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Burning Crusade tally

Posted at 17 Jan 2007 10:03:12 AM

Slackware: done
Win2K: done
Win2K: working on it, the network on that computer's driving me up the wall
SuSE: going to have to make wireless work first (same computer). Wish me luck.

Getting it to work on Slack tlack took about half a day, and most of that was just tracking down which precise version of wine I had to use to get the installer to run. 0.9.17? No good, it just told me that I didn't have WoW proper installed. 0.9.29 (the latest)? Nope, gave glibc errors. 0.9.27? Nope, just sat there, didn't error, didn't run anything. 0.9.22? Bingo, except there wasn't a binary for it so I had to build it from source. Which is cool, since I like doing that - but it took about half an hour, and after that worked like a charm. BC installed, is flawlessly integrated with Cedega, no problems at all.

There's the usual graphical and sound glitching that says "No, you don't understand, we HAVE to push this build! Yes yes yes, it's done, send it down and start pressing CDs or we will have a whole lot of angry people screaming for our heads." but all in all, it's pretty solid. Moreso than I certainly expected!

As for Outlands... they're beautiful. Really, really beautiful. I spent most of my first few hours just knocking around the zone, exploring and seeing what was there... somehow I just didn't feel right diving right in, picking up quests and already "having to do" something. There are lots of new places, lots of fluff and backstory, and every time I look up at the sky I feel compelled to take a screenshot.

Part of the guild ran a couple of wings of Hellfire Citadel, which is apparently nicely original and not too tough. Bara didn't -sleep- and is now 62 (for all I know he's 63 by now, who am I kidding?) and a good chunk of the guild is 61. I'm still about 5 bars from 61 when I took a break last night and nearly fell asleep on the couch :)

Going to go take a shot at making my wireless work in Win2K (apparently Win2K was too good for WPA encryption, or some such nonsense like that... 3rd party software ftw).

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On 23 Jan 2007 07:22:33 AM, The Almight Red (Baragorn) said...

Is for the DEAD!

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