I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Well, I've learned things today

Posted at 23 Apr 2009 08:42:57 AM

Mac OSX cannot apparently recognize partitions that it did not create, or that are in other filesystems than the basics - HFS+ (proprietary, and irritatingly so), NTFS, FAT. Awesome. This means getting rid of the handful of ext3 partitions that I put on my laptop has been nontrivial and eventually required the complete removal of all partitions, the re-creation of one big new one via the commandline provided with the restore CDs because the installer is dumber than a box of rocks, and the re-installation of OSX. (Actually kinda happy about that last one. I liked Tiger a hell of a lot better than whatever the latest one is.)

Apple, I AM NOT PLEASED WITH YOU. You're Unix-based, please start acting like it.

Started a toe-up sock class last night. I'm using Mini Mochi, which is gorgeously dyed and feels divine but is a pain to knit with. It's basically a thickly spun single, and as such it splits like mad.

Picking Matt up at the airport tonight. Have to get the laptop back in working order by tomorrow night. Cardinals game tomorrow (versus the Mets - whee).

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Brief update

Posted at 15 Dec 2008 10:37:42 AM

Lace scarf? Done. (Insert victory music here.) Must find wool wash and scarf pin.

Gloves? Started. In my optimistic mind, half a week is totally enough time to make these.

Hands? Doing ok. A bit strained, and my fingers are probably protesting the aforementioned gloves plan, but they can hush. That's what ibuprofen is for.

The rest of me feels like it's getting a cold. Luckily I finally remembered to bring kleenex into work this morning. (It was a long, dark couple of days.)

Weather? Icy.

Dinner? Thankfully not home-cooked, because much as I love my new fridge, I have other things on my mind. Plus, I keep forgetting to defrost things. Please don't remind me of the loaf of farmer's white that I meant to make this weekend - I really did - but somehow it slipped away from me. Instead we're meeting Chris & Meghan at Pasta House. Mmmm, pasta.

Plans to get the car fixed proceed apace. The thing of is it, fixing it is the easy part. Getting paid for it is trickier, and the girl who hit me has decided to be a right pain in the ass.

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It's all creeping up on me

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:51:30 AM

I realize that I've been quiet lately. Life has been normal, generally speaking; I've been playing WoW (a very little), knitting (a lot) and generally holding onto the status quo.

The cats are settling in, and are now playing with each others' tails like old friends. We got them a cat tree as an early "christmas present to the family", and I think they're enjoying it. It's another way to escape the dog, and I know they both like that.

Here's another one of Dory - bear in mind that photographing a black cat is akin to capturing the shadow that falls across your camera lens: Sleepy Kitten.

ETA: Here's one with her eyes open. She looks kinda stoned, since it was taken right after we adopted her and she was in that ugly virus-not eating-very sick phase. Nevertheless!

I'm trying lace now; it's gorgeous and fun to knit, but ye gods the progressbar* moves slowly. The gloves I could finish in a few evenings; I'll be lucky if I get this done by Christmas. That's not because I've frogged it a couple of times, naturally...

I picked up the Knitted Lace of Estonia book the last time I was at Chris' Needlecraft. I've been in love with one of the patterns - a really lovely Lily of the Valley pattern. Growing up, Lily of the Valley ran wild in our yard and it's one of my favorite flowers. So delicate and pretty, and a scent I never get tired of! Chris' is having a 30\% off sale, which is rather extraordinary, so I got some 3.5mm addi lace needles as well. I mean, $5 of a $15 pair of really superlative needles -- carpe diem!

Alternately reading Althalus, Nora Robert's Irish Trilogy and the Yarn Harlot's Free-Range Knitter.

Work is going well; gearing up for the holiday season and the new minor release. Our merger with Sprint has been approved (note the spiffy WiMAX-Voltron logo) and we're all proceeding with the confident attitude of people who know they will continue to be paid for the foreseeable future.

...Thanks to Firefox's spellcheck, I just learned that 'foreseeable' has an 'e' at the front. Feeling rather silly now.

Dan's got lasik surgery coming up soon... his parents may be coming down for it; we're not quite sure yet. He's said that they're aiming to keep him in a vicodin-induced sleep for 24 hours after the surgery, after which he's free to move around, drive and generally life live as normal. It's remarkable, really.

I'm not prepared for Christmas this year. Maybe this weekend, in between picking out cabinets, countertops, floor tiles and a new french door I'll try to work in Christmas cards. I've got a sliced ham in the fridge that's begging for a loaf of Farmgirl Susan's Farmer's White bread, the lace scarf to knit, Bronwyn's only 74 for pity's sake, and quite frankly I'm trying not to think about it all at once lest I go insane.

* As it were.

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I have craft-A.D.D.

Posted at 23 Oct 2008 10:46:32 AM

I've recently been told that the subjects of my blog entries are, to put it kindly, diverse. I choose to believe that this is more of the enigmatic behavior described by my boss, instead of concluding that the reason I did poorly on so many book reports in school is that I cannot stick to one topic for more than two paragraphs at a time.

So. Sewing. And.. knitting? At the moment I can't knit to save my life, but having just finished Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair, written truthfully and hilariously by Crazy Aunt Purl, I think I might want to try. (Buy the book! It's funny, when it's not being serious (and sometimes even then)! Also, a whole bunch of knitting patterns in the back!)

The odd thing is, I don't have any desire to make anything -other- than scarves, necessarily... it just seems like yet another way to tame my restlessness and burning desire to do more than one thing at once at any given time. Her little bracelet clutch bag does sound adorably cute, though...

*ahem* Knit wraparound shirt -- must stay focused! There shall be no learning of new skills until after I have finished the projects that I have purchased fabric for.

The thing doesn't look tricky, except for the whole 'knit' part, and maybe sleeves. However, because of needing things like synthetic thread and ball-point needles, I'm procrastinating. (It never occurred to me that sewing machines could have more than one needle. In my mind you just put one in when you buy the thing and sew until the machine breaks down... apparently this is incorrect. There's even something called a double needle, which looks rather terrifying.)

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I think I'm getting ahead of myself

Posted at 08 Oct 2008 10:22:45 AM

Projects currently on my plate:

* Bodice. Have I mentioned that this is still not done? Seriously, least-intensive sewing project of all time, and I'm a lazy bastard. This is mostly because once I hit a snag in something I put it away for fear of ruining it, and the snag in this case probably resulted from my seaming the front and back pieces together instead of having the thing lace up both the sides AND back. Long story short, the side seams are designed straight, and the lacing is supposed to account for my *ahem* feminine curves. However, in a brilliant move of dumbassery that not even the muslin I actually made accounted for, I didn't realize that perfectly straight seams will result in my looking like a toilet paper roll. So now I get to fix it somehow.

EDIT: Done! Pics are here.

* Dog bed. I found an adorable idea online that doesn't -look- like it'll be too hard (google for 'dachshund cave bed'). Seems like I can find a comfy pillow and sew a cover for it - the bottom out of something heavy, the top out of sherpa fleece. Then it'll just need an appropriately-sized 'tent' for it, sewn into the top seam along about 3/4 of the circle.

Alternatively, I could make it square and use one of our/a new bed pillow, resulting in a sort of sleeping-bag contraption that I've seen online as well.

The tricky part'll be where to put the zipper seam, so we can wash the darn thing.

EDIT:: Done! Pictures here and here!

* Fishtail skirt. This one's on the back burner until I can find a pattern for it. You wouldn't think it would be difficult, but it is! Mermaid, no problem (if I was a size 16 and wanted it loose and floaty). Size 4-6 bodyhugging fishtail? Can't be had for love nor money. I actually have an alchemy request on Etsy right now, begging someone to PLEASE make me a pattern for this silly thing.

I'm just not good enough to contrive one up, and to be honest I don't even know where I'd begin. The skirt on Kate's Clothing is so perfect, but it's upwards of $80-$90 including shipping. There's one on etsy too, but aside from being not my size it's also $80. Yikes, people! Just tell me how to make the damn thing already!

A couple of easy skirts a la eternalmagpie's tutorial here. I've picked up some black satin and a truly kickass sheer red & black print, and have some neat black & embroidered flower netting at home. I may do a rolled waistband with elastic in it, rather than a wide lingerie elastic band.

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Up and running

Posted at 05 Aug 2008 10:35:56 AM

My computer is finally up and running. New 500gb hard drive, clean install of Hardy*, so far so good. It has a stupidly-loud rear fan, 'tis true, but I poked a bit and discovered that what is screwed in can be replaced.

*I'm using a fresh /home for the first time since Slackware 7.0. It's shocking how much better the system runs once it's not tripping over bizarre .rc files...

Things to do today:
- Head by the clinic on the way home from work. I have had it up to here (*gestures*) with this cough.
- Go to the grocery store? Still not sure what my chances are of making dinner between whenever I get out of the doctor's and when raid starts. I'm guessing they're not very good, though.
- Raid (Hyjal again, finally.)
- Install various games on the new system. The latest cedega beta offers support for NWN2, which I didn't like much when I tried it on my old computer. That computer certainly wasn't built with NWN2 in mind, and it ran badly to say the least so I feel it deserves a second try. If it still sucks on the new comp, I'll chalk it up to just being a crappy game.
- Copy data off of the old IDE drives onto the new SATA one. I'm running on one 500gb SATA instead of 2 500gb IDEs, but they weren't close to full so I'm not really worried. Alternatively, I could buy another SATA cable and use the 160gb that came with the comp, which already has my mp3s copied onto it.

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And get me another cappucino while you're at it

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:58:40 AM

I am feeling decidedly witchy today. Not bitchy, necessarily, but close. More like... black clothes, black eyeliner, red lipstick, pentacle, hair kept in chignon-y place with my new hairsticks -- the ones with black cats on them.

Today is a don't-fuck-with-me-day.

It stormed last night. Rarely have I heard a storm that violent - I'm almost surprised that my garden made it through. I haven't checked, actually -- for all I know, it didn't. Heavens know the lettuce could do with some pruning, so maybe it's all to the good. However - between being woken up by crashes of thunder we had the cat alternately squeeking and sleeping on my arm, and the puppy alternately whining or squirming around when Dan relented and brought him in to sleep with us.

Sleep was not on his list of things to do, and he made sure that it wasn't going to be on ours, either.

On the list of shiny things -- I picked up my new computer last night, and had a start at setting it up. All looks well, if you discount my boneheadedness in choosing a motherboard with only one IDE slot >_< (This is fine for the built-in hardware, but my plan had been to chuck the 160gb SATA drive that the setup came with, and use my two 500gb IDE hdds instead. This is foiled by only having one extra IDE connector: the second one on the DVD drive's cable.) My choices appear to be:
1. Get an IDE -> SATA adapter. From the reviews on tigerdirect and newegg, these things are finicky at BEST.
2. Use the SATA drive for my mp3s - I was only using 120gb of the 500gb drive anyway - and hook my main 500gb to the second IDE channel and set the system to boot off of it.

Option 2 is the one we'll be going with for now. Ultimately I'd like to have my terabyte of hdd space back, so I'll be upgrading the pansy 160gb SATA to a 500 at some point in the future. But for now, this should work out alright.

(Anyone want a 500gb EIDE drive?)

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Hardware update

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:58:27 AM

First and foremost, I'm getting a new stove this weekend!


We have it picked out at Lowe's (and it fits neatly inside the amount of my stimulus check, which is excellent). Chances are they're delivery/pick up service won't be operating on the 4th of July weekend, so we'll just have to take it home ourselves and figure out something to do with the old one. Dan's parents suggested donating it to someone or other, which (as it still works just fine, aside from running a bit hot) isn't a bad idea at all.

His parents are visiting this weekend; technically for a wedding (which we're going to as well. Mental note to pick up a card). I've been frantically trying to get the guest bedroom looking like something other than a collection of odds 'n' ends of furniture, with a coherent color scheme and bed-side table. Since I smile when I walk into it now, I think I've succeeded. The wallpaper border needs to be stripped and the bottom half of the room wants repainting, but that will come.

The only unfortunate parts are the dresser and headboard, as they're unstained pine and wrought iron and don't have a prayer of matching the navy-espresso-cream color scheme. Consequently, they have a starring placement on the list of things to replace one of these days, and I'll be keeping an eye out when we start to poke around furniture stores.

(Also, I want side tables for the living room, and very shortly we'll need a really good (big) DVD cabinet. And a wine rack/stemware cabinet. Aack.)

If you've noticed my disappearance from IM lately, it's because my computer has officially crapped out. It had been down for almost a month before I conquered my apathy and started to debug it last night. Unfortunately, I got only as far as hitting the power button and discovering that I had no video output.

If you'll recall, the original cause of it being powered off for a month was that I got I/O errors, rebooted and got "INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY", not because I had no video. That seems to have been a spontaneous development and already my eyebrows were raised. The kicker came when I tried to reset the video card - the act of unseating the card shorted the computer on. Not off. MOTHERF*CKING ON.

Conclusion: the motherboard is shot beyond my ability to give a crap.

Rebuilding it doesn't sound like any fun either, to be honest. I've said before that it's a major departure for me, the homebrew zealot, to contemplate buying a prebuilt, but I really don't care to head back into the merry-go-round of Which Numbering Scheme is Nvidia Using Now, and Is A Dual-Core Better Than A Core-Two Duo? I'm no longer interested in which chipset is the current source of Awesome and whether we're up to DDR4 or 72. I just don't have the time to spend my evenings fucking with hardware and downloading obscure drivers.

If it works, is fast, and runs Ubuntu without complaint: sign me up.

That said, the companies I won't buy from: eMachines or any other walmart-recommended brand, HP, Compaq, Sony, anything with an ATI graphics card. I'd buy another Mac, but Parallels doesn't have me convinced yet.

And that pretty much leaves Dell. The head techie guy here at work just bought himself a shiny new XPS, so that's a recommendation from a rather trusted source... I'll be looking into it.

Oh! One last note. Go see WALL-E! It was an absolutely adorable dark comedy, and I loved every eye-widening minute of it. I think it's summed up by a phrase I encountered on LJ: "It made a theater-full of New Yorkers shriek in horror when a cockroach got run over."