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Hardware update

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 10:58:27 AM

First and foremost, I'm getting a new stove this weekend!


We have it picked out at Lowe's (and it fits neatly inside the amount of my stimulus check, which is excellent). Chances are they're delivery/pick up service won't be operating on the 4th of July weekend, so we'll just have to take it home ourselves and figure out something to do with the old one. Dan's parents suggested donating it to someone or other, which (as it still works just fine, aside from running a bit hot) isn't a bad idea at all.

His parents are visiting this weekend; technically for a wedding (which we're going to as well. Mental note to pick up a card). I've been frantically trying to get the guest bedroom looking like something other than a collection of odds 'n' ends of furniture, with a coherent color scheme and bed-side table. Since I smile when I walk into it now, I think I've succeeded. The wallpaper border needs to be stripped and the bottom half of the room wants repainting, but that will come.

The only unfortunate parts are the dresser and headboard, as they're unstained pine and wrought iron and don't have a prayer of matching the navy-espresso-cream color scheme. Consequently, they have a starring placement on the list of things to replace one of these days, and I'll be keeping an eye out when we start to poke around furniture stores.

(Also, I want side tables for the living room, and very shortly we'll need a really good (big) DVD cabinet. And a wine rack/stemware cabinet. Aack.)

If you've noticed my disappearance from IM lately, it's because my computer has officially crapped out. It had been down for almost a month before I conquered my apathy and started to debug it last night. Unfortunately, I got only as far as hitting the power button and discovering that I had no video output.

If you'll recall, the original cause of it being powered off for a month was that I got I/O errors, rebooted and got "INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY", not because I had no video. That seems to have been a spontaneous development and already my eyebrows were raised. The kicker came when I tried to reset the video card - the act of unseating the card shorted the computer on. Not off. MOTHERF*CKING ON.

Conclusion: the motherboard is shot beyond my ability to give a crap.

Rebuilding it doesn't sound like any fun either, to be honest. I've said before that it's a major departure for me, the homebrew zealot, to contemplate buying a prebuilt, but I really don't care to head back into the merry-go-round of Which Numbering Scheme is Nvidia Using Now, and Is A Dual-Core Better Than A Core-Two Duo? I'm no longer interested in which chipset is the current source of Awesome and whether we're up to DDR4 or 72. I just don't have the time to spend my evenings fucking with hardware and downloading obscure drivers.

If it works, is fast, and runs Ubuntu without complaint: sign me up.

That said, the companies I won't buy from: eMachines or any other walmart-recommended brand, HP, Compaq, Sony, anything with an ATI graphics card. I'd buy another Mac, but Parallels doesn't have me convinced yet.

And that pretty much leaves Dell. The head techie guy here at work just bought himself a shiny new XPS, so that's a recommendation from a rather trusted source... I'll be looking into it.

Oh! One last note. Go see WALL-E! It was an absolutely adorable dark comedy, and I loved every eye-widening minute of it. I think it's summed up by a phrase I encountered on LJ: "It made a theater-full of New Yorkers shriek in horror when a cockroach got run over."