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Gardening matters

Posted at 04 Oct 2007 01:19:59 PM

Gardening thoughts and ideas (for when I eventually have a garden). I think it's reading all the posts about canning and preserving on my RSS list and cooking forums which is inspiring this... I have so many ideas, and don't want to forget any of them!

Note - these are mostly for my own reference, at such time as I'm able to make use of them. However, if someone else finds them useful too - party on, Garth.)

  • Raised beds?
    Yes. Tilled land is lovely, but I live in MO, and it is -dry-. Maybe I'll luck out and get naturally rich dirt, but I'm not counting on it. Plus, I can make them any height: Farmgirl Susan's are made with 2x4s and are just a few inches off the ground, whereas the people at Gardenweb have theirs made out of cinderblocks or stacked wall stone, and are waist-high.

    • Higher = good for drainage?
    • Wood, cinderblocks or stone? Stone is prettier but expensive, cinderblocks are cheaper, wood (pressure-treated or non?) is more expensive than concrete, may rot. Harder to expand wood, if it's framed up with posts drilled into the ground... you can just move stone.
    • Higher = the dogs won't be a threat, at least. Cats are a threat no matter what, heh.
    • Sunlight a factor in height? It certainly is in placement.

  • Plants:

    • Peppers

      • Sweet bell
      • Hungarian Wax (Tammy)
      • Tom Matarese's
      • Poblano
      • Jalepeno (Tammy)
      • Tammy's mystery peppers
      • Lord, I'd better start my own farm stand

    • Tomatoes

      • Cherry
      • Something else bigger and jucier. Seed catalogue from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds should be here in December, and I can't wait!

    • Peas

      • Sugar snap and/or snow, if they'll grow here. Again, the BCH catalogue will probably help with this, as well as Susan's blogs (she's in southern MO, which is a massive help. If she can grow it, so can I).
      • My herb garden, which to date includes:

        • Cinnamon Basil
        • Lavender
        • Thyme
        • Oregano
        • Rosemary

          And which I would like to expand with:
        • Sweet basil
        • Sage
        • Savory
        • Lemon thyme

    • Lettuce

      • Decison pending perusal of catalogue

    • In the not-garden department

      • Fruit tree? Apple, maybe pear? Or oooh, lemon!
      • Hummingbird feeder ("or three?" -Dan)
      • Climbing rose and/or lattice(s)

    (I'm going to need some substancial backyard space, I can already tell.)

  • Equipment that I don't need but which would would make me squeel like a little girl:

    • Crock pot (which I, thankfully, have already)
    • Dehydrator
    • FoodSaver vacuum sealer
    • Pressure canner
    • KitchenAid stand mixer
    • Slab of unglazed tile to use as bread/pizza stone
    • A really BIG pantry.
    • I'm sure this list will grow.

  • Links:

  • ToDo:

    • Scan in Dan's sketch of a 3-layer spice cabinet
    • Build better credit score, so as to be able to afford said huge-backyard'ed house
    • Win lottery.

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