I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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I feel the crafty coming on.

Posted at 25 Aug 2008 09:48:43 AM

I am in the mood to make something. Probably sewing, since it's the only non-cooking craft at which I have any skill at all and I'm getting astonishingly strong mental tugs about running my hands over rolls and rolls of cotton and rustling tracing paper patterns while pinning them down. It's all just a wee bit odd.

Probably a skirt, since I've ..ahem, outgrown.. most of the ones I own now. Plus, they're easy. I'll probably end up making something out of some quirky fabric which I think is awesomesauce and makes Dan go *facepalm*. Or I could revoke my previous promise about never again working with satin and do something interestingly floaty. My old long black satin skirt has been on the verge of the scrap heap for longer than I should probably admit.

Except - and this has just occurred to me - I have a nearly-finished skirt in my fabric tote, which really needs nothing except the waistband, zipper and bottom hem*. I think I may have procrastinated on it because I'm not entirely sure how to change out the foot on my sewing machine to the zipper one...

Heavens only know whether it'll fit now too, since I started it while I was still living in Catskill**. It'd be sort of odd to finish it only to turn around and include it in the sack of outgrown skirts en route to Goodwill.

* It's also satin, for the record. I think I have some sort of love-hate psychological issue here.

* My procrastination really does know no bounds. Even giving me the benefit of the doubt, and saying that I may have started it while on Christmas break or some such, it's still been at least 5 years or so since I would have started it?

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Feeling crafty (aprons)

Posted at 11 Jan 2008 11:44:50 AM

My project over the last couple of days has been aprons. I love my old heavy-duty one, a relic of my days in the sub shop and pizzeria on campus, but it's not exactly attractive. It was built for resisting knives and flames than for looks. I sort of suspect that if you look closely, you can find the steel girders which support its seams.

So, last night churned out these! (A closeup is here.) They're light, pretty, vintage-y and involve no reinforced steel nor kevlar. There's no "pattern", per se, although if anyone wanted I could probably dummy something up. I just laid my old black apron down over the fabric on the floor, smoothed it all out, and cut around it with a pair of very sharp scissors. The edges are extra-wide double-fold bias tape, so no hemming needed (discovered to my delight). Each one takes about 1 yard of fabric and 6 yards of bias tape (2 packages' worth); 3 yards goes around the sides and bottom all in one piece, plus a bit more for the top edge, and 3 yards take care of the neck loophole, the curvy bits on the sides, and the ties. Voila!

I've got a couple more pinned up that I'll probably sew up tonight when we get home from bowling. I'll be on call for work all Saturday morning, from 8am onward, so that should give me time as well.

We're meeting with the realtor to walk through a few houses tomorrow afternoon - keep your fingers crossed!

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It's done!

Posted at 28 Jul 2010 09:23:45 PM

My cloak is finally done! After a truly embarrassing amount of time, but nonetheless, I'm declaring it done and hanging it in the closet. And if I do say so myself, it's darned awesome.

Pictures for those interested are being the cut -- I didn't bother to resize them or anything, so be patient while they load. Also, they break my formatting something fierce.

( Click for the rest )

I can't wait for it to snow!

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Sewing and eating multiculturally

Posted at 03 Jul 2007 04:20:56 PM

So I'm sitting here, waiting for it to be after 5:00 which is therefore close enough to 6 that I don't feel bad about leaving. Alternately writing perl and reading the Julie/Julia project, convinced that I really must buy her book, even if it is censored, because I have this fear that one day the intarwebs will crash and everything will disappear and I'll never be able to read it again.

You know me with my passion for re-reading crap. Apparently it extends even to weblogs. Who knew?

Went home during my lunch hour to show the nice man from the moving van company around my apartment. I realized something while doing this fairly-detailed itemization: I have a LOT of stuff. Now I see why you laughed, J, when I said I was giving myself a week to pack all of it up.

Worked on my Kinsale cloak last night, which I am determined to finish before snow flies this year. I finished the second inner seam, which unaccountably I had failed to do at the same time I sewed the first one, and then moved on to the part which invariably causes all of my sewing projects to fall by the wayside: hand-sewing seams. Long ones. 6 feet of them. Twice. That seam is what gathers the whole 6" what-will-be-neckline of the cloak into a nice beautiful gathered 24", and is done by hand-threading two rows of doubled buttonhole twist 1/4" apart along the whole edge, and then pulling both pieces of thread simultaneously so as to make it gather evenly. I initially stalled at this point last fall *cough* when I discovered that no matter how I begged, pleaded or gave puppy eyes to the nice clerks at craft stores, they would not order me buttonhole twist. Maybe in the 70s they carried it, but not now. I finally gave in and ordered the stuff online, and am actually quite glad that I did. It's very heavy stuff, and I can see why the pattern instructions specify it rather than wimping out and saying that maybe you can go ahead and use several folds of regular ol' thread in its place - wool is even heavier stuff, and anything less wouldn't hold.

Tonight I plan to make inroads on the collar. I kind of expect that nothing much will get done on Wednesday, as there's apparently kind of an all-day party going on at Frosty's and then I am determined to go to the B-Mets game that night.

Thursday I will be cleaning and maybe sewing if I can find a part of the hood which looks like it could be done easily, and then Friday Dan arrives at BGM at 2 and that evening we head up to my parents' for dinner and even later we head up to Lake George. Yay!

Contemplating what to do for dinner... last night was roast chicken and pita bread and tzatziki, which was excellent, and today for lunch was a chicken sandwich (which is, by the way, the best use on earth for a roast chicken. It's great when it comes out of the oven, but using real roast chicken is the only way one should ever make a chicken sandwich -- this goes double for turkey, which actually has a real possibility of being made with that pressed sliced deli crap which ends up tasting almost exactly like slimy water. Ugh).

I have a craving both for the burrito suizo that the Mexican place near work makes divinely (thankfully for my diet they only serve the meal I want during lunch hours), and for the warm peanut dressing the Thai place serves on salads. Peanut dressing is not precisely stellar for my wasteline either (I realize that I have almost nothing to complain about, but that 'almost' is haunting me given that I am supposed to be bikini-clad this weekend. Hush. Permit me my neuroses, and be thankful that at least I am eating at all!) Since I am fairly sure that I can pick up a passable peanut sauce from Wegman's on the way home (and also bread. Oh god, crusty french bread. So much for the diet...), it will be salad for dinner.

Three things to note: 1. My, aren't I multicultural? I think we've hit 4 countries just in the contents of this post. 2. I forgot what this one was. 3. I'm not sure whether it's sad or gratifying that I started looking up recipes for peanut sauce before it dawned on me that I could just buy a bottle of the stuff. I realize that in my newfound elitist way I believe that anything a grocery store can do, I can do better, but really now. Especially given that I'd either have to buy smooth peanut butter or pick the nuts out of my precious extra-chunky, and I honestly am not sure which road I would choose.

Oh, 4. the comment scripts still don't work, since yesterday I fought with my sewing machine rather than writing perl. I swear it will be done (while channeling Christopher Guest, no less), I just ... don't know when. Nobody comments anyway, so I suppose it's really not that big of a deal. Somebody write me an anti-spam function so that I can make this thing independent of being signed-in again, please?

One more note and I swear I'm done - BPAL is doing Neil Gaiman, Good Omens and Stardust-themed lines of perfumed oils now. How cool is that?!

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Moving right along... :)

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:52:34 AM

The Cardinals won the World Series! (Been awhile since I updated, no?)

This is excellent, as it's nice to see a team that actually worked their ass off for it get the title. I love the Yankees dearly, but let's just say that change is healthy. Congrats, both Cards and fans!

I was up until 6am again and am sleeeeeeepy. In a really good mood (it seems to be more and more of a permanent condition lately, which is excellent), but sleepy. Yarr. Thank goodness for sick time, as I didn't get into work 'til 11, not that anyone's there to count and/or care anyhow except accounting people.

As of Saturday morning, I am now the proud owner of a piece of paper which, in about a month given appropriate love, care and bank account management, should sprout into a very shiny new car :D Brand new 2007 Toyota Yaris, which Tim refers to as a cheap plastic windup toy but which I cheerfully point out is not held together by twine... I think we're even ;)

Mom came out to visit for the day yesterday! It was really, really nice - we did some shopping, made 4 pints of pumpkin butter (the recipe said it would make 8-9...lies), then made steamed chicken and spaghetti, which is one of my favorite foods ever and which I've not had for probably the better part of a year. (...Holy runon sentence, Batman O_o) Also, I cleaned my bathroom. This was necessary.

We ran about half of ZG in the evening, wherein Carn and I mostly talked and occasionally paid attention to what was going on on our respective monitors (yay, he's back!! :D [See? Told you I really am happy! :P]). The ZG run crashed and burned around 1AMish, after which Sway came online and, well, that occupied the rest of the time 'til 6am. (Carn, stop laughing!) 'Twas a very good day :)

Bored tonight, I think... the fabric for my cloak isn't supposed to arrive 'til Thursday, which is irritating, but since I'm booked Wednesday already I guess it could be worse. Not sure whether I want to go by some craft store and see whether they have massive sheets of tracing paper onto which I could copy the pattern... it's a gorgeous 1979 pattern, completely uncut, and I'll feel awful cutting and pinning it if I can get tracing paper. Not to mention, it's thick as all hell, and pinning thick paper to thick wool without having anything buckle when I try to trace it isn't my idea of a good time. Got taffeta for the lining.... I'm still thinking I'll try to find satin instead, but we'll see when it arrives. I really am unreasonably excited about this project. *glee*

I have a Spooky Blue Raspberry lollipop :D