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It's not really cold and rainy anymore.

Posted at 03 Feb 2011 08:31:46 PM

While my peppermint tea is steeping on this cold, rainy day, I feel like I should write a blog post. All around me people are jumping into NaNoWriMo (or alternatively, NaBloPoMo) and here my blog sits: neglected.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on Snowflakes! I joke about how long it took, but really I do feel like I've accomplished something. However, the astute or stalkerish among you will probably have noticed that my comments to that project on Ravelry start with "This is my giant square shawl warm-up, so to speak.". Yes - with Snowflakes off the needles, I am in theory supposed to be resuming work on Queen Susan. And Evenstar. Hah! (I'll let you know how that goes. After Christmas, most likely.)

Just because Christmas is right around the corner, I've been knitting away picked up a new hobby. I'll pause while you marvel at my superb sense of timing.

Needle tatting. Easier than you think!

I really have been knitting: trouble is, it's a) secret and b) hard on my hands, so it's slow going. Here, I'll show you a sneak peek:

I just love this cable!

I finished a BSJ for the Thursday night KAL at Hearthstone Knits. The vast majority of the knitting was done while my brother and I were driving to and from Ohio a couple of weekends ago. The yarn is Regia Hand-dye Effect, and I love the colors but I'm not crazy about the texture. It's essentially a very loosely spun single plied with a black thread, and it's coarser than I expected. I'm not at all sure how it will hold up.

It goes more quickly than you think!

While DH and I were in St Thomas a couple of weekends ago for the wedding of some wonderful friends, I needed some plane knitting (not to be confused with plain knitting). I have a sock OTN, of course, but I'm having problems with it because I just don't seem to be able to internalize the pattern. Also, it's on wooden dpns and I really hate wooden dpns. (Admittedly, if the first problem were more soluble I would be more inclined to solve the second.)

So, I brought the next best thing: lace.

The swatch for Mystic Desire, originally a mystery KAL from Anna Dalvi. I forgot to bring the shawl upstairs for the photo-fest this morning.

I've been spinning more than knitting lately. My "to-ply" pile is growing larger... I tell myself that I'm just waiting until I get my spinning wheel at Christmas from Spunsilver Creations. The problem with that, obviously, is that I'm going to need to spin for awhile on it in order to get the feel of it, which means MORE singles...

That's 3oz of hot pink merino, 4oz of purple and whiter merino/bamboo, 1 Abbybatt in Girly Camo which is waiting for a plying friend, and half of the huayaca alpaca from Strange Folk Fest.

I did have enormous fun at this month's Spinning Meet-up! A couple of people kindly brought their drum carders, and allowed us to make all kinds of batts from the huge pile of donated fibers. (I got rid of a few bags of random merino and sari silk that way.)
I wasn't really in the market for an art batt, but I did have some problematic suri alpaca - the same that I tried to spin for Tour de Fleece and failed because it categorically refused to draft. It wasn't felted, exactly, but was so compacted that it was unpleasant if not close to impossible to spin.

However... A drum carder and a bit of similarly long-stapled tussah later, and I cannot WAIT to get back to it!

It feels as good as it looks!

Hopefully I will be able to borrow the carder again next month to do the 2nd half of the alpaca. (Anyone know of a drum carder for sale? ;-) )

We're gearing up for the new World of Warcraft expansion on Dec. 7th. I'm really loving the redesign of Stormwind (well, the melting parapets are disconcerting, but visually the city is unbelievable). The reorganization of the zones, etc, is going to take some getting used to but overall it's not the massive change that I'd feared. I'm leveling my hunter to get a feel for the new order of things.

Cheers for now!

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Hi, Blog!

Posted at 26 Jun 2010 11:48:03 AM

(Note: This was written on Friday 10/16. I am posting it on Wednesday, 10/21.)

Hi, blog!

I've missed you, blog!

This is mostly because usually I would think of things to post while at work. However, I don't actually know my blog password - it's just saved in Firefox at home - so I'm a bit up a creek as far as posting those thoughts goes.

We've been in a flurry of activity at home; I was sick all week a couple of weeks ago, and Dan came down with it last week.

Brother Dan was in town last weekend and we had an amazing time at the Great Big Sea concert at the Pageant! That Friday I went to some jewelery party at a friends, and to my surprise actually found a few pieces that I quite liked. We unexpectedly were able to get tickets to the first Cardinals NLCS playoff game on the 10th, so that supplanted my renfaire plans.

As it turned out, it was the first and last playoff game, as the Dodgers walked all over us as though we hadn't showed up. Still, how often do you get to go to something like that? (I feel sort of badly for whoever had rented part of the parking lot in back of the stadium, complete with band stand, dozens of port-a-potties and a beer truck: it was 42* when the wind wasn't blowing, and we got trounced. I sort of doubt that anyone stayed around to party.)

No WoW, still, although my account is still active and occasionally used for chatting with people who are hard to get in touch with any other way. Consequently I've been spending most of my computer time on Facebook playing Farmville and Fish World. (How the mighty are fallen.)

Confidential memo to Blizzard, Inc: DIABLO 3. NOW.

We're heading to Iowa this weekend so I was trying to finish knitting a Misti Alpaca Ishbel and sewing two little aprons for a couple of birthdays. They were finished AND wrapped by Wednesday; I think this is a new record for me.

My Mystic Light is still on the needles and will be until the end of time. Note to self: no more beads!

I picked up a sweater's worth of the new Berroco Lustra - I would link, if their website wasn't down - a few weeks ago and started in on another Snow White, but a few inches in it decided that it wanted to be a Margot instead. So far, I agree with it.

A postal mishap was resolved, and my yarn for the GoddessKnits KAL finally arrived. It's absolutely gorgeous, and will be interesting to knit with. 2880 yards of gossamer weight silk/ramie, of all interesting things, and it sort of clings to itself. As Georgia said, it's going to be all drape and no memory. And speaking of Georgia, she was an angel and let me wind it on the swift at Hearthstone and even spelled me for awhile. We got the whole skein wound before the end of knit night, and I'll never forget it.

Also have I mentioned the WHOLE ENTIRE 2400 YARD SKEIN of 52/2 gossamer lambswool/silk/cashmere that Delia sent me to make up for the postal mishap!? Although it was dyed in the same dye as my silk/ramie, the wool content means it's an amazing gold/brown color and I have NO idea what it will become. Something large and gorgeous and probably Shetland, for it'd be a shame to not use all of it.

Because I have all of this spare time on my hands, I've cast on a Snowflakes in Cedarwoods in Lane Borgosesia Cashwool.

And if you think that all of this activity has resulted in my neglecting the housework... you're right. I haven't vaccuumed in weeks. (Don't tell my mom. Hi, Mom!) I comfort myself with the fact that I did the ironing a couple of days ago and have produced some pretty fantastic dinners over the past two weeks. I'm in love with the meyer lemon-infused olive oil from Di Olivas in the West County mall.

In that vein, last night I made a double batch of the most amazing pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Some came in to work with me this morning and were quite a hit, and most of the rest are coming to Iowa with us. Again I left out the pumpkin seeds (because I still don't quite understand what they're doing sitting around getting mushy in cookies, and not roasted with seasoned salt on a baking tray) and substituted the currants (hard to find) with cherry-flavored Craisins (easy to find).

In conclusion: Twitter.

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An appropriate icon; someone nominate me for a prize.

Posted at 09 Jun 2009 11:55:21 PM

Ugh. Here's the thing of it:

Last Wednesday, I was persuaded to see a doctor for the problematic fingers-becoming-numb, dropping things, hands hurting problem. On Friday, I actually got in to see said doctor, who (to sum up) said that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, of the moderate variety, and handed me a prescription for twice-daily NSAIDs and wrist braces "to be worn at night without fail, and at other times during the day when convenient." Which it really isn't, ever, but I got myself into this mess.

Friday night things cheered right up when poppins17 and I went to see RENT at the Fox, with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, live and in person, strike me dead if I'm lying. In some ways it was beyond awesome, and in other ways ... well, I think they may have been doing this show a bit too long. It's fresher, somehow, with the kids who haven't been doing it for the better part of a decade. With Adam especially he seemed like he was doing it by rote rather than with enthusiasm... but I think it was noticeable more in the times between songs. He certainly pulled out a kickass One Song Glory. Angel, Mimi, Moreen, Collins and the rest of the cast were their usual stellar selves. (There was NOT, thank goodness, a repeat of the Angel Issues incident at Proctor's from quite a few years ago.)

I really wanted to nick the RENT poster from outside the Schnucks here, but I didn't get to it soon enough. Curses.

Caught a nasty cold, probably at the doctor's office. Saturday I was unsure, Sunday I was death on toast, and Monday was slightly better. Today is slightly better still, although I still have an inexplicable sore throat and stuffy nose.

Also today, that would be Tuesday, I bombed an interview. I'm really not sure exactly what part of anything the interviewer objected to, but after two hours I was informed that I was not a good fit. To quote, I was "damn insightful" and "if [he] had a developer position open, he'd hire me in a heartbeat." Of which I don't believe a word: he'd subject me to exactly as much scrutiny for a dev job as he would for this tech support one, and I know perfectly well that I don't possess the language skills that they use in that shop. But I digress. I'm trying not to be insulted by the notion that I'm more suited to dev than to work on the other end of computer support, but rather look at it as if he was able to tell something about me that I can't see myself. Maybe he's right... I really don't know.

Anyhow, in disappointment I came home, ate White Castle for lunch, knitted on my Sabine until my fingers started to go numb, took a 15 minute break and then went to tonight's raid. (I know, I know, I'm stupid.) They're still tingling, and I ought to go put my braces on, but I'm being stupid and stubborn. I will once I finish typing this. And finish my dailies.

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Socks and movie review:

Posted at 12 Feb 2009 03:07:51 PM

As of Sunday 02/08/2009, Malygos-25 is down! :D And Ulduar is slated to come out sometime around the end of February, so that'll give us something to work towards for the rest of the month.

My first pair of socks is nearly done. I think I am being foiled by a tricky ball of Regia 4-ply.. turns out, 460 yards isn't quite enough for a whole pair of stockinette socks. This means that I'll have to dip slightly into the 2nd ball, which already wouldn't have been enough for another pair and which will be really not enough now. It's enough to make one scream. Curse my size 9 feet!

Dan and I went to see Taken last night. Good movie, I thought.

( Click for the rest )

Going to a hockey game tonight: the first of the Blues vs. Canucks home games this season. Naturally, I am wearing the Blues jersey that Dan got me for Christmas, and he is wearing his Canucks jersey. Should be fun!

* To give credit where it's due, some of the weird scene changes and continuity goofs were due to the severe editing needed to get the thing down to PG-13**. Dan says they weren't there in the European version (bootleg DVD) that he saw.

** I like to think I'm pretty damn liberal, but there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that I would let a 13-year old watch that movie.

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Lemon-scented Clorox, in fact

Posted at 15 Jan 2009 03:04:20 PM

I broke down and ordered a yarn ball winder off of JoAnn.com. They had a "50% off any one thing" e-coupon on their front page, which means I got it for about $16. Since without it I can't start on a shawl with my beautiful Gothic Romance technicolor kiss (I have two cats - no knitting from the skein for me, thank you!) I am pleased with this development.
Even with the ball winder, winding it's still going to be tricky. Life would be spiffy if I had a swift too, but at $70-$80 looking like the going rate, that's going to have to hold off for awhile. Maybe I'll make one out of Tinker Toys...

Also finished my Falling Leaves scarf. It's gorgeous, even unblocked, and I'm excited to block it. Maybe tonight when I get home... Fun fact: appropriately-padded carpet with a towel over it makes a spiffy blocking board!

We had a scare with Mollie this past week. After casting on for the hooded baby blanket (currently in progress) I trimmed about two feet of yarn off of the tail. Gave it to the cats to play with (ok, I dangled it - they stole it) and not five minutes later it was nowhere to be found. The next day, Mollie couldn't stop vomiting. A brief period of denial - she's never actually eaten yarn before! - and I started having paranoid flashbacks from Emergency Vets on Animal Planet, about cats and dogs that ate string, had it wind around their stomach/intestines and had to have major surgery or be put down.

By Sunday she hadn't eaten successfully for two days and we were seriously worried, but the vet is closed that day. Planned to take her in on Monday, but that morning she looked more cheerful and seemed to be keeping food down.. so we decided to go hour-by-hour and take her in if she had a relapse. Skip to this morning while cleaning the litterbox I, ah, "rediscovered" the yarn. The crisis is officially declared "over."


No idea on the kitchen yet. We still have to get someone in to do an estimate. I hate not knowing when things are going to be done. And hells, it may have to be put off 'til next year, depending on prospective financial stability. Right now I'm making a concerted effort to not spend money on random crap - including ooh!shiny groceries, too many take-out lunches, Starbucks every day, yarn, one-offs like a shadowbox for my puzzle ball chess set, and books (that one hurts). There's an entry to remind me in the ToDo list of my Google home page that reads "I may not buy shit. No, not even that."

*cough* The ball winder was purchased about two hours before the conversation resulting in the spending moratorium. I think it was grandfathered in. (Plus, 50\\% off!)

Got my T7 pants last night in Naxx25. From the dead silence in the healer channel, I have the vague feeling that some people maybe pissed at me for outbidding the class leader? Watch me cry - I was in blues whereas he's already wearing epic pants, and he raids three nights a week compared to my one. Not shockingly, they will drop again.

My office inexplicably smells like Clorox.

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Stress relief

Posted at 13 Nov 2008 10:23:12 AM

Stood in line for WotLK last night. We were home by 1:30, so it could have been a lot worse.

Dan installed it immediately; I went to bed. I don't seriously believe that the servers will be stable today anyway, so I doubt I'm really missing anything. Being one of the server firsts for anything isn't on my list of aspirations anyway... I'm finding it hard to get enthused about leveling yet again.
Of course, my favorite part of any leveling process has always been the professions, so I guess it'll be neat to dust off False's leatherworking.

My second (last) knitting class on cabled armwarmers was yesterday. I got there in a foul mood, but right around the time where Georgia brought out the sock with erectile dysfunction* and we collapsed in a collective fit of giggles, the mood vanished. It's nice, honestly nice to be with a group of people who are about at the same skill level** in this particular brand of geekery, who aren't catty, or gossipy, and who are all making something. It's not just sitting around socializing (which I am terrible at). It's sitting around for a purpose, and everything else seems to take care of itself.

I think I'm capable of finishing the one armwarmer by myself, though if I get snarled up at the thumb I may have to make an emergency run to Hearthstone on Saturday to get unsnarled. What a shame. ;-) With sewing I've got more projects on my plate than I have time or energy to work on, and it's looking like knitting is going to be the exact same way.

(*cough* I bought that punkrock handspun from the post just below this...and also a gorgeous red & cream yarn that was spun with gold threads and rosette ribbon called Winter Rose. Etsy is dangerous, my friends! The punkrock's aimed for a rather rockin pair of wristwarmers, and the winter rose is probably destined to become a long thin scarf. Rather excited!)

The new kitten's still sick. She's got more antibiotics now, and special stinky food that she -seems- to be eating. That's what's had me the most worried, really... sneezing and congestion so bad she can't even wash herself because she can't breathe while she does it is bad enough, but she's too tiny to not eat for 5+ days. We've got some liquidy super-nutrition prefilled syringes that the vet said to give her if she keeps not eating, and they'll at least keep her going.

* It was knit with a special stitch on the sole which makes the fabric thicker, but also means it takes 2 rows of knitting to make one row of fabric... I didn't catch the name of it. But, forgetting to compensate for that means the sock rather unfortunately was longer on the top than on the bottom, and er... it drooped.

** Excepting Georgia, who is amazing - this is why she is teaching the class.

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Update - moving

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:54:41 AM

I realized this is probably due for an update, albeit a quick one.

My nice neat apartment is currently covered in boxes, and what I have left to do should be doable today. Still need to call Nationwide and find out conclusively whether they're coming the 1st or the 2nd.
Feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment, frankly. I'm hitting this point where I just don't want to look at another box, and where the more stuff I put away the more it stops looking like my space. It's not just the contents of closets and drawers and cupboards anymore, it's posters and paintings and bookshelves and dressers. And while saying that I've got cold feet isn't accurate, this weird half-empty feeling is bringing this whole idea home pretty effectively. It's that I'm excited about being there, but the process of getting there is less than enthusing. Without necessitating the addition of "mushy stuff" to the tags on this post, Dan makes me incredibly happy, and I'm looking forward to being with him. And I think we'll do ok. I'm not naive enough to think that there won't be some rough adjustment at first...with any luck it won't be too bad.

Ah well. If I stick to doing only things that I'm comfortable with, my life will be pretty damn boring.

My job... we'll see where Ensco shoves me. It's true that I'm not happy about having to work from home 90\% of the time, as that leaves me just a bit housebound in a new area, etc, and yeah... I'd rather work with people than just know that they're there on the other side of the internets.

Which should be getting hooked up this afternoon, incidentally.

After the movers are done, I'm more or less going to jump in the car, take care of any last-minute errands that need to be done, drop off my keys and ... hit the road :)

Erm... any last incidentals... I have no food in the house, which is proving entertaining. Making it even more of a party is the inconvenient fact that Skylark is closed 'til Saturday for repairs or somesuch. Boo! Their spaghetti and meatballs can keep a person going for days (and had, in fact, been my contingency plan post-refrigerator-cleanout).

This computer is being a pain in my ass. There's a bad memory leak, somewhere, which is giving me surprise!kernel segfaults leading to an inevitable hardware reset. I'd worry about it more, except what it seems mostly to mean is that I shouldn't play WoW on it, as where it's only surprise!segfault with only other applications running, I can pretty much guarantee it'll hit when WoW's up. Slack 11 is officially out, so during my downtime this coming week I think I'll have a good time backing up and reinstalling this box. It's about due anyway.

False got her Big Bad Wolf's Paw last night! We spent some time wiping on Opera the night before last, finally called it, and last night went back and one-shot it. I was thisclose to being there on Bron, too, and nearly had a heart attack when it dropped. Gleeee! And I hope I have mats for Mongoose.

I've been mostly farming lately, clefthoof leather and cobra scales, so that I can build up a decent stockpile for armor kits and whatnot before I switch to Mining. I don't really sell that stuff, and when I do it's not really a reliable profit, so I'll just keep around what I need to make occasional shit for friends and guild. I really, really need a profession which gives me stuff worth selling, so rock-picking had better be it. I can send the lowlevel incidental stuff to Winter, anyway ;)

My poblano pepper plant has a li'l pepper on it! Nothing yet on the little mystery chilis that my manager gave me, but they look like they should be getting blossoms soon. Hope they enjoy a ride across the country in my car.

Ok. Time to shower and start to do this systematically. The rest of my room, the rest of the closet, the rest of the kitchen, the rest of the books. Should be down to only the stuff I'm keeping, with some incidental exceptions I'm sure, so all this is now is elbow grease.

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Job news and melon.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:01:54 PM

Disdainful of her posting frequency, indeed.

(I was reading through a blog today which participates in something called PayPerPost. I would fail so miserably at that..)

Not much is going on - what else is new? As of two Saturdays ago, I am now 24. *throws confetti* No real change so far... I don't appear to have grown another head, learned to play the violin nor spontaneously gained the ability to sort books and clothing in any meaningful way. There's always hope.

Addicted to Emilie Autumn's new CD "Laced/Unlaced" - it's a 2-disc album which came with a tiny yet amusing hardcover booklet. One CD is her playing classical compositions, both Bach, etc and three of her own compositions; the other is entirely her own work (and playing) but falls smack into her Victorian-Industrial genre. I loves them all!

My computer still isn't up and running, largely due to my failure to turn up a harddrive-sized box in which to mail the defective one back, and the time to do it in. Curse the post office and its "business hours"... they're my business hours too, blast it. So once again, I am thankful and more than thankful for this gorgeous little laptop which is enabling me to go on about my day in a quasi-normal manner. Even if I am running OSX all the time, because I still haven't gotten wifi to work on Ubuntu. (It probably just needs a few evenings' worth of work, but since I don't have any other computers within arms' reach on which to procrastinate while I do said work, I am ... spoiled. That's what I am. Spoiled.)

The cooking blogs that I've been reading through lately are updated on my links section, there to the right. The latest one is Cooking by the Seat of My Pants, and it is both a great read and a fabulous source of recipes. I'm trying one out tonight, but since it is so radically different from anything I've done to date (and also involves the cooking of real rice, since I neglected to pick up the 10minute kind when I was at Wegman's, and I may decide this is too much work and just finish off my Chinese takeout instead) I am putting off writing about it until I'm sure of it.

Blah day at work, as usual. I -did- have a talk with my manager yesterday and let her know that I am aiming for the end of July as my relocation to St. Louis date, so at least that's done. My coworker recommended I do it as soon as possible (well, that was the phrasing, but the meaning is "Please talk to her first, so that I don't have to report you?" If you mention things like Oh by the way I'm Leaving to other employees, they're honor-bound to tell someone about it.) That's a very tricky thing to do, too - it's nice to give them the heads' up so that they can plan for you not being there anymore, but since that planning may involve just kicking you to the curb immediately so that they can get their hands on a more permanent employee as soon as possible... it's a crap shoot. Me, I'd be happier if they did fire me. I've more than enough to live on for a couple months, it would simplify things immensely from a timing standpoint and Heavens know I have no love for the place.

So, after my mediocre day in which I did almost nothing, had the waitress at the pizza place forget my order and then bring it out to me just as we were leaving and burned to boot, and again did nothing, I am here at my laptop with a container of honeydew melon and cantalope chunks which I have been lusting after all week. The smile on my face when I took the first ice-cold bite was unimaginable. I don't know whether I'm not drinking enough water or whether I just really wanted melon, but the taste was almost euphoric). I've got a bag of teeny tiny gummy bears next to me because they were too adorable to pass up in the candy bin, I'm updating a website which I am quite proud of and am about to log onto WoW*. With any luck the bf will be home soon and I'll get to talk to him, and my afternoon will be perfect.

*Bron hit 70. And got her Kara key 2 nights ago. And did Kara last night. Curator dropped my T4 gloves, and I won! OMG. I'm wearing a shitty green Of The Physician belt and hat, have only the Hallowed Garments, and I have my T4 gloves. Silliest looking priest, ever XD

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Posted at 25 Feb 2007 02:25:16 PM

I adore Blizzard. I really, really do.

In Blade's Edge Mountains, there's a gnomish town called Toshley's Station. And in it, a guy gives you a quest called "Picking Up Some Power Converters."


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*Trumpet Fanfare*

Posted at 20 Feb 2007 03:19:04 AM

Total /played for Bronwyn, a newly-crowned level 60 Night Elf Priest: 15 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes.

Not too shabby for the girl who was previously almost pathologically incapable of efficient leveling, hmm?

*glee* And so many shiny new skills to learn, plus Prayer of Spirit and Prayer of Shadow Protection (which I've been dying for), plus omgoutlands! :D

With any luck she'll have her very first Helfire Citadel run tomorrow evening. I can't wait :D

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