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Almost done.

Posted at 07 May 2009 04:01:56 PM

I finished the "Hedera" socks, and they're quite nice if I say so myself :-) Going to be starting a pair of "Nebula"s with the Colinette Jitterbug that I bought in Springfield... the drive up to Chicago this weekend will probably be mostly in the dark, but you never know.

The Nebulas are partially my reward for making progress on the linen dress that I'm making (Vogue 8358). It's a fairly simple dress and I bet that an experienced seamstress could have it done in a day, but while I enjoy sewing I have a very short attention span for it. And not having a proper work area does sort of hamper things... I have to pen the dog in the kitchen and confine the cats to the office to prevent them from declaring my pile of fabric their new favorite sleeping spot.

While I knit and sew I've started watching Battlestar Galactica. I'm about halfway through the first season right now, and I'm still not sure what I think of it. Well, maybe that's not quite accurate: I definitely think that it is quite good, but I'm not sure that I personally am enjoying the knowledge that there is a Cylon aboard the Galactica, knowing who she is, and having to get emotionally attached to her anyway. It makes things very muddled. Plus, Gaius Baltar and his vicious blonde Cylonic hallucination is driving me straight up the wall. He's vague, he's greasy, he vacillates, and completely fails at evoking any sympathetic reaction whatsoever. I have the most irrepressable urge to fast forward through any scene in which he appears (to the point where I looked up the series on IMDB to find out when he's killed off, praying it would be soon. Appears that he's not - damn). I'm not annoyed enough to stop watching, yet, though I didn't feel like tackling it today.

For the record, things which I have ceased to watch: Fringe, Dollhouse.

Still looking for a job.. I've started applying to other types of things; software support and actual prod support, as opposed to prod support development. We'll see. It might be nice to do something more varied for a change.

Timm took me to Sam's Club today. I like Sam's, I really do, even if I have to be careful what I buy because you always get so much of it. It's almost not worth it to buy anything perishable. But their frozen fish is really decent, and some of their canned things are neat. Pasta sauce we can always use. They've started carrying a line of pots & pans, so I picked up a cheap large skillet. It's not what I want, but it'll do for awhile 'til I find it.

Almost to the end of this madcap round of weekends.. Chicago this week, 2 baseball games next week. Then, hopefully, breathing.


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