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Lake George/Shadow spec/Christmas present ideas

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:51:16 AM

Hooray for posting!

I found a couple new things around here that broke with the move to my new host, which'll need fixing. All backend stuff, nothing that shows up to all you people out there :) Also, I'm working on implementing some cut functionality similar to Livejournal's . It's a little trickier than I originally planned, but that's more a problem with my code than with anything else.

Had a great weekend in Lake George last weekend; we got to do all the things that Chris calls "stuff to prevent Laura from going into Lake George withdrawl" - meaning a nice long boat ride, going to see the Hyde Collection (they had the Mona Lisa sketch out, which I love!), and walking down Canada street for the heck of it. Also, we played air hockey and skeeball in the arcade, and gave all the tickets to a little girl who was looking depressed, so that was fun ^_^

I've got pager duty coming up again starting tomorrow (shit! Just realized that I didn't ask anyone to fedex me up the pager, so I'm going to get it late. Shitshitshitshitshit. I hate having to wake up every half hour to check on things manually...) Oh well. It's my own dumb fault =/
This will afford me some nice shiny opportunities to get some raiding in, except of course I'm queued yet again for MC tomorrow and Friday. Le sigh...I'm trying to level Bronwyn as fast as I can, except everyone who knows me realizes that this is roughly the speed of molasses... halved. I actually gave in and respec'ced this afternoon to be about half-holy, half-shadow. The late 40s - early 50s are all grinding anyway, and it's amazing how fast one can kill things when one has the choice of more than two spells! Vampiric Embrace + SW:P + Force Lightening is just murder on everything...it was incredibly cool :D I could really start liking this girl even more now that she can, ya know, kill things. Found a pretty cool pally in Tanaris to murder things with, and I think I gained almost a quarter of a level.

...yep. Shadow wins. *sigh* :P

Still havn't put my new (old) soundcard in. Really need to do that before I start raiding again (have I mentioned that a silent Molten Core sucks?), but I'm so bad about rebooting this computer that I just haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight or tomorrow. Someone come online and /kick me if I don't remember.

I figured out what I want to do for everyone for Christmas presents! It'll be time-consuming (and I'm not going to say it here because it'll spoil it) but I think it'll be fun. And certainly a bit more personalized than some other things I could come up with. :)

Anyhow, really need to go jump in the shower now, so that we can go shopping and figure out what to do for dinner. I only have about half of an idea, and unfortunately it's all the vegetable half.

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