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Wedding checklist

Posted at 11 Jul 2008 12:25:02 PM

I'm sorrier for this than I can say. I promised not to turn this blog into wedding babble, but $deity help me, I'm waiting for a series of absurdly long searches to finish and this is what my mind is revolving around. Courtesy at least in part     and   , I'm sure... I gravitate toward procrastination.

Side note about those communities- they are, so far, the most snark-less comms I've found on Livejournal! If anyone was going to be full of snippyness and fail, I'd expect it to be hundreds of brides, the vast majority of whom are too stressed to breathe, let alone watch how they phrase things. I'm sure it's been and will be on stupid_free its share of times, but for now, I'm impressed.

I'll be tagging this and using it as a checklist over the next few months, I hope. I feel less scatterbrained when I have a list.

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So, um.. odd question, but I really confess to not having the answer. You are my friends and I miss you, damnit, and much as I would love to see all of you guys, I hate to ask people to fly across the country for what will be quite the informal event lest you think you're obligated or something. It should be a good time though, and for all I know some of you may want to come. PLEASE, drop me a note (with your address!) if you even think you may feel like coming, and would like an invitation! This is not to stress anybody out, and I really will understand if you have to pull out later because your Great-Aunt Effie needs help relacing her tennis shoes. But I can't invite you if I don't have names and addresses. :)

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