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April and May

Posted at 04 May 2009 09:25:15 AM

The whirlwind continues. We left for & got back from the emergency trip to NY on April 16th through 18th, respectively. Left again on the 25th to hit up the destination birthday party of one of Dan's best friends, which was a lot of fun but also a blessedly short [day] trip.

Mom was in town this past weekend, and we really covered a lot of ground. On Friday it was drizzling rain, but we dodged between the raindrops and created a really nice new flower garden around the mailboxes. It's edged with scalloped blocks, and all mulched in - really, it looks fantastic. If some of my veggies would start to come up in the back, all would be well.

Saturday we took off on a road trip to Springfield, MO. We stopped at a yarn shop and picked out some really pretty yarn for her to knit into a scarf. (I picked up sock yarn - no need to look so surprised. Colinette Jitterbug in the colorway "Morello Mash" - dark purpleish reds, that would be.) We spent a few hours wandering the World's Largest (tm) Bass Pro Store, and had dinner in the restaurant located in the Bass Pro Store. Then I got coffee from the Starbucks also located in the Bass Pro Store, and we had a doomed expedition to see a glass blowing demonstration (turns out the hours on their website had been wrong).

Sunday we went to Mansfield. On the way to the Laura Ingalls Wilder house/museum we got distracted by signs for a Garden Show at the Baker Creek Seeds museum. Little did we know that it would mean a 2 mile long line of cars, mud up to our ankles, a really neat experience at a pioneer village (yarn! handspun!) and seemingly infinite varieties of tomatoes and peppers. It would have been neat if we'd been more prepared, but since technically my garden is already in anyway and plants don't exactly fit well in a carry-on, we escaped with minimal monetary loss.

We saw the museum, which was neat. I don't know why, exactly, but I think I may have preferred the idea that the stories and the people were made up. Well, not made up exactly, but .. more abstract and confined to the pages of a book that one can always pick back up again. It's sad, reading about the endings to things.

She's back on a plane this morning. This week is relatively back to normal - I plan to spend today with my feet up on my desk, eating cheetoes, knitting my Hedera 'til I'm blue in the face, and surfing Monster.com.

Until Friday, when we head off for Chicago. Calm weekends, where have thou gone?

On 04 May 2009 10:57:09 AM, timotab.livejournal.com said...

I think I need to talk to you about Springfield. Planning a trip at the end of this month.

On 04 May 2009 12:36:18 PM, wint3rhart.livejournal.com said...

Sure thing! We stuck mostly to Campbell Ave, because it seemed that everything we wanted to see happened to be there. I'll be happy to help all I can :)