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The pile on my end table

Posted at 28 Dec 2009 09:05:43 AM

Wherein we detail the list of awesome Christmas presents!

I still have yet to use the Fyberspates gift card from my in-laws; I'm a) waiting for them to repopulate the website post-Christmas, and b) waiting for myself to use the yarn I have (i.e. finish something already) so that I don't feel like I'm carrying coals to Newcastle.

The Signature US #1 needles, on the other hand, are employed as we speak. And yes, best beloved, they are exactly as wonderous as you've heard. Completely worth the outrageous price. (And I've heard they're starting to make circulars. Be still, my beating heart!)

Dan gifted me a Yankees hat and jersey, which is made of awesome. Also an Evenstar pendant straight out of Lord of the Rings, which is beautiful and sparkley and supremely geeky!

On the aforementioned end table are the following:

The Midwest Gardener's Cookbook, by Marian Towne. This book looks incredibly interesting, and is filled with common sense recipes which are simple and look delicious. It may cause me to rethink what I usually plant in my garden!

Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel
. There's one particular project in here which I very much want to make, but I'm going to have to do some serious finishing of projects before I can even contemplate starting it.

The Enchanted Sole; Legendary Socks for Adventurous Knitters by Janel Laidman. There are so many lovely patterns in this book! And I love all the stories that go with them. The way to my heart is truly through a good fairytale.

Home is Where the Wine Is, by Laurie Perry. I loved her first book, and am halfway through this one already. (Just don't tell that to The Anarchy Archives or Way of Shadows. I'm fickle.)

Victorian Lace Today, by Jane Sowerby. This has become a ubiquitous lace-knitting book since its initial publishing. The patterns do seem to uphold the book's reputation, and I'm excited to start using it!

A Gathering of Lace, by Meg Swansen and Elaine Rowley. Ditto the comment to VLT; everything in this book is gorgeous! These will keep me in projects for years to come.

Scarf Style, by Pam Allen. There are some truly cozy and interesting projects in here, which is good since while useful garments, scarves are my kryptonite. I'm hoping that some of these will be enough to curb my impatience!

And there you have it. I hope that your Christmas was equally pleasant and fruitful!