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Posted at 26 Jun 2010 10:46:29 AM

Is anyone else confused by Worldwide Knit in Public Day?

It's a concept which sounds so straight forward and yet is so mind boggling. For one thing, almost all of the cherished traditions of knitting and other fiberworking - just within my limited experience there's Fair Isle, Shetland/Orenburg/Estonian lace, Latvian mittens, Gansey sweaters, Peruvian spindling - come from countries where knitting was a household activity if not actively taught in school and performed daily for income. I cannot possibly believe that worldwide, it's necessary to demonstrate that knitting is a normal hobby.

They know already.

So, if we rename it to "American Knit in Public Day" ... It still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. We don't have a "Hunt in Public Day" or a "Make Miniature Railroad Cars in Public Day" (to my knowledge at least). What, exactly, are we trying to prove by taking this particular hobby to the streets?

If you want to dispell the myth that only grandmothers knit, try taking your crafting with you all the time. You'll reach a lot more people that way, and do it more subtly and effectively than a whole bunch of people having a knit-in on a subway or public landmark. That just comes off like LARPers do: "Oh hey, a whole bunch of people being weird in a group" rather than what I think is the intended effect: "Hey, someone doing something which is clearly a normal activity for them."

But hey, what do I know about making statements? I knit and spin every day in the lunchroom at my office, in line at the grocery store and in the waiting room at the optometrist's. Making a deliberate trip somewhere else to sit with strangers and do exactly what I would have been doing where I was doesn't make much sense.

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