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ASSPA v0.5 released

Posted at 17 Apr 2006 09:20:18 PM

Just a short post - version 0.5 is of ASSPA has been released. (And doesn't that just sound all official now?)
I'm not willing to call it anything but beta still, as it's only been tested on my computers, but you can pick it up either here or at its Sourceforge page, here.

I'll be giving it a test run on SuSE in a few (watching Mirrormask now...SO GOOD!)

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A very simple podcast aggregator

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:01:07 PM

WHEN will people learn that a screw-up on the part of the client does IN NO WAY mean that adding new code to bypass the verification logic is a good idea?! I mean, the data won't load as-is, because they're sending a bad value in field X.
We have 2 choices:
1. Tell the client to start sending good data in field X. This is not difficult. I'll do it myself if management is having trouble writing the email. If they ask me nicely, I may even write it politely.
2. Write more crappy, inexplicable code to bypass the verification checks done on field X, and put some even more inexplicable (and guaranteed to be uncommented) qualifiers in there so that the bypass only happens for this specific client, because we really don't want unverified data getting in there under any normal and sane circumstances.

Apparently, choice 2 is better. WTF?!


Yesterday, I noticed that Penny-Arcade had completed a podcast rss file of sorts, which is available here for anyone that missed the announcement. I have been greatly enjoying the PA podcasts, and got to thinking - they're planning on submitting the podcast to iTunes. This is all well and nifty, except that I don't really use iTunes, for the reason that it would be really clunky to download things on my windows box at Chris', burn it to CD, and rip it back off at my apartment, just so I could listen to the silly things on my laptop/iPod/whatever. Accordingly, I went looking for a good piece of podcast aggregation software for linux. The consensus on LQ seems to be either Juice (formerly iPodder), or CastPodder (formerly known as iPodder Linux). I had two fairly major problems with these:

Juice: Says on any google search and on its FAQ page that it is available for "Windows, MacOSX and GNU/Linux". However, in little letters underneath "GNU/Linux" it adds "coming soon" and the download page shows no evidence of there ever having been a linux version. I am mystified by their apparently linux-y reputation.

CastPodder: Requires, in this order:
Python 2.4 >
libpython 2.4 >
libwxPythonGTK 2.6 >
wxPythonGTK (wxPython on some distro's) 2.6 >
libxml2-python 2.6 >
xmms-python(pyxmms) - Python interface to XMMS
PyBMP (for beep-media-player) can be found at http://borgforge.net/projects/pybmp

Python 2.4 - check
libpython 2.4 - can't find it anywhere, except a vague mention of an RPM available for Mandrake. This is curious, not to mention problematic.
libwxPythonGTK - Google draws a complete blank.

I didn't bother to go further than that. Anything that compiles from source, and has that many obscure requirements, has a duty to also post links to them somewhere on their download page. It's not hard to do, and apparently you found them somewhere because you tested the software...right?

So I gave up. Darned if I'll chase down random python libraries just because someone wanted their overblown software to look pretty. I still needed an aggregator, though....so I wrote one. It took all of a few hours.

For now, it's available here, although I'm sort of hoping that it'll be up on Sourceforge soon. I can't possibly be the only person in existance who doesn't feel the need to slog through graphical bs when all that's desired is a simple download. Maybe I am...we'll see.

Sooo...because that little post up there never got quite finished on Friday before we left internet-enabled territory, everything's getting lumped together into one post For Your Convenience.
It was a good weekend - left late on Friday as is our wont, got to Carmel around 2am, spent a very lazy Saturday (^_^) in which Chris mostly read while I read and went shopping. Bath and Body Works, FTW.

I meant to do some more productive things over the weekend, I really did - write up a not-terrible summary web page for the ASSPA thing mentioned above, roll up some characters for Forgotten Realms or just plain DnD, learn about what a template class is (not in the programming sense), stuff like that. It partially got done, I guess...it was truly nice to spend the weekend with a few good books rather than a few good raids, though.

We're going up to Catskill this coming weekend, which I'm very much looking forward to. It'll be nice to be home (and it's getting warmer out- definitely a plus! :P)


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