I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Job news and melon.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:01:54 AM

Disdainful of her posting frequency, indeed.

(I was reading through a blog today which participates in something called PayPerPost. I would fail so miserably at that..)

Not much is going on - what else is new? As of two Saturdays ago, I am now 24. *throws confetti* No real change so far... I don't appear to have grown another head, learned to play the violin nor spontaneously gained the ability to sort books and clothing in any meaningful way. There's always hope.

Addicted to Emilie Autumn's new CD "Laced/Unlaced" - it's a 2-disc album which came with a tiny yet amusing hardcover booklet. One CD is her playing classical compositions, both Bach, etc and three of her own compositions; the other is entirely her own work (and playing) but falls smack into her Victorian-Industrial genre. I loves them all!

My computer still isn't up and running, largely due to my failure to turn up a harddrive-sized box in which to mail the defective one back, and the time to do it in. Curse the post office and its "business hours"... they're my business hours too, blast it. So once again, I am thankful and more than thankful for this gorgeous little laptop which is enabling me to go on about my day in a quasi-normal manner. Even if I am running OSX all the time, because I still haven't gotten wifi to work on Ubuntu. (It probably just needs a few evenings' worth of work, but since I don't have any other computers within arms' reach on which to procrastinate while I do said work, I am ... spoiled. That's what I am. Spoiled.)

The cooking blogs that I've been reading through lately are updated on my links section, there to the right. The latest one is Cooking by the Seat of My Pants, and it is both a great read and a fabulous source of recipes. I'm trying one out tonight, but since it is so radically different from anything I've done to date (and also involves the cooking of real rice, since I neglected to pick up the 10minute kind when I was at Wegman's, and I may decide this is too much work and just finish off my Chinese takeout instead) I am putting off writing about it until I'm sure of it.

Blah day at work, as usual. I -did- have a talk with my manager yesterday and let her know that I am aiming for the end of July as my relocation to St. Louis date, so at least that's done. My coworker recommended I do it as soon as possible (well, that was the phrasing, but the meaning is "Please talk to her first, so that I don't have to report you?" If you mention things like Oh by the way I'm Leaving to other employees, they're honor-bound to tell someone about it.) That's a very tricky thing to do, too - it's nice to give them the heads' up so that they can plan for you not being there anymore, but since that planning may involve just kicking you to the curb immediately so that they can get their hands on a more permanent employee as soon as possible... it's a crap shoot. Me, I'd be happier if they did fire me. I've more than enough to live on for a couple months, it would simplify things immensely from a timing standpoint and Heavens know I have no love for the place.

So, after my mediocre day in which I did almost nothing, had the waitress at the pizza place forget my order and then bring it out to me just as we were leaving and burned to boot, and again did nothing, I am here at my laptop with a container of honeydew melon and cantalope chunks which I have been lusting after all week. The smile on my face when I took the first ice-cold bite was unimaginable. I don't know whether I'm not drinking enough water or whether I just really wanted melon, but the taste was almost euphoric). I've got a bag of teeny tiny gummy bears next to me because they were too adorable to pass up in the candy bin, I'm updating a website which I am quite proud of and am about to log onto WoW*. With any luck the bf will be home soon and I'll get to talk to him, and my afternoon will be perfect.

*Bron hit 70. And got her Kara key 2 nights ago. And did Kara last night. Curator dropped my T4 gloves, and I won! OMG. I'm wearing a shitty green Of The Physician belt and hat, have only the Hallowed Garments, and I have my T4 gloves. Silliest looking priest, ever XD