I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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And the verdict is...

Posted at 21 Aug 2008 12:41:27 PM

Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen is actually quite tasty. Salty, of course, but that's to be expected.

A+, would buy again!

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Up and running

Posted at 05 Aug 2008 10:35:56 AM

My computer is finally up and running. New 500gb hard drive, clean install of Hardy*, so far so good. It has a stupidly-loud rear fan, 'tis true, but I poked a bit and discovered that what is screwed in can be replaced.

*I'm using a fresh /home for the first time since Slackware 7.0. It's shocking how much better the system runs once it's not tripping over bizarre .rc files...

Things to do today:
- Head by the clinic on the way home from work. I have had it up to here (*gestures*) with this cough.
- Go to the grocery store? Still not sure what my chances are of making dinner between whenever I get out of the doctor's and when raid starts. I'm guessing they're not very good, though.
- Raid (Hyjal again, finally.)
- Install various games on the new system. The latest cedega beta offers support for NWN2, which I didn't like much when I tried it on my old computer. That computer certainly wasn't built with NWN2 in mind, and it ran badly to say the least so I feel it deserves a second try. If it still sucks on the new comp, I'll chalk it up to just being a crappy game.
- Copy data off of the old IDE drives onto the new SATA one. I'm running on one 500gb SATA instead of 2 500gb IDEs, but they weren't close to full so I'm not really worried. Alternatively, I could buy another SATA cable and use the 160gb that came with the comp, which already has my mp3s copied onto it.

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And get me another cappucino while you're at it

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:58:40 AM

I am feeling decidedly witchy today. Not bitchy, necessarily, but close. More like... black clothes, black eyeliner, red lipstick, pentacle, hair kept in chignon-y place with my new hairsticks -- the ones with black cats on them.

Today is a don't-fuck-with-me-day.

It stormed last night. Rarely have I heard a storm that violent - I'm almost surprised that my garden made it through. I haven't checked, actually -- for all I know, it didn't. Heavens know the lettuce could do with some pruning, so maybe it's all to the good. However - between being woken up by crashes of thunder we had the cat alternately squeeking and sleeping on my arm, and the puppy alternately whining or squirming around when Dan relented and brought him in to sleep with us.

Sleep was not on his list of things to do, and he made sure that it wasn't going to be on ours, either.

On the list of shiny things -- I picked up my new computer last night, and had a start at setting it up. All looks well, if you discount my boneheadedness in choosing a motherboard with only one IDE slot >_< (This is fine for the built-in hardware, but my plan had been to chuck the 160gb SATA drive that the setup came with, and use my two 500gb IDE hdds instead. This is foiled by only having one extra IDE connector: the second one on the DVD drive's cable.) My choices appear to be:
1. Get an IDE -> SATA adapter. From the reviews on tigerdirect and newegg, these things are finicky at BEST.
2. Use the SATA drive for my mp3s - I was only using 120gb of the 500gb drive anyway - and hook my main 500gb to the second IDE channel and set the system to boot off of it.

Option 2 is the one we'll be going with for now. Ultimately I'd like to have my terabyte of hdd space back, so I'll be upgrading the pansy 160gb SATA to a 500 at some point in the future. But for now, this should work out alright.

(Anyone want a 500gb EIDE drive?)

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Computer update

Posted at 28 Jul 2008 09:25:31 AM

Dell: 0. http://www.ibuypower.com: 1*

I put together a modestly spectacular quad-core 2.66GHz, Nvidia 8600GT 1GB DDR2, SB Audigy system for less than Dell wanted for a lesser dual-core, and they had more little perks (better speaker system, pro wiring, cold cathode lighting, shiny case, etc). I skimped on the hard drive and just got a blank formatted 160gb, since I'm 99% confident now that my hard drives are just fine and it was the motherboard on the old system that died. I'll just reformat mine, put Ubuntu Hardy on it and be sitting back on my comfortable 1TB of drive space.


*For what it's worth, I believe that every prebuilt computer company is going to have devotees who've had no problems whatsoever, and enemies who have nothing but horror stories. There's no way for a computer to be failproof, whether it's prebuilt or homebrew. You rolls the dice and you makes your choice, and you try not to spend too much on it that you're completely screwed when it inevitably breaks down. It's just machinery.

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Hardware update

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:58:27 AM

First and foremost, I'm getting a new stove this weekend!


We have it picked out at Lowe's (and it fits neatly inside the amount of my stimulus check, which is excellent). Chances are they're delivery/pick up service won't be operating on the 4th of July weekend, so we'll just have to take it home ourselves and figure out something to do with the old one. Dan's parents suggested donating it to someone or other, which (as it still works just fine, aside from running a bit hot) isn't a bad idea at all.

His parents are visiting this weekend; technically for a wedding (which we're going to as well. Mental note to pick up a card). I've been frantically trying to get the guest bedroom looking like something other than a collection of odds 'n' ends of furniture, with a coherent color scheme and bed-side table. Since I smile when I walk into it now, I think I've succeeded. The wallpaper border needs to be stripped and the bottom half of the room wants repainting, but that will come.

The only unfortunate parts are the dresser and headboard, as they're unstained pine and wrought iron and don't have a prayer of matching the navy-espresso-cream color scheme. Consequently, they have a starring placement on the list of things to replace one of these days, and I'll be keeping an eye out when we start to poke around furniture stores.

(Also, I want side tables for the living room, and very shortly we'll need a really good (big) DVD cabinet. And a wine rack/stemware cabinet. Aack.)

If you've noticed my disappearance from IM lately, it's because my computer has officially crapped out. It had been down for almost a month before I conquered my apathy and started to debug it last night. Unfortunately, I got only as far as hitting the power button and discovering that I had no video output.

If you'll recall, the original cause of it being powered off for a month was that I got I/O errors, rebooted and got "INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY", not because I had no video. That seems to have been a spontaneous development and already my eyebrows were raised. The kicker came when I tried to reset the video card - the act of unseating the card shorted the computer on. Not off. MOTHERF*CKING ON.

Conclusion: the motherboard is shot beyond my ability to give a crap.

Rebuilding it doesn't sound like any fun either, to be honest. I've said before that it's a major departure for me, the homebrew zealot, to contemplate buying a prebuilt, but I really don't care to head back into the merry-go-round of Which Numbering Scheme is Nvidia Using Now, and Is A Dual-Core Better Than A Core-Two Duo? I'm no longer interested in which chipset is the current source of Awesome and whether we're up to DDR4 or 72. I just don't have the time to spend my evenings fucking with hardware and downloading obscure drivers.

If it works, is fast, and runs Ubuntu without complaint: sign me up.

That said, the companies I won't buy from: eMachines or any other walmart-recommended brand, HP, Compaq, Sony, anything with an ATI graphics card. I'd buy another Mac, but Parallels doesn't have me convinced yet.

And that pretty much leaves Dell. The head techie guy here at work just bought himself a shiny new XPS, so that's a recommendation from a rather trusted source... I'll be looking into it.

Oh! One last note. Go see WALL-E! It was an absolutely adorable dark comedy, and I loved every eye-widening minute of it. I think it's summed up by a phrase I encountered on LJ: "It made a theater-full of New Yorkers shriek in horror when a cockroach got run over."

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Posted at 14 Nov 2007 10:16:43 AM

I have a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Because tenieldjo is amazingly awesome and camped the Chesterfield GameSpot, she managed to procure the very last of their shipment of Wii's. We traded [Xbox 360] for [Wii] last night, whereupon I powered through the first 3 levels of Super Paper Mario.

It is everything the last Paper Mario was, and more. I think I'm in love.

(Oh, and we also have Zelda: Twilight Princess. Tonight may be BF's turn with the Wii...)

Also, WoW patch 2.3 dropped yesterday, and fixed a metric ton of little tiny broken things. Plus, new 10-man dungeon (Zul'Aman) and some other neat new stuff... now that Jayce and Nixxis have left the server, I'm thinking about going back to Novus Tempus, if they'll have me. It's just a question of whether I really want to put the effort in to deal with the usual contingent of arrogant lootwhores and idiots. I do miss raiding, though, so maybe.

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Busy weekend ahead

Posted at 10 Oct 2007 11:46:31 AM

Woo! I'm picking up my new canner on Saturday! 10:30am, and it's an hour's drive to get to where the girl works, but whatever, then I'm up and out of bed, and can deal with farmer's market and apple picking and all sorts of fresh food-type activities. Seriously, I've got a timeline mapped out. I am excitedly anal-retentive.

Thinking of poking at my red pepper & garlic pesto recipe, see if I can can (hah!) some of that up too. It's good stuff for a go-to meal when I'm not in the mood for pasta vinaigrette.

I also spent a good chunk of last evening with a pencil, ruler and notebook, drawing out the landscape of my nonexistent backyard, and mapping out what I'll plant and where in my raised beds. I had more fun doing that - felt like a kid in a candy shop, truly! As I said to Drew, the trick now is to keep myself from expanding the list of what I'd like to grow so monumentally that I can't fit it all in!

Also, I discovered Tales of Phantasia in my Game Boy DS yesterday while waiting for my car's estimate at the body shop. I don't know why I haven't played more of that game - it's barely been touched (seeing as how I completely forgot about it - thought I still had Sigma Star Saga in there), but it looks like something that's perfectly up my alley. I still have to plow through more of Demon Stone and Diablo 2, as well... so many games, so little time.

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Update - moving

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:54:41 AM

I realized this is probably due for an update, albeit a quick one.

My nice neat apartment is currently covered in boxes, and what I have left to do should be doable today. Still need to call Nationwide and find out conclusively whether they're coming the 1st or the 2nd.
Feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment, frankly. I'm hitting this point where I just don't want to look at another box, and where the more stuff I put away the more it stops looking like my space. It's not just the contents of closets and drawers and cupboards anymore, it's posters and paintings and bookshelves and dressers. And while saying that I've got cold feet isn't accurate, this weird half-empty feeling is bringing this whole idea home pretty effectively. It's that I'm excited about being there, but the process of getting there is less than enthusing. Without necessitating the addition of "mushy stuff" to the tags on this post, Dan makes me incredibly happy, and I'm looking forward to being with him. And I think we'll do ok. I'm not naive enough to think that there won't be some rough adjustment at first...with any luck it won't be too bad.

Ah well. If I stick to doing only things that I'm comfortable with, my life will be pretty damn boring.

My job... we'll see where Ensco shoves me. It's true that I'm not happy about having to work from home 90\% of the time, as that leaves me just a bit housebound in a new area, etc, and yeah... I'd rather work with people than just know that they're there on the other side of the internets.

Which should be getting hooked up this afternoon, incidentally.

After the movers are done, I'm more or less going to jump in the car, take care of any last-minute errands that need to be done, drop off my keys and ... hit the road :)

Erm... any last incidentals... I have no food in the house, which is proving entertaining. Making it even more of a party is the inconvenient fact that Skylark is closed 'til Saturday for repairs or somesuch. Boo! Their spaghetti and meatballs can keep a person going for days (and had, in fact, been my contingency plan post-refrigerator-cleanout).

This computer is being a pain in my ass. There's a bad memory leak, somewhere, which is giving me surprise!kernel segfaults leading to an inevitable hardware reset. I'd worry about it more, except what it seems mostly to mean is that I shouldn't play WoW on it, as where it's only surprise!segfault with only other applications running, I can pretty much guarantee it'll hit when WoW's up. Slack 11 is officially out, so during my downtime this coming week I think I'll have a good time backing up and reinstalling this box. It's about due anyway.

False got her Big Bad Wolf's Paw last night! We spent some time wiping on Opera the night before last, finally called it, and last night went back and one-shot it. I was thisclose to being there on Bron, too, and nearly had a heart attack when it dropped. Gleeee! And I hope I have mats for Mongoose.

I've been mostly farming lately, clefthoof leather and cobra scales, so that I can build up a decent stockpile for armor kits and whatnot before I switch to Mining. I don't really sell that stuff, and when I do it's not really a reliable profit, so I'll just keep around what I need to make occasional shit for friends and guild. I really, really need a profession which gives me stuff worth selling, so rock-picking had better be it. I can send the lowlevel incidental stuff to Winter, anyway ;)

My poblano pepper plant has a li'l pepper on it! Nothing yet on the little mystery chilis that my manager gave me, but they look like they should be getting blossoms soon. Hope they enjoy a ride across the country in my car.

Ok. Time to shower and start to do this systematically. The rest of my room, the rest of the closet, the rest of the kitchen, the rest of the books. Should be down to only the stuff I'm keeping, with some incidental exceptions I'm sure, so all this is now is elbow grease.

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Happy Birthday to me?

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:54:22 AM

My ToDo list includes an update here, so here goes :-)

Dan's flight got into BGM at midnight on Thursday. I had Friday and Monday off, so we had a really nice long weekend. Hung out on Friday, mostly just enjoying each other's company. It was incredibly good to be with him again...a month and a half is just too long, it really is! We did go out for breakfast (around noon ;) ) and then headed out to see Shrek 3. I was incredibly impressed, personally - they made it all the way through a trilogy without being corny or cliched, and honestly lately that's quite the achievement.

Saturday we got up late, threw some stuff in a bag and went up to Ithaca. We hiked along the Buttermilk Falls trail, to the swimming hole and back (which was /gorgeous/, and we had a great day for it. Could have been sunnier, from Dan's St Louis perspective, but from mine it was plenty sunny enough!) Wound up with an extra hour or two, so we went and knocked around the Commons. Did a little shopping - I found books and a big gingerbread cookie, and Dan found a pair of sandals that he's been needing but probably wasn't actually going to get around to buying anytime soon, heh. We left about half an hour earlier than planned, which was probably good seeing as my directions consisted largely of "Get from the Commons to Route 81" and the big road atlas that Uncle Mike gave me last time I was in Maryland. I will say this - however bad my sense of direction is (mental note #57283: Get a GPS!), Dan is equally good at keeping me calm and un-panicky.

The ball game was a lot of fun - hamburgers and fries and beer for all! Syracuse won the game, came back from being 2 down in the bottom of the 9th. Durham had 4 errors by the end of the game - they just couldn't keep the ball in the glove. The poor Syracuse center fielder took a header into the field-level scoreboard, knocked out a half-dozen international league scores and himself; finally got taken off the field in an ambulance after about 20 minutes. I checked the Sky Chief's website earlier yesterday and they didn't have any notices up or anything, so I assume he was ok. In any case, happy winning ball game birthday to me :)

Came home on Sunday afternoon, knocked around the apartment for a bit and then swung by the grocery store on the way to Frosty and Kristen's for dinner. I volunteered to cook penne ala vodka, which came out well although it could have been considerably more spicy. I blame the heinous death sauce that I was fool enough to try half an hour before taste-testing the sauce... kind of burned out my taste buds!

We didn't do a whole lot on Monday... I was working on my computer and trying really hard not to think about the fact that he'd be gone in a few hours. Got to the airport a little before 5 for his 5:30 flight... I fell apart in the car after he'd gone. Things like this are why I keep a box of kleenex in there... Stopped by Friendly's on the way home on the theory that a Reeses Pieces and vanilla ice cream were an absolute goddamn necessity at that moment. Went through some more tissues that night when my pillows still smelled like him... Was kind of expecting that.

I spent some not-inconsiderable time putting 2 shiny new 500gb drives in my computer, and transferring all of my file structures over onto them. Had a lot of running about trying to get it to boot, and it still doesn't do it smoothly - for some reason I have to F11 into the boot menu and manually choose the master hdd before it'll kick off lilo. Heavens only know why. It was great up until this afternoon, when the whole system was frozen after I got home from work... I just rebooted it now, and 5 minutes later it froze again. Grrrr >_< It's not overheating, as the whole thing got a good ol'fashioned canned-air cleaning out while I was playing around with the hardware.
I have a sinking feeling that it's a bad hard drive, and if so I will be PISSED.

I took down the About Me... page, and put up the little blurb box there on the left. I think it's easier. Simpler, and less expostulatory. Also, expostulatory is a lot of fun to say!

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Soliloquy v. 3

Posted at 15 May 2007 06:07:24 PM

Well, something's different around here... :)

I really, really like it. A lot, actually. Most of it got done in about a 16-hour period over Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (spent 5 hours on Saturday afternoon copying recipes into my book, which I'd really wanted to get done as well). I didn't really even plan to do the whole thing then, I just ... ran across that bleeding heart image, loved it, and the rest kind of wrote itself...which was truly amazing to feel.

The overlapping boxes here took the most time, but the neat part is now that I've done it once, I could probably repeat it seventeen different ways without breaking a sweat.

Also, the tags system works now -- both the links from each entry, plus those from the box over there on the right. I've really wanted to get that done for the longest time now, so that's incredibly gratifying.

And hey - there are comments in my source code now! Accurate ones! *grin*

In non-websitey news, Dan will be here at midnight on Thursday, and I absolutely cannot wait. It will be better than I can possibly express to see him, and I know for a fact that 4 days won't be long enough, but we'll make the best of them. I'm hoping to head up to Ithaca, knock around the gorges for a day or so, catch a ball game in Syracuse on Saturday, come home on Sunday and hang out at Frosty's for Sunday night dinner. Friday and Monday are ours :)