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Weekend [in] Review

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:58:05 AM

Saturday morning, I snatched the couple of hours of sunlight that we had and ...played WoW. When it became apparent that I may want to actually take advantage of the rare burst of light, I gathered up the languishing pea plants, carrots, peppers (possibly the only hearty-looking seedlings) and lettuce and headed outside to the newly-finished garden.

Some time later, sore wrists and legs attested to time spent clinging to the outside of a 4x8 wooden box*. I attempted to turn enough soil and peat moss into the native clay that it would be a viable growing environment, and maybe? succeeded. I wouldn't put the carrots over the spot where the clay was mounded, but it should hopefully be alright for the peppers.

In the ground are: sugar snap peas along the back wall, Riesenstraube and Black Cherry tomatoes, jalepenos, hungarian wax peppers, Chinese Five Color peppers, Mini Red Bell peppers, Danvers Half Long carrots, and a mix of red leaf lettuce. It would be neat to have the onions and broccoli, but until I get a better idea of how much space what I have now is going to take up, there's no point in potentially crowding everything.

Seedlings to date: 17
Inquisitive cat: 1

We headed out in the afternoon to the MU-330 concert downtown. The opening acts were really, really awful, but the actual show was fun. Too bad we didn't know that MU-330 was playing at 6... we could have saved ourselves 2 1/2 hours and a lot of aural pain. I don't really mind that it got out so late, though - it gave us an excellent excuse to arrive late for (Dan) and skip entirely (me) the bachelor/bachelorette parties which were going on that evening. Dan said the guys were absolutely shitfaced when he arrived sometime after midnight and there was no sign of the girls being home yet. You have no idea how relieved I am to not have gone to that...

Naturally, the night after I got everything in the ground (oh, those poor peas...) we had a massive windstorm. Really bad - there were tornadoes in other parts of the country, and I'm thankful that we didn't get hit. The front light on the house was shattered in what I'm told sounded like a gunshot - the metal was literally sheared and glass was everywhere on the driveway. Power was out in south county; we were ok.

So, Sunday was spent purchasing a new light sconce and installing it. We had a look around for the birch trees Dan wants, but didn't find anything really promising. Better luck in the fall, I think. We did find the herbs that I wanted at a small farmer's market, so while Dan finished the sconce I returned to playing in the dirt. Herbs are once again in the cedar planter boxes I brought from Binghamton, but are set out in the yard to get some sun and for the cat to chew on.

*I am giving serious thought to doing some basic landscaping around the box ... it wouldn't take much, I don't think, to dig a few 'stairs' and put flagstones down, maybe level off a couple of feet on the high point of the hill so that I'm sitting level while trying to work instead of leaning downhill. It could actually be quite pretty! The tricky part would be building it so that if a second 4x4x8 bed could still be put in uphill of the first.

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