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Battling a nasty case of Startitis

Posted at 02 Sep 2010 09:03:58 AM

I'm trying to make my packing list for our trip to New York this weekend, and for various reasons it seems like all of my knitting WIPs and all of my spinning projects won't work. Metal needles, not mindless enough, too big to fit in the suitcase*, spindle is too pointy; you name it, the TSA would object to it.

I'm looking over my stash page on Ravelry (which, if you haven't personally witnessed it, is fairly ridiculous) and all I can think is "I can't believe I have nothing to knit!"

Great. My stash has become my clothes closet.

* I have not yet achieved the level of obsession which leads me to pack less clothes in favor of using the space for knitting.**

** But I've thought about it.

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