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Everything geeky - except when it's not.

Posted at 21 Sep 2020 08:17:19 PM

I love when this happens. A casual conversation starts out with:

"I really love this style of bag that you make! I, ah.. just have to figure out what material I want…You'll have to show me some samples."

Game ON!

Believe it or not, my fabric stash is not exclusively nerdy. Some of it, you might even say, is downright elegant. And along with this customer, we went (virtually) sorting through my stash and I even made a trip to our local Tandy Leather store for the perfect combination. I'm in love with the finished product: buttery soft natural leather, a tone on tone mandala-style print, and gold hardware accents to round it out.

As with almost any custom project, I learned a LOT. For instance, I learned that my rivet press is not in love with leather (that's putting it mildly). I learned that if you are going to make a habit of hand-sewing leather, you should oil your needle. And lastly, when my Juki's even feed foot experienced a very minor explosion during the last stage of sewing this project … I learned to improvise.

Thank you, J.! It's been a lot of fun sewing for you <3


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