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Posted at 21 Nov 2007 12:17:41 PM

If a deep-sea fish and a flayed, smashed, gutted human corpse were somehow to produce a child together, it'd look like Grendel in Robert Zemeckis' new computer-animated film Beowulf. And if 300 and The Polar Express were to commit a similar unnatural act, their offspring would look exactly like this film.

That more or less sums up everything that I've been thinking about that film since first seeing the horrifying previews. For gods' sake, Hollywood - get your grubby "everything's better in CGI with famous names!!!" philosophy off of classic literature. It doesn't work, and it makes you look like a pack of horrid illiterate fools incapable of actually reading a goddamn book.

Shocking, I know. And what's worse, now a whole generation is going to think that THAT's what Beowulf is. Just like they think Troy is something that Homer wrote.

Blah. Elitist bigot, I suppose thy name is Me.

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