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Blizzard bans all Cedega users

Posted at 15 Nov 2006 12:00:24 PM

Holy FUCK, people!

What in the hell is going on?




All official forum posts (assuming you can still make any, seeing as how your game login is also your forum login) are deleted by mods as soon as they're posted, the Accounts Admin department "doesn't have phones", and the only way to contact them is via email.

This is the most unbelievable bullshit that I've ever seen - the new watchdog app can't be arsed to tell the difference between running WoW through Cedega and running it through a botter app, so the mods (i.e. Bekyn) are perma-banning without even bothering to check the results.

It's lazy programming, it's lazy moderating, it's humiliating, and it's discriminating. I am being called a liar, a cheat, a sneak, and then I'm being systematically ignored whena I attempt to defend myself. We're being told that "Well, this is what you get for using an "unsupported operating system" - it just serves you right!" No, excuse me, but has anyone bothered to look up what "unsupported" means? It means that Blizzard won't help us if we have technical issues, NOT that it is against the ToS to use such an OS.

The internet - the one place where theoretically we're all equal - just got discriminating. I am furious. I am in shock. I am nearly speachless, but instead am settling for rabidly incoherent. I want to punch something. I want to go kick Bekyn and everyone else who has decided that this is a good idea down the stairs of the Empire State Building.

And all that's going to happen is that posts will continue to be deleted, emails will go unanswered, and they'll take advantage of the inability of the linux community to band together strongly enough for a meaningful class-action lawsuit. This will get swept under the rug. I doubt that Transgaming has the money to go up against Blizzard, so even though they're our only hope, I don't think that anything's going to happen. I can't even believe this.

Keep your fingers crossed if you love me - luck is probably our only chance.

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