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Lemon-scented Clorox, in fact

Posted at 15 Jan 2009 02:04:20 PM

I broke down and ordered a yarn ball winder off of JoAnn.com. They had a "50% off any one thing" e-coupon on their front page, which means I got it for about $16. Since without it I can't start on a shawl with my beautiful Gothic Romance technicolor kiss (I have two cats - no knitting from the skein for me, thank you!) I am pleased with this development.
Even with the ball winder, winding it's still going to be tricky. Life would be spiffy if I had a swift too, but at $70-$80 looking like the going rate, that's going to have to hold off for awhile. Maybe I'll make one out of Tinker Toys...

Also finished my Falling Leaves scarf. It's gorgeous, even unblocked, and I'm excited to block it. Maybe tonight when I get home... Fun fact: appropriately-padded carpet with a towel over it makes a spiffy blocking board!

We had a scare with Mollie this past week. After casting on for the hooded baby blanket (currently in progress) I trimmed about two feet of yarn off of the tail. Gave it to the cats to play with (ok, I dangled it - they stole it) and not five minutes later it was nowhere to be found. The next day, Mollie couldn't stop vomiting. A brief period of denial - she's never actually eaten yarn before! - and I started having paranoid flashbacks from Emergency Vets on Animal Planet, about cats and dogs that ate string, had it wind around their stomach/intestines and had to have major surgery or be put down.

By Sunday she hadn't eaten successfully for two days and we were seriously worried, but the vet is closed that day. Planned to take her in on Monday, but that morning she looked more cheerful and seemed to be keeping food down.. so we decided to go hour-by-hour and take her in if she had a relapse. Skip to this morning while cleaning the litterbox I, ah, "rediscovered" the yarn. The crisis is officially declared "over."


No idea on the kitchen yet. We still have to get someone in to do an estimate. I hate not knowing when things are going to be done. And hells, it may have to be put off 'til next year, depending on prospective financial stability. Right now I'm making a concerted effort to not spend money on random crap - including ooh!shiny groceries, too many take-out lunches, Starbucks every day, yarn, one-offs like a shadowbox for my puzzle ball chess set, and books (that one hurts). There's an entry to remind me in the ToDo list of my Google home page that reads "I may not buy shit. No, not even that."

*cough* The ball winder was purchased about two hours before the conversation resulting in the spending moratorium. I think it was grandfathered in. (Plus, 50\\% off!)

Got my T7 pants last night in Naxx25. From the dead silence in the healer channel, I have the vague feeling that some people maybe pissed at me for outbidding the class leader? Watch me cry - I was in blues whereas he's already wearing epic pants, and he raids three nights a week compared to my one. Not shockingly, they will drop again.

My office inexplicably smells like Clorox.

On 15 Jan 2009 12:31:49 PM, feministy.livejournal.com said...

If you're looking to get a decently priced swift, check out this etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5303371

I got the large one for about $30 w/ shipping, and it's awesome!

On 15 Jan 2009 02:00:36 PM, wint3rhart.livejournal.com said...

Ooh! The only ones I'd seen previously on etsy were gorgeous, but appropriately pricey.

Those look well-made, but in the budget for once. Thanks for the tip!