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The Boronia Bowler, Two Different Ways

Posted at 26 Jun 2020 08:03:31 PM

The Boronia Bowler Bag by Blue Calla Patterns is quickly becoming one of my go-to bags to sew. It looks great, and is roomy enough to fit your keys, phone, wallet, book, current knitting project, Nintendo Switch, and the half-eaten granola bar your almost-seven-year-old inexplicably handed you yesterday. ...Hypothetically, that is.

It zips all the way open -- and with gussets on both sides, I do mean all the way. No more losing your keys in the bottom of your purse!

But rather than just extolling the virtues of what's quickly becoming my favourite handbag, today I'd like to look at the differences that fabric choices can make in a bag.
Take, for example, my original:
A moderate sized purse with red and purple flowered fabric and black vinyl.

This version features a striking purple and red floral pattern in front of a black geometric background. Complimenting the background are black vinyl accents running from base to strap, finished with bright silver accents. It looks modern, professional and eye-catching.

And here's that same bag, but this time in a stunning gothic & floral-themed print with gold vinyl accents and straps:

Gone are the base-to-zipper strap connectors: this time I chose to cover up as little of the pattern as possible and instead used rivets to attach the minimalist straps.
Keeping things consistent, I finished it with antique gold hardware and custom zipper pulls that continue the floral theme.

So... much... room!!

Y'all: I love this bag. And I hope its new owner loves it even more!


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