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Oh, help me.

Posted at 27 Aug 2008 12:11:11 PM

Predictably, having tossed out half a dozen bottles of perfume and mailed off my collection of imps to kirafyre, I'm buying BPAL again.

It starts with "Oh, I really should get a vial of Lady of Shallot! It would be a tragedy if I ran out of the imp and then they discontinued the scent or something!"

So then I go nosing around, looking for the Lady, and I end up with vials of Samhain 2008 and The Witching Time of Night too. Eep. (I suppose if I don't like them I can just start ebaying things...)

BPAL's tricky, because there are some rather prevalent scents that just don't work on me at all (rose, mint) and some that I just flat-out won't wear (dragonsblood, sandalwood). I'm hoping that after the experiment with Samhain 2008 I don't have to add "balsam" to the former list. Normally I'd just buy imps, but with the LEs they either don't offer imps or there isn't time enough to get both an imp and a subsequent vial.

In other news, this afternoon will be my first at the gym. The 4" Project has officially begun - here's hoping there's time enough left.

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The Great Perfume Giveaway 2008

Posted at 19 Aug 2008 08:39:42 PM

I got home too late to raid tonight, so it looks like this will get done sooner than anticipated!

The list of perfumes wint3rhart doesn't wear

...is as follows:

( Click for the rest )

Phew. See anything you like?

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Imminent perfume sale/giveaway

Posted at 19 Aug 2008 01:39:32 PM

I did some work on the website. You can edit your own comments again, as well as properly reply to other peoples'. Fixed some bizarre miscellaneous stuff as well.. it's doubtful that anyone will notice most of it.

Random thoughts re: BPAL: I've got vials of more than one fragrance now (I used to wear Morgause, or non-BPAL). Since getting a vial of Zorya (finally!) I've started wearing other things as well... Lady of Shallot specifically, as I love the theme almost as much as I love the fragrance. Am thinking rather definitively about getting a vial or two of it.

Apropos of the limited edition Hallowe'en 2008 scents:
Truly the scent of autumn itself -- damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein.

I am thinking that this could either smell AMAZING, or like an ambulatory pumpkin pie strolling through a raver's private forest. Can't decide whether finding out is worth the price of an imp...

Terminal sugar rush. A little goblin's candy bag, upended.

Smushed candy corn, rock candy dust, marshmallow gunk, strawberry goo, spun blue sugar, globs of salt water taffy, and lint.

Oh. My. God. What? I can't even imagine how that must smell. I'm going into insulin shock just reading the description!

Dried orange peels floating in simmering cider, roasted apples, smoldering firewood, chimney smoke, sassafras beer, warm hawthorn wood, and oakmoss.

Hmmmm. I kind of want to try this one, too!

----> Item of Potential Interest:
I am thinking that a Great Sorting-Out of the Perfume Basket on the bathroom sink is in order. It currently holds, at a very rough guess, maybe 30 or so bottles of perfumes. I actually wear the following: Morgause (vial), Zorya (vial), Lady of Shallot (imp), Bess (rarely; imp), Jasmine oil (glass vial w/ roller ball), Vanille (glass vial w/ roller ball). Sometimes I'll use my B&BW body sprays.

8 out of 30, and it's the TINY 8 -- I'm not using any of the space-hogging larger bottles. That's not a terribly good ratio, and it doesn't make for a good explanation of why my crap is eating the bathroom counter alive.

SO. The next time I remember, which may or may not be tonight given that it's T5 night in SSC, I will make a list of all of the perfume that I don't wear. It will be listed here and on LJ. If anyone wants to try anything new, watch this space for updates!

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BPAL shopping

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:01:49 PM

Oooooh, yes. Had a decent day at work today, only because I spent the greater part of the afternoon reading through BPAL reviews on naamah_darling's LiveJournal :) The downside to this is that I was financially unwise enough to keep a running list of those which I'd really like to try.

On my list of things to save for is one of her boxes, too...I think I've said it before, but they are nothing short of stunning, and after this BPAL order I should have about 30 imps plus a few 10ml vials. An old jewelery box isn't really sufficing anymore... and I really do covet those boxes :)

Went by Wegman's on the way home to pick up the makings for a truly fabulous sausage and pepper pasta sauce (fudge! Should have picked up mushrooms, too, but they aren't in my default list of things to think about yet. Oh damnit). I'm going to put it together and let it simmer this evening while I do things like the laundry, clean the bathroom and shave (nair, really) my legs. Hee :)

In any case though, I am still in full decompressing-from-work mode. Today, this means sitting on the couch (fuuuck, forgot to order the new couch too), checking my surprisingly copious amounts of email on the laptop in the company of 2 croissants and the aforementioned BPAL list. Glee :)

It rained pretty much all of today. Supposed to rain all weekend, too. It's great for my plants, but I was really looking forward to hiking this weekend!

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It came to mind that I didn't care.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:51:53 AM

An update, oh my...this one might actually have substance, too!

My trip to Florida last weekend (Thursday through Monday) with Mom to visit Dan was actually a lot of fun - we saw his campus, which is nice, did some shopping, test drove a car, and did a really amazing amount of just hanging out and reading. I made it through I think 5 or 6 books, counting the plane trips both ways. That is awesome =D Mostly Discworld...I'm plowing through them at a pretty good clip. I'm up to Reaper Man, which I'm enjoying. Moving Pictures was kind of meh...nothing great, nothing bad. I'm just a Rincewind fangirl, I guess =D

Dan is also now charged with reading Good Omens and American Gods in his negative amounts of spare time. Yesh.

This month is crammed...l keep checking my calendar to find some time to oh, I don't know, maybe sign up for a raid or two so that I don't become one of those bitches who just comes once we've downed the wipefest bosses >_> but yeah... last weekend was Florida, this weekend is NY for Chris' birthday, next week is pager duty so I'll actually have lots of raiding time that week, and the week after that is Halloween. No clue what's going on in November, that requires too much foresight right now and I'm sleepy.

Which reminds me, I'm giving up on growing my hair out to do Sophitia @ PAX...I'll just have to be satisfied with not embarrassing my friends for a few days. Woe ;) But seriously, it's getting long and it's annoying me. (My middle-school self just cried a little inside...I distinctly remember swearing never to cut it above my shoulders, preferably above the middle of my back, blah blah blah. Live and learn, I guess.) Besides, it's cute when short and purple...longer than shoulder length just looks limp. I think about this stuff too much.

Mental note to go by the hair place here and see what they can do in the way of extremely temporary black dye...if I try to do it myself it'll look like ass, and it needs to be gone in a few days (and on blonde hair, too...this should be impossible fun).

Chris' birthday present is still not here, and I'm on the verge of killing *Company*. The only reason I haven't done so yet is because it's probably the postal service at fault, and there's not a whole lot I can do about speeding that up.

My package of Halloween Peeps and assorted other goodies made it to Australia! Karma said that she got the last package a few days ago, which makes me really happy. Also eager to try Tim Tams, a package of which is apparently winging itself toward NY as we speak. *glee*

I got my BPAL order the other day! 2 lovely 5 mL bottles of Morgause, which I love beyond reason and am considering up and ordering 2 more right now, because if they discontinue it I will be seriously distraught. Haven't tried the imps which arrived with it yet...I've been in a very gothic mood lately, which isn't lending itself to experimentation. I'll get around to it, as some of them look intruiging. Also, I want one of naamah_darling's BPAL boxes. Badly... just need to get the cash together again after getting my car. I know what I want, too, because she'll do a beautiful job with it...a mischevious green-eyed faerie :)

Speaking of cars, this is the one I test-drove while in Florida, and which I really liked: Toyota Yaris. 4-door automatic, naturally... the 2door looks like they forgot half of the car. Mom said that she and Gene can toss a couple thousand my way temporarily, so that I can build a new one rather than looking for a used...they start at $12k and actually start being drivable at $14.5k, so it's really not that far out of my budget. And new means a good warranty, less wear, etc... yay :) One thing I still have to check up on is how servicable it is outside of dealership repair centers...I hate having to take my car to a dealership for stupid things, and would prefer to not do so at all if possible. It's nothing more nor less than a blatant ripoff, and usually an ineffective one since real mechanics are more likely to actually _fix_ whatever it is that's wrong.

My Halloween costume is almost together...I need to run by Gap and get the pants, and my belt is proving problematic still, but I got the tank top while in Florida and the rest of it more or less sorts itself out. Hee....this is going to be fun!

My sftp server works now! I can't reach it from work because of blocked ports (and no "business reason" to open them), which is just weak. If I move it to 443 I can, but eh...I'm debating. People already know where it is, and I don't feel like it's worth the effort. If I want something, I should have the foresight to copy the files over when I'm home, and if I forget, it's my own damn fault. A guildie pointed me towards a new band last night that I need to look up, and Brian's hopefully going to burn me off some Tool/Queens of the Stone Age/other assorted stuff, Arsis is currently rocking my world, and that'll help.

Perl is being a little bitch, and refuses to update itself so I can get at WWW::Mechanize. So no penny-arcade podcasts for me...woe. That's my project for tonight, in addition to sewing my new patch onto my shoulder bag. I thought I'd ordered the Alliance one too, but apparently not...rawr. Have to fix when I'm at the mall tonight...mmm, Hot Topic, guilty addiction that it is. I'm amused at myself every time I shop there. However, they did introduce me to Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, for which I will be forever grateful. The people who work there are so much more entertaining than the clothes.

This is probably too long already, but since it's my diary ya'll can stfu and deal. Need to write in my real diary more often. I miss having a cat around...

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I fixed my icon upload script, finally

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:51:47 AM

1. QC = win, as usual.

2. Holy crap! People! PAX looks awesome, although going next year might be the right thing to do...I'm not sure they anticipated the overflow they probably got now that people don't have to plan on going to E3. Next year should be a blast, and I'm really looking forward to it :D

3. Damn, I'm tired. And quasisonic just rightfully pointed out that it's more than likely an end-of-summer thing... I'm just tired, belligerent, peeved, and perpetually bored, and whiny, and ya know, I really don't want to be. *sigh* I don't know. I can't even pin it on anything, which is why I bet she's right.

I really want some hot apple cider right now, too. Damn, it's freezing in this room!

I've got too much stuff to do right now to be wasting time on this, too (granted, I don't want to _do_ the stuff that I'm assigned, but that's nothing new).

Eh, I'm planning on going out tonight to see Donal at Sports Bar, which will be good...I need to get the hell out of my apartment and do something different, and anything that involves singing and sillyness is usually a good remedy for whatever ails me.

This reminds me, I need to make up a new BPAL order...

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Pirates, pies and BPAL

Posted at 20 Aug 2008 10:01:59 AM

I got my BPAL order yesterday! 12 shiny new imp-sized testers. Wheee, commence the fun tryings-on and experimentings-with nifty new perfumes :D

I'll probably write up reports for them, since reading other people's results with various BPAL variations is what got me interested in the first place, so it's only fair.

I also baked a pie yesterday, the first one this year. There's a farm stand near us at work that had gorgeous peaches, and I grabbed some raspberries as well...I'm not perfect with pies yet, but there's something to be said for such a tasty form of experimentation ;-)

I'll probably post it on cooking, even though it is just the Joy of Cooking recipe, since I took pictures. I need to make a list of all of my cooking posts here somewhere...I keep losing them.

Going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight! I am unreasonably excited :D


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