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Happy belated St Pat's day, among other things

Posted at 12 May 2008 10:43:01 AM

Well, I think I should probably update this, seeing as how it's been awhile :-)

What's going on... Work's been really busy this week, I've been in the office 'til 9:30 and 7:30 these past couple of days, due to a MAJORCRISISOMG that seems to have started for our friends across the pond, so much involved research has been necessary. I start pager duty tomorrow, which should be erm....interesting. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Also, I've a phone conf. at 5am tomorrow morning (that crisis...), for which I need to be in the office and which means getting up at least by 4 ...that being the case, I'll certainly not be going out tonight. I may not even go to sleep, seeing as my usual bedtime is 1 or 2, and I really feel worse on 2 hours' sleep than I do on none at all. It will be a very, very long day, I can tell you that much! I'm planning on occupying my evening/night doing some work with my recipe book, installing DSL2.2 on my printserver, configuring its wireless connection (*crosses fingers*), possibly ordering some new parts for my main computer, cleaning my apartment and very probably playing a good deal of early-morning WoW :)

Oh yuk, I just realized that Starbucks isn't open at 4am. Craaaaaaaaaaapola, this will be an interesting phone conf.

We've joined up with a new WoW guild, Knights of the Watch. HoP didn't really fall apart so much as it did just sort of wander...the high-levels really wanted to raid on something approaching a regular schedule (as opposed to "never", which is about what we could pull off w/o resorting to half-PuG's). So we're mostly all in KotW now, with a few exceptions of people who had friends elsewhere. I like them, they're fun, and definitely helpful....there's 15-20 people on at 9pm, 10 or more of 'em 60s, and 270 members total.

Hmm, what else is going on? Billy Joel concert in Syracuse with Dan and Chris this Saturday!

I've learned some truly awesome bash tricks lately, if anyone cares. There's a couple of fantastic pages at Deadman.org (here and here) that are really helpful, and I'm learning a lot. I like commandline gibberish, it makes me happy ^_^

Been dl'ing everything that I see at OC Remix, lately...as my CD drive on my laptop doesn't work, this is my way of getting fresh mp3s, as I'm frequently entirely too lazy to actually reload my iPod. I should add that to my list of things to do tonight, as well... OCremix has a podcast that I'm interested in, and now P-A does too...I can't keep them actually on my iPod of course, but I'll certainly take a listen. Although with the wait for the P-A one over 200minutes now, if anyone wants it let me know and I'll give you a temp login for my ftpserver. Clearly I need to sort out my router so that it'll let my bittorrent client through, because if this is any kind of a regular thing...ouch.

Chris and I were down in the city for St. Patrick's day - we had dinner at his aunt's, and spent Saturday knocking around Manhattan with his whole gang from school....they're a lot of fun, and I liked 'em! It's been awhile since I've been part of a group of friends (even peripherally) and it's a good feeling :-)

That's it for now, largely because I actually have things to do. Remind me to kick myself into gear and crank out something for this week's ffawards...

On 22 Mar 2006 12:59:19 PM, rovinbarnstormr.livejournal.com said...

I love how you "wheeee"-d so much it actually went into the menu bar. Hehe. See you this weekend!!

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