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Update - moving

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:54:41 AM

I realized this is probably due for an update, albeit a quick one.

My nice neat apartment is currently covered in boxes, and what I have left to do should be doable today. Still need to call Nationwide and find out conclusively whether they're coming the 1st or the 2nd.
Feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment, frankly. I'm hitting this point where I just don't want to look at another box, and where the more stuff I put away the more it stops looking like my space. It's not just the contents of closets and drawers and cupboards anymore, it's posters and paintings and bookshelves and dressers. And while saying that I've got cold feet isn't accurate, this weird half-empty feeling is bringing this whole idea home pretty effectively. It's that I'm excited about being there, but the process of getting there is less than enthusing. Without necessitating the addition of "mushy stuff" to the tags on this post, Dan makes me incredibly happy, and I'm looking forward to being with him. And I think we'll do ok. I'm not naive enough to think that there won't be some rough adjustment at first...with any luck it won't be too bad.

Ah well. If I stick to doing only things that I'm comfortable with, my life will be pretty damn boring.

My job... we'll see where Ensco shoves me. It's true that I'm not happy about having to work from home 90\% of the time, as that leaves me just a bit housebound in a new area, etc, and yeah... I'd rather work with people than just know that they're there on the other side of the internets.

Which should be getting hooked up this afternoon, incidentally.

After the movers are done, I'm more or less going to jump in the car, take care of any last-minute errands that need to be done, drop off my keys and ... hit the road :)

Erm... any last incidentals... I have no food in the house, which is proving entertaining. Making it even more of a party is the inconvenient fact that Skylark is closed 'til Saturday for repairs or somesuch. Boo! Their spaghetti and meatballs can keep a person going for days (and had, in fact, been my contingency plan post-refrigerator-cleanout).

This computer is being a pain in my ass. There's a bad memory leak, somewhere, which is giving me surprise!kernel segfaults leading to an inevitable hardware reset. I'd worry about it more, except what it seems mostly to mean is that I shouldn't play WoW on it, as where it's only surprise!segfault with only other applications running, I can pretty much guarantee it'll hit when WoW's up. Slack 11 is officially out, so during my downtime this coming week I think I'll have a good time backing up and reinstalling this box. It's about due anyway.

False got her Big Bad Wolf's Paw last night! We spent some time wiping on Opera the night before last, finally called it, and last night went back and one-shot it. I was thisclose to being there on Bron, too, and nearly had a heart attack when it dropped. Gleeee! And I hope I have mats for Mongoose.

I've been mostly farming lately, clefthoof leather and cobra scales, so that I can build up a decent stockpile for armor kits and whatnot before I switch to Mining. I don't really sell that stuff, and when I do it's not really a reliable profit, so I'll just keep around what I need to make occasional shit for friends and guild. I really, really need a profession which gives me stuff worth selling, so rock-picking had better be it. I can send the lowlevel incidental stuff to Winter, anyway ;)

My poblano pepper plant has a li'l pepper on it! Nothing yet on the little mystery chilis that my manager gave me, but they look like they should be getting blossoms soon. Hope they enjoy a ride across the country in my car.

Ok. Time to shower and start to do this systematically. The rest of my room, the rest of the closet, the rest of the kitchen, the rest of the books. Should be down to only the stuff I'm keeping, with some incidental exceptions I'm sure, so all this is now is elbow grease.

On 01 Aug 2007 11:41:16 AM, Drew said...

Nothing made me happier than hearing you squeal like a school girl when that paw dropped.

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