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Yay, books :D

Posted at 08 Nov 2006 02:26:45 PM

The problem with reading the Halo books (which are extremely good, by the way)?

Now I want a 360, because I really feel like playing Halo right now.
Edit: Bullet Witch looks really intruiging, too... probably won't go in for N3 - pretty, but meh - but I may want to check out Bullet Witch when it comes out.

Damn you, Microsoft...!

(A point in its favor is the VGA cables, though...it recently dawned on me that I don't need a 2nd TV to fulfill my gaming-with-background-noise obsession: all I need is a good LCD monitor, of which I definitely have a couple of extra. Hmmmm...I feel like shopping now. This could be dangerous. Mwahahahah...)

Edit 2, Son of Edit: Changed to use correct Firefly/RvB icon. *grin*

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