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Posted at 11 Mar 2009 05:32:28 PM

I appear to have neglected to upload the "tea, damnit!" icon which is a staple on livejournal. Ah, well.

After several trips to Teavana, that mecca of disturbingly fruit-flavored loose teas, I have tried the following and come to several conclusions.

The first conclusion is that everything can be likened to baseball if I try really hard (why yes, it is spring training season already!):

1. Lemon Apple Pomegranate (Rooibos). Smell: Ground-rule double. Taste: Slow grounder to first. What smelled like real lemon turned out to be lemongrass, which is bitter and disagrees with me. Darn.

2. Dragonwell (Green). Smell: Safe at third. Taste: Lives up to expectations. A slightly salty aftertaste which lingers. This surprises me, but I quite like it.

3. Peppermint (Herbal). Smell: Home run. Taste: Grand slam. I have about 4oz of it in a Richelieu Tea container which I bought off eBay in a fit of Three Musketeers nostalgia, and I love it dearly. Fun fact: peppermint settles the stomach and makes the lips tingle.

4. Strawberry Kiwi (Rooibos, from a local shop). Smell: Home run. Taste: Also a home run, but a very sweet one. Strawberry Kiwi is a sometimes food, as Cookie Monster would have it.

5. Rose Marzipan Delight (Black). Smell: Grand Slam. Oh my heavens, this smells amazing. Taste: Fly ball to center field. It still smells good, don't get me wrong, but the rose tastes like I'm eating flowers. Rose never did agree with me. I wonder if there exists tea swaps?

6. Sweetened Black Cherry (Black). Smell: Grand Slam. Taste: Jury is still out. I'll get back to you.

7. Ginger Peach (from a local shop). Smell: Safe at third. Taste: Quite good. The ginger is a bit much for me, but then ginger usually is. I like this one. It shall be given a proper tea tin.

8. tbc.

There's always the old standbys, Celestial Seasonings Peach tea among them, which I have been drinking unrepentantly for years despite knowing that it's probably peach-flavored floor sweepings. It tastes good and has sentimental value, so hush :P

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On 11 Mar 2009 05:30:38 PM, wint3rhart.livejournal.com said...

It's amazing-smelling, isn't it? We grew it (or more accurately, it grew) wild around my parents' house, and I'd always thought it was used only for flavoring iced tea. I didn't much care for iced tea, so it sort of languished.

Now... oh good heavens. I want a plant and a dehydrator, STAT! ;-)

On 11 Mar 2009 05:57:20 PM, Toile-dAraignee said...

I've got mint growing in my backyard, and I always hang a few stalks up to dry, and make yummy mint tea.

I love tea. Have you tried Teaopia yet?

On 12 Mar 2009 06:26:09 AM, grimmler! said...

Wow, I hadn't yet discovered Teaopia.... which is sad, cause they are even canadian! I'm placing an order today.

On 12 Mar 2009 03:23:26 PM, Toile-dAraignee said...

They're so wonderful. My mother bought me the tea steeper thing, for the tea leaves for my birthday. I love it sooo much! I definitely recommend it.

On 13 Mar 2009 06:11:16 AM, grimmler! said...

Wonderful gift. I generally only drink loose leaf tea. It makes it easy to go out to the garden and pick....whatever.... and add it to the pot, to mix things up a little. On a side note, yesterday i roasted my own coffee beans! Delicious.

On 13 Mar 2009 10:02:35 AM, Laura said...

Now that, Grimm, is extraordinarily cool! Where on earth do you get raw ones (is that even the right term)?

On 13 Mar 2009 03:24:47 PM, gary said...

I believe the correct term is "green," but I'm kinda new at this. I bought them from this place in Canada, http://www.greenbeanery.ca, but the US equivalent would be http://www.sweetmarias.com/
The both seem to sell in small (0.5lb) amounts, as well as wholesale... I bought a 20 lb bag of Columbian Supremo beans, and they are great. I'll probably order something a little more exotic next week to try :)