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Wedding recap - it's done!

Posted at 29 Sep 2008 10:35:10 AM

I'm sitting here at my computer, looking at my wedding ring, and it seems barely real.

I'm happy, and yet vaguely spinny. "Surreal" describes my feelings precisely. I haven't changed, but somehow everything has changed around me and I can't seem to take it all in yet. Even though I knew that 'nothing' would change physically, I think I may have still expected something? Like a switch in my head would go from 'not married' to 'married' or something like that. "Not done" to "done." It doesn't seem to have happened, and it's partially that which is leaving me thinking "ok...now what?"

Even though I feel fairly normal (not about to burst into tears at a moment's notice or anything like that), I'm glad to have today off. I am thinking that this is why most couples take off on a honeymoon soon after the wedding: you need some time to reabsorb what in the heck is going on around you, and recover your equilibrium a bit!

The day itself went perfectly - we had amazing weather, all of our friends, and excellent (if quantitatively overestimated) food. Many, many thanks to our parents, siblings, Timm, Liz and Brian for all their help - the day went smoothly only because of all of their help!

The pictures are slowly trickling in, and I'm hoping to have them up in some sort of public gallery before too long.

'Til then, I'm going to play WoW in my PJs, eat leftovers (oh, the leftovers!) and write copious thank-you notes.

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