antisocial. I might bite. I will certainly growl. Also, not particularly fond of having to be polite and full of appropriate levels of holiday cheer with lots of people I don't know. I appreciate the thought, I really do - but I'm avoiding the whole fiasco for some very good reasons. It'll be ok, really :)

Still addicted to this new Three Days Grace album. This is some good stuff, people!

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Insert pithy yet witty subject line .. here.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:52:48 AM

Mmhmm, ADD post from hell coming up. Be afraid.

I am le tired, due to having been up all night and then stupidly attempting to get 15 minutes' worth of shuteye without first actually turning my alarm -on- (as opposed to just setting it), so slept for an hour and a half before waking up and blazing out the door to work. Worth it though, I think... went along on one of Atmos' PUG MC runs, got myself a [Striker's Mark], a Lava Core and a Fiery Core (I should be a good girl and send them to the guild bank, but I really need mount money!)...hung out afterwards and explored the Caverns of Time with Brian and Quin. That's such a cool new area, and I'm incredibly excited for it. Also found the Dark Portal out in whatever the area name where Nethergarde Keep is (Blasted Lands?). That is one darned cool-looking portal! I have some really nifty screenshots that I'll have to make into wallpapers or something.

Need to figure out how to make my video card not suck quite so hard. It's a damned good card, but for some reason I can't configure it to give me more than 15fps. It's been long enough now that logically someone can shed some light on this...

Got False to 300 herbalism, and took advantage of the assloads of herbs that I farmed up in the process to make probably 60g worth of potions (not to mention selling the plaguebloom and dreamfoil outright). I'm trying this as an alternative to farming Silithus... at the very least it has novelty going for it.

Starbucks seems to have redefined "dry" to mean "pour in as much milk as it is humanly possible to fit into that cup." I've been getting the heaviest dry cappucinos lately... one more and I really am going to say something.. this morning's fortunately escaped tasting like nothing but hot milk, so I didn't feel like caring that much.

The new Ego Likeness album is fantastic. I can't stop playing it. It's this perfect combination of bass and mellow vocals that makes it so easy to listen or dance to - really, really good. Now if I could just find my good headphones, I'd be all set.

Am thinking that I will add a custom-painted iPod nano to my list of soon-to-be-purchased guilty sins, as long as I'm already hitting up colorwarepc for my laptop. I need a new mp3 player, I know that my iPod software works (as opposed to trying to find linux-y software for some random brand of mp3 player. Sorry, but I'm not that masochistic), and heck, who can resist a matching laptop and mp3 player?

I want this. Check the 2nd picture, with the fishtail skirt - I want that too.
Not that I have anywhere to wear it to, more's the annoyance. Karma, I'm coming to visit just so that I can go out someplace worth wearing half of my wardrobe to!

I want a 360 too, and am dangerously close to buying one. My sole restraint at this point is the honest wonder whether I'll actually have time to play it, without resorting to first constructing a time machine and all that. Since it's not like I don't have other tasks on hand ... finishing my cloak (that's a big one, since it's sort of taken over my living room), doing laundry, there's some stuff on this website that I want to fix/upgrade/implement, and oh, play WoW. Right. Because that's not a full schedule or anything.

Christmas is coming entirely too quickly, and this is problematic. No luck on shaking off pager duty that week, and honestly I think I'm ok with it. It is going to severely SUCK to try to pull it off while at home, though... I think I'm not going to enjoy it at all. It's sort of hard to be a nice, normal, stressed-out sleep-deprived workaholic bitch when your grandpa is downstairs politely asking for some help cutting up the salad stuff for dinner, you know? All I want is to be left alone during that week, and that is exactly what I will not be getting. If I had my way I would go up for the TSO concert, say Hi and give people their presents (which I have yet to get. Shit!), and then come right the heck back home on Saturday morning... don't think that's going to happen.

UI mods are still broken. Most of them, anyway. I want all of Titan Panel back (it's only half-functioning as of yet), and I want my arcHUD, and also Serenity. Rawr... at least CTRA works for me, last night's MC was kind of funny in that a lot of us really discovered how much we depend on notifications like "**Damage reflection for 10 seconds**" flashing across our screens at 30-point font at crucial moments to keep us alive. We got through Domo by the skin of our teeth - I think there were 3 people up at the end, and noone was actually tanking Domo himself... O_o

Heading down to Maryland this weekend. Really have to get to the bank today. Should really find some work to do and then go do it. The car's behaving nicely, thank you :)

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Posted at 27 Nov 2006 01:05:59 PM

This post has been removed. The important thing to me was that I said it, not necessarily that anyone read it.


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So tired. So very, very tired.

Posted at 20 Nov 2006 09:48:27 AM

I am tired beyond all imagining this morning. Literally - I'm nigh-falling asleep at my desk. *zzzZZZZzzZZZzzzzzzz....*

Also, my back hurts and so does my shoulder - I think I slept oddly on it again. And I have shitloads to do before wednesday this week, including but not limited to doing laundry, packing for thanksgiving weekend, making another batch of pumpkin butter, packing up baskets o' canned stuff, hooking the PS2 up to my LCD monitor, playing a measurable amount of Final Fantasy, getting to the bank, cooking (or otherwise assembling) two side dishes and a pie, sleeping, and pulling Blizzard's collective head out of its ass (still not unbanned. No real updates, either. *murders someone*). Also, about 20 hours of work. Theoretically on the list is going bowling tonight and fitting in Casino Royale* at least once more. Those last two might not be happening, and I admit that despite badly needing the practice, my shoulder's current condition may factor into my wimping out of bowling tonight.

Did I mention I need sleep?

Also, Wegman's is a constant madhouse lately, so even shopping takes a non-negligible amount of time.

I'm at work. I don't care about this report bug that I'm supposed to be diagnosing. In fact, it's beyond "don't care" - I actively don't give a fuck. *headdesk* And I have a meeting in 15 minutes (did I mention that Outlook is "working" again? Thankfully, it is). At least I got in on time today, so I can leave at 5.

* Daniel Craig officially = love. Oh my yes. He's an amazing James Bond.

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Well, good

Posted at 16 Nov 2006 05:35:11 PM


November 15, 2006
Account Ban Update

We are in contact with the Blizzard engineering team. The update had been tested extensively with Cedega and Blizzard believed that it would not adversely affect Cedega users. We are working together to try and solve the issue as best we can.

If you are a Cedega user that has had your account banned please list your World of Warcraft username in the forum post or email support@transgaming.com with the information and we will assist in getting your accounts back up.
Posted by wulfram at 03:19 PM

So, they're working on it. Go TG!