I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Computer update

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 09:25:31 AM

Dell: 0. http://www.ibuypower.com: 1*

I put together a modestly spectacular quad-core 2.66GHz, Nvidia 8600GT 1GB DDR2, SB Audigy system for less than Dell wanted for a lesser dual-core, and they had more little perks (better speaker system, pro wiring, cold cathode lighting, shiny case, etc). I skimped on the hard drive and just got a blank formatted 160gb, since I'm 99% confident now that my hard drives are just fine and it was the motherboard on the old system that died. I'll just reformat mine, put Ubuntu Hardy on it and be sitting back on my comfortable 1TB of drive space.


*For what it's worth, I believe that every prebuilt computer company is going to have devotees who've had no problems whatsoever, and enemies who have nothing but horror stories. There's no way for a computer to be failproof, whether it's prebuilt or homebrew. You rolls the dice and you makes your choice, and you try not to spend too much on it that you're completely screwed when it inevitably breaks down. It's just machinery.

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Arm warmers are awesome, not emo

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 09:25:10 AM

I forgot to mention - my Sock Dreams order came!

I have arm warmers in a highly awesome sparkly purple, and RAINBOW, and PENGUIN SOCKS with three-dimensional beaks and teeny wings, and the most excellent black and purple striped stockings to ever walk (*ahem*) the earth.

Coincidentally the purple arm warmers perfectly match my Littlest Elder God tshirt, which makes me no end of happy.

It is now the time of year where my mind has officially declared it Spring, and is booking no backtalk from the weather itself. This unfortunately results in me wearing tshirts, jeans, and at most a sweatjacket regardless of the *actual* weather, which at the moment is 36 degrees and rainy.

I discovered that if I leave the house at 7:15, I can stop by Starbucks and still make it to work by 8. Excellent. (Edit: For those wondering who I am and into what closet I've stuffed Laura's body: no, I don't plan to make a habit of the 8am thing. It's nice to know the timeline, though, for the days when I do have to do it.)

Installing WoW 2.4 took far longer than it should have last night, owing to my idiocy in only leaving myself 2 free gigs for OSX when I partitioned off my macbook. I really don't *use* the ubuntu installation on that system, probably because although it's xubuntu and all that good stuff .... it's really superfluous. I do a lot of dumb shit just for the geek cred.

Although, the largest problem I have with the thing is that my conky titanbar-esque setup flickers, and I know which xorg module I need to load to fix that now. So, maybe it's got another shot...

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It came to mind that I didn't care.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:51:53 AM

An update, oh my...this one might actually have substance, too!

My trip to Florida last weekend (Thursday through Monday) with Mom to visit Dan was actually a lot of fun - we saw his campus, which is nice, did some shopping, test drove a car, and did a really amazing amount of just hanging out and reading. I made it through I think 5 or 6 books, counting the plane trips both ways. That is awesome =D Mostly Discworld...I'm plowing through them at a pretty good clip. I'm up to Reaper Man, which I'm enjoying. Moving Pictures was kind of meh...nothing great, nothing bad. I'm just a Rincewind fangirl, I guess =D

Dan is also now charged with reading Good Omens and American Gods in his negative amounts of spare time. Yesh.

This month is crammed...l keep checking my calendar to find some time to oh, I don't know, maybe sign up for a raid or two so that I don't become one of those bitches who just comes once we've downed the wipefest bosses >_> but yeah... last weekend was Florida, this weekend is NY for Chris' birthday, next week is pager duty so I'll actually have lots of raiding time that week, and the week after that is Halloween. No clue what's going on in November, that requires too much foresight right now and I'm sleepy.

Which reminds me, I'm giving up on growing my hair out to do Sophitia @ PAX...I'll just have to be satisfied with not embarrassing my friends for a few days. Woe ;) But seriously, it's getting long and it's annoying me. (My middle-school self just cried a little inside...I distinctly remember swearing never to cut it above my shoulders, preferably above the middle of my back, blah blah blah. Live and learn, I guess.) Besides, it's cute when short and purple...longer than shoulder length just looks limp. I think about this stuff too much.

Mental note to go by the hair place here and see what they can do in the way of extremely temporary black dye...if I try to do it myself it'll look like ass, and it needs to be gone in a few days (and on blonde hair, too...this should be impossible fun).

Chris' birthday present is still not here, and I'm on the verge of killing *Company*. The only reason I haven't done so yet is because it's probably the postal service at fault, and there's not a whole lot I can do about speeding that up.

My package of Halloween Peeps and assorted other goodies made it to Australia! Karma said that she got the last package a few days ago, which makes me really happy. Also eager to try Tim Tams, a package of which is apparently winging itself toward NY as we speak. *glee*

I got my BPAL order the other day! 2 lovely 5 mL bottles of Morgause, which I love beyond reason and am considering up and ordering 2 more right now, because if they discontinue it I will be seriously distraught. Haven't tried the imps which arrived with it yet...I've been in a very gothic mood lately, which isn't lending itself to experimentation. I'll get around to it, as some of them look intruiging. Also, I want one of naamah_darling's BPAL boxes. Badly... just need to get the cash together again after getting my car. I know what I want, too, because she'll do a beautiful job with it...a mischevious green-eyed faerie :)

Speaking of cars, this is the one I test-drove while in Florida, and which I really liked: Toyota Yaris. 4-door automatic, naturally... the 2door looks like they forgot half of the car. Mom said that she and Gene can toss a couple thousand my way temporarily, so that I can build a new one rather than looking for a used...they start at $12k and actually start being drivable at $14.5k, so it's really not that far out of my budget. And new means a good warranty, less wear, etc... yay :) One thing I still have to check up on is how servicable it is outside of dealership repair centers...I hate having to take my car to a dealership for stupid things, and would prefer to not do so at all if possible. It's nothing more nor less than a blatant ripoff, and usually an ineffective one since real mechanics are more likely to actually _fix_ whatever it is that's wrong.

My Halloween costume is almost together...I need to run by Gap and get the pants, and my belt is proving problematic still, but I got the tank top while in Florida and the rest of it more or less sorts itself out. Hee....this is going to be fun!

My sftp server works now! I can't reach it from work because of blocked ports (and no "business reason" to open them), which is just weak. If I move it to 443 I can, but eh...I'm debating. People already know where it is, and I don't feel like it's worth the effort. If I want something, I should have the foresight to copy the files over when I'm home, and if I forget, it's my own damn fault. A guildie pointed me towards a new band last night that I need to look up, and Brian's hopefully going to burn me off some Tool/Queens of the Stone Age/other assorted stuff, Arsis is currently rocking my world, and that'll help.

Perl is being a little bitch, and refuses to update itself so I can get at WWW::Mechanize. So no penny-arcade podcasts for me...woe. That's my project for tonight, in addition to sewing my new patch onto my shoulder bag. I thought I'd ordered the Alliance one too, but apparently not...rawr. Have to fix when I'm at the mall tonight...mmm, Hot Topic, guilty addiction that it is. I'm amused at myself every time I shop there. However, they did introduce me to Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, for which I will be forever grateful. The people who work there are so much more entertaining than the clothes.

This is probably too long already, but since it's my diary ya'll can stfu and deal. Need to write in my real diary more often. I miss having a cat around...

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ConnectiCon 2006 report

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:01:20 AM

Well, I don't have pictures up yet, but here's a rundown of ConnectiCon 2006!

We left Bing on Friday night, and got to the hotel & convention center around ~1am-ish. They'd apparently given away our room (not unreasonably, as Chris pointed out, as we were technically not even arriving on the expected day) but could apparently transfer us, at the hotel's own expense, to a Hilton hotel that was just up the road a bit. This was irritating, esp. after a 5 hour drive and the usual amount of driving-related aggravation, but oh well...so up the road we traipsed. And hey, a free $150 hotel stay is nothing to sneeze at.

Packed up all our things and threw 'em back in the car until checkin time at our regularly scheduled hotel Dressed up in con clothes (apparently I was the spitting image of Triana from Venture Bros. - right down to the purple hair, choker, gothy dress and my new favorite heeled combat boots - it was complete coincidence! I felt kind of silly telling people "well no, actually I'm not dressed as anyone really", but heck, it's kind of cool. Accidental cosplay ftw) and headed to the convention center.

Preregistration was the best thing we ever did. The line to register went clear around the front of the building and apparently remained so for most of the day, but we went right to the head of the line and got in in probably under 20 minutes.

We bummed around the dealer's room for awhile, and got all sorts of assorted goodies from various webcomics. I have posters and books galore, and sketches from Ian, Greg, Hawk, Jeph and Scott, as well as prints from Applegeeks and Rob and Elliot - it was amazing beyond words, and I am still giddy.

Went to the Uber Webcomics panel, which was a lot of fun. Anyone who had a DS (barring me, who is at the world 6 castle and therefore hasn't saved for half a world) fired up an impromptu pictochat session, of which I have a few pictures of particularly amusing moments =]

There was a 'professional amateur' Star Wars LARP group there (Alderaan Base), whose costumes couldn't have been more perfect. One guy was playing Episode 3-esque Anakin, and did it better than whoever that mopey sap playing him in the movies was (not that that's really a challenge, but my point is that this guy was GOOD). He was wandering around having lightsaber fights with an equally good Obi-Wan, and after watching those two, I still feel as though I'd wandered onto a movie set.

We wandered around quite a bit, dropped in on the gaming room and the wargaming room, strolled around Artist's Alley, dropped in on an AMV Hell marathon which someone had set up on their computer in the middle of the lobby, and scoured downtown Hartford in search of some place which was actually open for dinner. The line for the cosplay contest was massively long and running 45 minutes late, so I said heck with it and headed back to the room to comfortably read for awhile, and Chris stayed to knock around the place a bit more.

There wasn't much left to do today, so we wandered some more, picked up any last goodies and such that we wanted, and grabbed lunch at Subway before heading back around 1. It kind of feels like we ought to have stuck around 'til the closing ceremonies, but really - there wasn't much left to do, and I feel kind of silly just aimlessly wandering. Chris is better at that then I am =/

I definitely have pictures, which I'll post as soon as I get them off my camera. There's only a couple of people that I didn't get pictures of, and I'm kicking myself for it - there was an amazing Cloud (as opposed to the half-dozen or so of good-to-mediocre Clouds) and someone actually did Voldo from Soul Calibur - and did it well. He was perfect for it, and I can't imagine how uncomfortable that costume must have been. I'll google for pictures, someone probably took some at the costume contest.

I can definitely see the value of a little more planning next time (also, having the panel schedule online would probably have been helpful >_>), so that we know when what panels are and when's a good time for lunch, etc. I should have dropped into the WoW Anonymous one (*grin*) but ah well - next year. It was a wonderful time, and we're definitely planning on going again!

Would love to get to PAX still, but I have a feeling that August is going to be positively filled already...I've got a concert on the 7th, we would love to get to Lake George a couple of times, and I think that might pretty much kill the month. We'll have to see.

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We're back!

Posted at 10 Jul 2006 12:35:42 AM

We're back! Connecticon was a blast, and we had a lot of fun :D

I'll put up a better con report tomorrow, with pictures (and possibly scans, if I get off my ass) - but tonight, I'm tired and am gonna crash quite happily in my own comfy bed.

(note to self: implement tags system similar to LiveJournal's, as I am tired of searching through posts via nothing but a where clause.)

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A quick breather

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:50:38 AM

Quick update - we're back in Binghamton after a long weekend in Brooklyn, and it's good to be back :) It was a good change from being up here, especially as both of our cars are in varying stages of decay so we couldn't have gone far anyway, but still...there's something to be said for one's own bed, computer and internet.

Cedega's still being a bit of a trial, but honestly it could be worse. Anyone curious about what it currently takes to get Cedega, World of Warcraft and Slackware to all play nicely together should head over here - it may be good for a laugh, if nothing else. It certainly amused my guild when I pointed out this is what it takes for me to play this game ;-)

Car's still in the shop, having the windshield wiper motor replaced and hopefully being inspected as well (I need to call them in the morning about that). I'll be obviously working from home tomorrow then, but with any luck will actually cease to be so horridly anti-social and go into the office on Thursday.

Friday evening we leave for ConnectiCon - YAY! I'm really looking forward to this, and with any luck it will be as good as I think it will. Questionable Content, VG Cats, Real Life Comics, Mac Hall (clearly!) and I'm not sure yet about Penny-Arcade will be there, so it should be a good party if nothing else!

I am planning on being totally fangirlish and carrying around my sketchbook in which I hope to persuade various awesome people to draw.

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Posted at 05 Jun 2006 12:00:59 PM

Yay! Nothing is in the way of ConnectiCon this year, so we're going. Originally I was (am) scheduled for pager duty that week, but I'm working on getting that rearranged...I really do have the worst luck with that. The Billy Joel concert, now ConnectiCon... :P

I saw that they finally figured out an official (i.e. cheaper) hotel for the con, so I just booked the hotel reservations and got the con passes. Things are looking good!
Who else is going this year, and when are you headed out? We'll be getting there late Friday night, planning to more or less hang out all of Saturday and most of Sunday. Not planning on cosplaying as anyone, either...I blame not enough time and lack of sufficient inspiration.

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Catching up

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:50:02 AM

Soooooooo tired. Ya. Not like I didn't sleep last night - got to bed around 2, which is par for the course. Did my first SM run with Bronwyn, though, which was nice (and got a seriously nice BoE drop or two, as well as a couple of BoPs. Mount shouldn't be a problem with this char!) Our party leader had to bail halfway through (not because of problems, he was one of the best people I've ever grouped with - my opinion of Ruby keeps getting better and better) and we'd already gotten rid of a damn ninja (stole a not half-bad 2h staff from me, the bastard, as well as some halfway decent cloth BoP shoulders from the Archmage. At least nothing _truly_ good dropped, or I'd have been truly pissed. He's a hunter, too...wth is he going to do with BoP cloth and 2h staves? O.o Rolling once, I can chalk up to stupidity...twice, not so much [esp. as the "This will soulbind..are you sure?" dialog comes up for things like that now]...f*cking bastard ninja), so Chris came by and ran the rest of us through Herod and the Cath. Definitely a good run!

This weekend was great - Chris and I went up to Schenectady to see Phantom of the Opera! at Proctor's :D Had lunch with Dad beforehand, which was also wonderful, and went to the planetarium for a while. And then basically hung out at the hotel as it was entirely too frigid to really wander around much. We stopped at the pharmacy and visited with Mom and Gene for awhile before coming back to Bing, which was really nice as well :) [I got to have a french toast bagel at the bagel store there! It really tasted like french toast!! Yes, I am obsessed with that bagel :P]

There's a couple of perfectly wonderful Firefly stories which I'm completely absorbed in lately (KL comes first, then Treasure). This guy is an amazingly talented writer, and I'm enjoying these so much. It's good for my Firefly obsession :) Go read them!

And ugh, the code I have to review just arrived, so yeah. Back to work.

(Oh yeah, training last week - went well, I enjoyed myself down there as always, still don't want the job. Nothing new.)

(One last thing - I won first place! The original image is here, if you're curious about how much work went into that. It was quite a bit!

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I am running on caffeine

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:01:00 AM

I made a discovery this morning. It's one which I should have made a few months ago, but clearly the message didn't sink in:

Hot peppers do not mix with contact lenses.

That's it. I didn't use gloves while making dinner last night, so all of the capsaisin apparently sunk into my fingers and therefore into my contacts when I took them out. For anyone who's never experienced the active burning of your eyes, let me just sum the experience up for you: OWWW!!!!!!

I eventually used latex gloves to put on a new pair (hooray for disposables) and that seems to have covered it. However, wtih all the gloves I'm going through lately, what with the hair dying and hot peppers, I really ought to just invest in a box rather than the little 5-pair bags they have at CVS.

My shoulders and upper arms are aching lately, as well....that's only because of scraping so much thin ice off of my car in the mornings - I'm using muscles I didn't know I had. Heh...'tis the season for tylenol, apparently.

Ridiculously tired, mostly through my own stupid fault. Hoping to do ZF, Saving Sharpbeak and the ST tonight with the guild..that'd be nice :-) And not only b/c then that'd be a lot of quests done, but because that leaves the rest of the weekend fairly free to do things such as go to Syracuse or shop for a new video card. Which reminds me, must check tigerdirect today...

I'm loving my iPod shuffle more and more, I really am. It's perfectly what I need, since I don't have the time nor patience to load podcasts and all that onto it every day (I'm not even sure that I could, although if they're just .mp3s I guess there wouldn't be a problem, once I got them downloaded. No iTunes on the iPod-connecting computer, remember?)

Oh yeah, 'nother batch of Firefly icons are up at _winter_icons_. Not that ya'll who read this care, but I might want the link someday.