I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Clearly, I need a raise.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:01:25 AM

Ok, Australians? Not fair.

I need really, really want a long Victorian-style skirt to go with my corset (the bottom one), and Annette is in Australia so I have to mentally adjust all her prices to get to US dollars, and then I see how much it still is and I cry. Curse you, exchange rates! You were so much better when I bought the corset.


(On the good side, Robert's dragging me up to the Toyota place today so he can get his oil changed and I can testdrive what-will-be-my-car at the same time, so with any luck I'll get it soon and then I can start saving again. Mmmm, presents From Me, To Me. My very favoritest kind!)

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