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Of permanent structures and finances

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:56:05 AM

There were some exciting happenings this weekend. Mom was in town, Dan's parents were in town, Dan's grandfather was briefly in town. First and foremost, however, is that we signed on our house on Friday! There was some discussion initially about who was paying the bulk of the closing costs (the sellers were, but the closing company/bank had some things in the wrong columns and it all went to confusion for a couple of hours), but it got sorted out to our satisfaction - and we've not heard anything to the contrary, so I assume that it's to the sellers' satisfaction, too. We have a debt house!

*cue triumphant music*

Dan's planning to move boxes of stuff over during the week, and we'll gather together friends who have trucks (and some who don't), bribe them with Buffalo Wild Wings and beer, and move all the heavy furniture on Saturday. With any luck we'll get everything done that day. The cable is being transferred to the house on Friday, so as far as I'm concerned, we'd better be moved in on Saturday ;-) The place really is ready to move in; although there are projects that we can work on when we like (painting the kitchen wall, replacing the shower stall in the bathroom, removing the window from the bathroom and putting in an overhead fan, remodeling the kitchen, building a deck out back) all of that can happen when we find the time and money over the next few years. The majority of the paint is totally fine, all of the rooms are finished, there's no damage which needs repairing, and the plumbing works.

It's hard to explain why I'm not over the moon about finally Having A House, but I suppose (like the wedding) it's not something which I ever envisioned actually doing, so there's no grand fantasy being fulfilled here. It's just that we need to get out of the apartment, we really could use more space, and it just seems like this odd sort of natural progression. It feels like buying a new car not because I WANT a shiny new car, but because my old car has broken down irreparably and I need to get to work the next day.

It's a permanent investment which comes with a fairly heavy obligation. There's no turning back from this point onwards, &c. I mean, we can't just decide that we don't like it here anymore and leave. Hell, *I* can't decide that I don't like it anymore. Even though I don't feel that it's a thing which I'm likely to decide... I keep sort of expecting myself to flip out and run away, and the fact that I haven't feels remarkably unlike myself. I still don't think that I'm used to being happy. This is slightly more of a personal crisis than this paragraph is able to adequately express.

... brb, there are some Thin Mints girl scout cookies calling my name.

Ok, back. Even I can see that I'm whining. I apologize to anyone who made it this far! I'm going to shut up and try to get some of my less lackwitted bugs done.

(Oh! Happy Fun Times: I have a new phone! It is made of awesome.)