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Posted at 26 Sep 2007 10:27:02 PM

I am a cookie-baking maniac lately! Though nowhere near Aunt Dorothy's OLOB (Our Lady of Baking) status, I have nevertheless over the last 5 days inclusive made two gingerbread loaves, two giant batches of gingerbread cookies, and have one more of snickerdoodles baking merrily away in the oven as we speak (or rather more accurately, as I type).

Yum :D

Just got done frosting the 2nd batch of gingerbread, too - the first one I wasn't entirely happy with. I think I rolled the dough just slightly too thin, and although these are still on the crunchy side of the cookie line, they're just chewy enough to be good :)

And frosted cookies look so pretty! I just did the old standard milk & confectioner's sugar & food coloring, which is pretty much heaven as far as I'm concerned. Easy, yummy, colorful and isn't like eating packing styrofoam like some other frostings are.

There was nearly a crisis with the snickerdoodles. I'd just creamed the butter and sugar (got to love doing that, by the way. Fantastic arm exercise, but I'm exhausted for hours afterwards >_>) and was rooting around in my cupboard for the dry ingredients when I realized that there is no chance in the world of me posessing such a never-used ingredient as Cream of Tartar. None. Midnight Wegman's trip, here I come.

And then I remembered the box of spices that mom had brought up from Aunt Betty when she cleaned out her cupboards - I still had them all in a mini box in my cupboard. And serendipitously enough, there was some Cream of Tartar! I did a small jig of joy and then went back to sifting before my butter melted. And there were snickerdoodles, and there was happiness. Amen.

The gingerbread recipes are here for the actual bread; here for the cookies (but remember what I said - roll it a bit thicker than the paltry 1/4" they suggest!), and in the Joy of Cooking for the Snickerdoodles. I really wanted to try this recipe for Chewy Molasses Cookies from ghostmommylady over on LiveJournal had I the time and available cookie tins, but I'm thinking that's not going to happen this year. And honestly, even if I did, I've no idea where I'd put them once I ate the one or two that I'm really jonesing for - aside from giving them to the staff of the office en masse (and I really don't like anyone there well enough to expend the energy of actually baking for them), loading down Aunt Kathy's christmas dinner more than it already will be, or spontaneously making friends with my neighbors, they would probably just go to waste.

So anyway, enjoy! (Pictures will be up on LJ's Cooking and/or my diary here whenever I get them off of my camera, and also probably after tins being mailed have arrived at their destinations.)

On 21 Dec 2006 09:04:31 AM, The Almighty Red (Baragorn) said...


On 22 Dec 2006 10:44:03 PM, wint3rhart.livejournal.com said...


I have decided to purloin my mom's snickerdoodle recipe while I'm home, as that makes cookies which look much more like this than this, and that to my mind is a good thing.
Not that the flat ones aren't good - the chewy ones are just better, that's all.

On 23 Dec 2006 05:32:51 PM, The Almight Red (Baragorn) said...

I've always been curious what stipulates an individual's passions, whether menial or grandiose. For instance, I've never developed an interest in cooking nor baking, despite my active attempts of instilling such in the past.

Not that I'm ungrateful that others have acquired such. Because, I'm quite willing to reap the rewards. Have many people been jumping up and down happily due to your... delicious commestibles?

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