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Socks and movie review:

Posted at 12 Feb 2009 02:07:51 PM

As of Sunday 02/08/2009, Malygos-25 is down! :D And Ulduar is slated to come out sometime around the end of February, so that'll give us something to work towards for the rest of the month.

My first pair of socks is nearly done. I think I am being foiled by a tricky ball of Regia 4-ply.. turns out, 460 yards isn't quite enough for a whole pair of stockinette socks. This means that I'll have to dip slightly into the 2nd ball, which already wouldn't have been enough for another pair and which will be really not enough now. It's enough to make one scream. Curse my size 9 feet!

Dan and I went to see Taken last night. Good movie, I thought.

Some continuity gliches made me bite my tongue*, and the ending minute (the one where she miraculously recovered from days of sexual torture and watching lots of people kill lots of other people in about 3.25 seconds flat) made my teeth itch, but other than that - good movie!

Going to a hockey game tonight: the first of the Blues vs. Canucks home games this season. Naturally, I am wearing the Blues jersey that Dan got me for Christmas, and he is wearing his Canucks jersey. Should be fun!

* To give credit where it's due, some of the weird scene changes and continuity goofs were due to the severe editing needed to get the thing down to PG-13**. Dan says they weren't there in the European version (bootleg DVD) that he saw.

** I like to think I'm pretty damn liberal, but there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that I would let a 13-year old watch that movie.

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