I'm Laura. I am female, 31, a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic.


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Bother this language

Posted at 25 Jun 2007 05:55:13 PM

Interim update - no, I'm not dead.

However, my web hosts appear to have moved everything here to a shiny new server, which unfortunately did not initially include one of my Python modules (MySQLdb, which for obvious reasons is kind of important). I asked for it to be put back, and it was...

but things still don't work. And I'm getting very tired of fighting with it. Over the next few days I'm going to try to get this rewritten in Perl, but you know me - don't hold your breath.

Tagged as: website updates

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