I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Soliloquy v. 3

Posted at 15 May 2007 06:07:24 PM

Well, something's different around here... :)

I really, really like it. A lot, actually. Most of it got done in about a 16-hour period over Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (spent 5 hours on Saturday afternoon copying recipes into my book, which I'd really wanted to get done as well). I didn't really even plan to do the whole thing then, I just ... ran across that bleeding heart image, loved it, and the rest kind of wrote itself...which was truly amazing to feel.

The overlapping boxes here took the most time, but the neat part is now that I've done it once, I could probably repeat it seventeen different ways without breaking a sweat.

Also, the tags system works now -- both the links from each entry, plus those from the box over there on the right. I've really wanted to get that done for the longest time now, so that's incredibly gratifying.

And hey - there are comments in my source code now! Accurate ones! *grin*

In non-websitey news, Dan will be here at midnight on Thursday, and I absolutely cannot wait. It will be better than I can possibly express to see him, and I know for a fact that 4 days won't be long enough, but we'll make the best of them. I'm hoping to head up to Ithaca, knock around the gorges for a day or so, catch a ball game in Syracuse on Saturday, come home on Sunday and hang out at Frosty's for Sunday night dinner. Friday and Monday are ours :)

On 15 May 2007 10:06:33 PM, wint3rhart.livejournal.com said...

Firstly, wow, thanks so much! It's really lovely to have random people come by, especially when they leave notes to tell me so :) Welcome!

Secondly, eegh, my reply-to page is completely and utterly fucked. O__o Have to look into this at work tomorrow.