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Unexpected Knitting

Posted at 12 Oct 2011 09:53:37 PM

It occurs to me that lately, my Ravelry feed is a more useful barometer of my continued productive existence than my own website. Maybe one of these days I'll try to code a WordPress-esque system for uploading photos and creating a WYSIWYG editor for myself; that might ease the process some.

So, have I been designing anything lately?

No, not so much. My job started out stressful and has become more so over the months and years, which sadly leaves me with little appetite for more work in Excel when I get home. I have sketches, but nothing to show you, dear readers.

An argument for design could be made for the rather large purple shawl which is now (finally) finished, but which I will claim no designer credit for as it was made up entirely of bits and pieces from Heirloom Knitting and an edging from Victorian Lace Today glued together by math.

Nevertheless, I'm happier with it now than I was when I finished it. It's big - easily 70" across - but wears rather well, I think. The yarn is a milk protein/silk blend, and I think it is possibly the most ridiculous yarn out of which to knit a traditional Shetland shawl - which is why I did it.

The bathroom at work is oh-so attractive...

Along the same theme of ridiculous lace knitting, I have acquired up some neon green Jade Sapphire wool laceweight, and I think it would make a fantastic Arsenic and Old Lace.

Along the way there's been a quickish Rock Island out of some of the grey cobweb yarn left over from my aborted attempt at The Queen Susan, the completion of the Twist Cardigan on which I'd been working for nearly two years and of which I have absolutely no good FO photos, a spate of tiny Puerperium Cardigans for the emergency baby gift pile, and I'm about halfway through the Dahlia Cardigan from this fall's Interweave Knits.

I've spun up my first Wensleydale top in a red to black gradient for a Windsbraut - Sommerwind and have almost enough handspun grey alpaca for the solid main color in a Stripe Study. I still have the Perchance to Spin polwarth occupying bobbins in the craft room, but have started spinning up some black polwarth with which to ply it. I should be working on that tonight, but don't really feel in the mood for lifting the couch to anchor a blanket under it -- if I don't, the spinning wheel scoots away from me as I spin!

Tomorrow my brother and I leave for a 10 hour road trip (20 hours, round trip) and I'm saving up the rest of Dahlia for car knitting. The second Guinevere glove is coming along for hotel knitting.

Despite swearing off starting anything new in the hopes that a ban on new projects will help this cardigan toward completion in a time span measured in weeks, not years, I'm going to cast on for a Debussey shawl in a merino/cashmere sock yarn from Anzula which Georgia at Hearthstone Knits just got in. I need something to knit for the next hour before bed, don't I?

The Yankees got knocked out of the ALDS playoffs last week, which was disappointing, but the Cards are still in it. I'd thought that tonight the rain in St Louis would delay the game but so far, so good - we're up 4 to 3 in the 4th. Go Cards!!

ETA: I lied. I have too much yarn for Debussey and the cast on is not what my overly tired brain wants to grapple with. A browse of my hard drive turns up Pirat, which looks like just the ticket.

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Hi, Blog!

Posted at 26 Jun 2010 11:48:03 AM

(Note: This was written on Friday 10/16. I am posting it on Wednesday, 10/21.)

Hi, blog!

I've missed you, blog!

This is mostly because usually I would think of things to post while at work. However, I don't actually know my blog password - it's just saved in Firefox at home - so I'm a bit up a creek as far as posting those thoughts goes.

We've been in a flurry of activity at home; I was sick all week a couple of weeks ago, and Dan came down with it last week.

Brother Dan was in town last weekend and we had an amazing time at the Great Big Sea concert at the Pageant! That Friday I went to some jewelery party at a friends, and to my surprise actually found a few pieces that I quite liked. We unexpectedly were able to get tickets to the first Cardinals NLCS playoff game on the 10th, so that supplanted my renfaire plans.

As it turned out, it was the first and last playoff game, as the Dodgers walked all over us as though we hadn't showed up. Still, how often do you get to go to something like that? (I feel sort of badly for whoever had rented part of the parking lot in back of the stadium, complete with band stand, dozens of port-a-potties and a beer truck: it was 42* when the wind wasn't blowing, and we got trounced. I sort of doubt that anyone stayed around to party.)

No WoW, still, although my account is still active and occasionally used for chatting with people who are hard to get in touch with any other way. Consequently I've been spending most of my computer time on Facebook playing Farmville and Fish World. (How the mighty are fallen.)

Confidential memo to Blizzard, Inc: DIABLO 3. NOW.

We're heading to Iowa this weekend so I was trying to finish knitting a Misti Alpaca Ishbel and sewing two little aprons for a couple of birthdays. They were finished AND wrapped by Wednesday; I think this is a new record for me.

My Mystic Light is still on the needles and will be until the end of time. Note to self: no more beads!

I picked up a sweater's worth of the new Berroco Lustra - I would link, if their website wasn't down - a few weeks ago and started in on another Snow White, but a few inches in it decided that it wanted to be a Margot instead. So far, I agree with it.

A postal mishap was resolved, and my yarn for the GoddessKnits KAL finally arrived. It's absolutely gorgeous, and will be interesting to knit with. 2880 yards of gossamer weight silk/ramie, of all interesting things, and it sort of clings to itself. As Georgia said, it's going to be all drape and no memory. And speaking of Georgia, she was an angel and let me wind it on the swift at Hearthstone and even spelled me for awhile. We got the whole skein wound before the end of knit night, and I'll never forget it.

Also have I mentioned the WHOLE ENTIRE 2400 YARD SKEIN of 52/2 gossamer lambswool/silk/cashmere that Delia sent me to make up for the postal mishap!? Although it was dyed in the same dye as my silk/ramie, the wool content means it's an amazing gold/brown color and I have NO idea what it will become. Something large and gorgeous and probably Shetland, for it'd be a shame to not use all of it.

Because I have all of this spare time on my hands, I've cast on a Snowflakes in Cedarwoods in Lane Borgosesia Cashwool.

And if you think that all of this activity has resulted in my neglecting the housework... you're right. I haven't vaccuumed in weeks. (Don't tell my mom. Hi, Mom!) I comfort myself with the fact that I did the ironing a couple of days ago and have produced some pretty fantastic dinners over the past two weeks. I'm in love with the meyer lemon-infused olive oil from Di Olivas in the West County mall.

In that vein, last night I made a double batch of the most amazing pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Some came in to work with me this morning and were quite a hit, and most of the rest are coming to Iowa with us. Again I left out the pumpkin seeds (because I still don't quite understand what they're doing sitting around getting mushy in cookies, and not roasted with seasoned salt on a baking tray) and substituted the currants (hard to find) with cherry-flavored Craisins (easy to find).

In conclusion: Twitter.

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Well, I've learned things today

Posted at 23 Apr 2009 09:42:57 AM

Mac OSX cannot apparently recognize partitions that it did not create, or that are in other filesystems than the basics - HFS+ (proprietary, and irritatingly so), NTFS, FAT. Awesome. This means getting rid of the handful of ext3 partitions that I put on my laptop has been nontrivial and eventually required the complete removal of all partitions, the re-creation of one big new one via the commandline provided with the restore CDs because the installer is dumber than a box of rocks, and the re-installation of OSX. (Actually kinda happy about that last one. I liked Tiger a hell of a lot better than whatever the latest one is.)

Apple, I AM NOT PLEASED WITH YOU. You're Unix-based, please start acting like it.

Started a toe-up sock class last night. I'm using Mini Mochi, which is gorgeously dyed and feels divine but is a pain to knit with. It's basically a thickly spun single, and as such it splits like mad.

Picking Matt up at the airport tonight. Have to get the laptop back in working order by tomorrow night. Cardinals game tomorrow (versus the Mets - whee).

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Game 5

Posted at 29 Oct 2008 10:24:12 PM

Congrats Phillies!!!!

It's honestly nice to see someone win the Series who doesn't all the time. (And if that's not a left-handed compliment, I don't know what is..)

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The End of an Era

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:59:20 AM

What a hectic day.

Spent an agonizing evening tearing apart the house, looking for paperwork we thought we needed to get a marriage license. Went to bed at half past twelve, concluding that if we don't have it and we have to get stuff special-ordered and overnighted here, at least Missouri's done away with the 3-day waiting period. Had unsettling dreams all night.

Called the courthouse this morning and found out that we didn't need it after all.

Some internal stuff at work went all 'splodey and needed to be fixed this morning, except that I also had to run out and meet Dan at the courthouse to pick up the license. Was planning on being there at 12; got a call from him saying "I'm here, where are you?" at 11. Turns out I'd misheard him during our phone call. We got it done and it's the last "big" piece of the puzzle, but I still feel like a bundle of exposed nerve endings. Now I understand why newlywed brides always say "the best piece of advice I can give you is: let it go." My ToDo list for this shindig doesn't feel like it's getting any smaller, no matter what I get accomplished. I realize that not one task is so important or earthshaking that it warrants these panic attacks or dream-filled nights of 'sleep', but somehow they all just pile up and I feel like I'm scrambling to keep my head above water.

That being the case, I am not emotionally equipped to deal with this today. (Mirrored here in case the BBC eventually takes it down.) It's a bit hard to explain how I could be in tears over a baseball stadium, but the photos of Babe Ruth's daughter and of Mariano Rivera scooping up a container of infield dirt sends me right off the deep end. I understand why it's happening, and Yankee Stadium certainly isn't the first - the Cards just got a new stadium, and you can still see the lot where the old one used to be - but I'm just not okay at all.

Fif messaged me last night to see whether I was watching ESPN - apparently they were broadcasting the last game. While I appreciate the heads' up and I'm happy the Yanks won, there's just no way I could have been clinical enough to watch it.

In good news, I took a ride out to Lone Elk and verified that we should probably have enough seating and parking space for everyone. The weather report looks good so far and if all of you who are reading this could do the occasional anti-rain dance, we should be set.

BPAL update coming soon-ish.

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I'm hungry.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:55:06 AM

2 games in, Sox 2, Rockies 0. My feeling can be summed up thusly:

Red Sox SUCK.

That is all.

Not quite. Made apple cake last night, and can't wait 'til we get to BF sisters so that we can bite into it! This is torture of the best kind. Wrapped up the birthday present, packed up clothes (must not forget phone chargers...) and we should be able to get out fairly promptly. If the gods of luck smile on me, the traffic at 3pm today won't be heinous, taking up all 2 hours that I scrimped and saved to accumulate this week. We're stopping at one Aunt and Uncle's on the way to Sister, and then at another one on the way to the Sevendust concert on Sunday... I've heard rumors that there may also be grandparents involved... it's going to be a head-spinning, name-remembering weekend.

And on Monday I will probably be quite tired. This should be fun :D

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Moving right along... :)

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:52:34 AM

The Cardinals won the World Series! (Been awhile since I updated, no?)

This is excellent, as it's nice to see a team that actually worked their ass off for it get the title. I love the Yankees dearly, but let's just say that change is healthy. Congrats, both Cards and fans!

I was up until 6am again and am sleeeeeeepy. In a really good mood (it seems to be more and more of a permanent condition lately, which is excellent), but sleepy. Yarr. Thank goodness for sick time, as I didn't get into work 'til 11, not that anyone's there to count and/or care anyhow except accounting people.

As of Saturday morning, I am now the proud owner of a piece of paper which, in about a month given appropriate love, care and bank account management, should sprout into a very shiny new car :D Brand new 2007 Toyota Yaris, which Tim refers to as a cheap plastic windup toy but which I cheerfully point out is not held together by twine... I think we're even ;)

Mom came out to visit for the day yesterday! It was really, really nice - we did some shopping, made 4 pints of pumpkin butter (the recipe said it would make 8-9...lies), then made steamed chicken and spaghetti, which is one of my favorite foods ever and which I've not had for probably the better part of a year. (...Holy runon sentence, Batman O_o) Also, I cleaned my bathroom. This was necessary.

We ran about half of ZG in the evening, wherein Carn and I mostly talked and occasionally paid attention to what was going on on our respective monitors (yay, he's back!! :D [See? Told you I really am happy! :P]). The ZG run crashed and burned around 1AMish, after which Sway came online and, well, that occupied the rest of the time 'til 6am. (Carn, stop laughing!) 'Twas a very good day :)

Bored tonight, I think... the fabric for my cloak isn't supposed to arrive 'til Thursday, which is irritating, but since I'm booked Wednesday already I guess it could be worse. Not sure whether I want to go by some craft store and see whether they have massive sheets of tracing paper onto which I could copy the pattern... it's a gorgeous 1979 pattern, completely uncut, and I'll feel awful cutting and pinning it if I can get tracing paper. Not to mention, it's thick as all hell, and pinning thick paper to thick wool without having anything buckle when I try to trace it isn't my idea of a good time. Got taffeta for the lining.... I'm still thinking I'll try to find satin instead, but we'll see when it arrives. I really am unreasonably excited about this project. *glee*

I have a Spooky Blue Raspberry lollipop :D

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One of these moments

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:52:17 AM

Ummm...One of my college friends apparently has a kid now.

Though the little sprocket is kinda cute....I'm slightly creeped out right now.

I am _too young_ for my friends to be having kids! *ack*

Also...body still adjusting to pager schedule. Woah. Slept from 4 to 8ish (things were quiet! yay!), dozed a bit when possible since then, am now permanently awake. Very hazy and am typing badly. Because this may also be due to lack of contacts, I'm going to go take care of that. (The icon is meant to be ironic.....)

And last but not least - CONGRATS, CARDINALS!!!!!
It's kind of cool, the series is on the week that I'm stuck home in front of the TV. Suffice to say, I'll be tuning in :) (Dan? Want to flip a virtual coin to choose sides for our annual the-yankees-aren't-playing World Series bet? ;-))


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