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I feel the crafty coming on.

Posted at 25 Aug 2008 10:48:43 AM

I am in the mood to make something. Probably sewing, since it's the only non-cooking craft at which I have any skill at all and I'm getting astonishingly strong mental tugs about running my hands over rolls and rolls of cotton and rustling tracing paper patterns while pinning them down. It's all just a wee bit odd.

Probably a skirt, since I've ..ahem, outgrown.. most of the ones I own now. Plus, they're easy. I'll probably end up making something out of some quirky fabric which I think is awesomesauce and makes Dan go *facepalm*. Or I could revoke my previous promise about never again working with satin and do something interestingly floaty. My old long black satin skirt has been on the verge of the scrap heap for longer than I should probably admit.

Except - and this has just occurred to me - I have a nearly-finished skirt in my fabric tote, which really needs nothing except the waistband, zipper and bottom hem*. I think I may have procrastinated on it because I'm not entirely sure how to change out the foot on my sewing machine to the zipper one...

Heavens only know whether it'll fit now too, since I started it while I was still living in Catskill**. It'd be sort of odd to finish it only to turn around and include it in the sack of outgrown skirts en route to Goodwill.

* It's also satin, for the record. I think I have some sort of love-hate psychological issue here.

* My procrastination really does know no bounds. Even giving me the benefit of the doubt, and saying that I may have started it while on Christmas break or some such, it's still been at least 5 years or so since I would have started it?

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I can't stop laughing at this

Posted at 14 Dec 2006 07:02:48 PM

(Ganked shamelessly from dimfuture.net, I don't feel bad about hotlinking since it's on photobucket and that's where I would have uploaded it anyway.)

Also, I covet this to an unbelievable degree: Dream Spirit Ankh Necklace...2 from RavenEve.com's Dream section. Damn but that's just gorgeous...

Edit: I am a bad, bad girl. I couldn't find any beads even remotely like that on google or ebay so that I could make it myself... so I bought it. I can justify this by chalking it up to supporting talented independant artists, right? O:-)

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Insert pithy yet witty subject line .. here.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:52:48 AM

Mmhmm, ADD post from hell coming up. Be afraid.

I am le tired, due to having been up all night and then stupidly attempting to get 15 minutes' worth of shuteye without first actually turning my alarm -on- (as opposed to just setting it), so slept for an hour and a half before waking up and blazing out the door to work. Worth it though, I think... went along on one of Atmos' PUG MC runs, got myself a [Striker's Mark], a Lava Core and a Fiery Core (I should be a good girl and send them to the guild bank, but I really need mount money!)...hung out afterwards and explored the Caverns of Time with Brian and Quin. That's such a cool new area, and I'm incredibly excited for it. Also found the Dark Portal out in whatever the area name where Nethergarde Keep is (Blasted Lands?). That is one darned cool-looking portal! I have some really nifty screenshots that I'll have to make into wallpapers or something.

Need to figure out how to make my video card not suck quite so hard. It's a damned good card, but for some reason I can't configure it to give me more than 15fps. It's been long enough now that logically someone can shed some light on this...

Got False to 300 herbalism, and took advantage of the assloads of herbs that I farmed up in the process to make probably 60g worth of potions (not to mention selling the plaguebloom and dreamfoil outright). I'm trying this as an alternative to farming Silithus... at the very least it has novelty going for it.

Starbucks seems to have redefined "dry" to mean "pour in as much milk as it is humanly possible to fit into that cup." I've been getting the heaviest dry cappucinos lately... one more and I really am going to say something.. this morning's fortunately escaped tasting like nothing but hot milk, so I didn't feel like caring that much.

The new Ego Likeness album is fantastic. I can't stop playing it. It's this perfect combination of bass and mellow vocals that makes it so easy to listen or dance to - really, really good. Now if I could just find my good headphones, I'd be all set.

Am thinking that I will add a custom-painted iPod nano to my list of soon-to-be-purchased guilty sins, as long as I'm already hitting up colorwarepc for my laptop. I need a new mp3 player, I know that my iPod software works (as opposed to trying to find linux-y software for some random brand of mp3 player. Sorry, but I'm not that masochistic), and heck, who can resist a matching laptop and mp3 player?

I want this. Check the 2nd picture, with the fishtail skirt - I want that too.
Not that I have anywhere to wear it to, more's the annoyance. Karma, I'm coming to visit just so that I can go out someplace worth wearing half of my wardrobe to!

I want a 360 too, and am dangerously close to buying one. My sole restraint at this point is the honest wonder whether I'll actually have time to play it, without resorting to first constructing a time machine and all that. Since it's not like I don't have other tasks on hand ... finishing my cloak (that's a big one, since it's sort of taken over my living room), doing laundry, there's some stuff on this website that I want to fix/upgrade/implement, and oh, play WoW. Right. Because that's not a full schedule or anything.

Christmas is coming entirely too quickly, and this is problematic. No luck on shaking off pager duty that week, and honestly I think I'm ok with it. It is going to severely SUCK to try to pull it off while at home, though... I think I'm not going to enjoy it at all. It's sort of hard to be a nice, normal, stressed-out sleep-deprived workaholic bitch when your grandpa is downstairs politely asking for some help cutting up the salad stuff for dinner, you know? All I want is to be left alone during that week, and that is exactly what I will not be getting. If I had my way I would go up for the TSO concert, say Hi and give people their presents (which I have yet to get. Shit!), and then come right the heck back home on Saturday morning... don't think that's going to happen.

UI mods are still broken. Most of them, anyway. I want all of Titan Panel back (it's only half-functioning as of yet), and I want my arcHUD, and also Serenity. Rawr... at least CTRA works for me, last night's MC was kind of funny in that a lot of us really discovered how much we depend on notifications like "**Damage reflection for 10 seconds**" flashing across our screens at 30-point font at crucial moments to keep us alive. We got through Domo by the skin of our teeth - I think there were 3 people up at the end, and noone was actually tanking Domo himself... O_o

Heading down to Maryland this weekend. Really have to get to the bank today. Should really find some work to do and then go do it. The car's behaving nicely, thank you :)

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Clearly, I need a raise.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:01:25 PM

Ok, Australians? Not fair.

I need really, really want a long Victorian-style skirt to go with my corset (the bottom one), and Annette is in Australia so I have to mentally adjust all her prices to get to US dollars, and then I see how much it still is and I cry. Curse you, exchange rates! You were so much better when I bought the corset.


(On the good side, Robert's dragging me up to the Toyota place today so he can get his oil changed and I can testdrive what-will-be-my-car at the same time, so with any luck I'll get it soon and then I can start saving again. Mmmm, presents From Me, To Me. My very favoritest kind!)

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Of cabbages and kings

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:51:37 AM

Holy tap-dancing gods of the underworld, I am tired. I really don't even feel like moving from this chair, although my lower back and knees are being ridiculously painful (probably as a result of *being* cramped in this chair for quite literally a week. Silly body parts, always wanting movement..).

The exhaustion is always worse the day *after* pager duty, for whatever reason (Chris says it's because I'm no longer running on adrenaline, and he's probably right. I'm certainly not running on either sleep or food, at the least.) While I'm doing it, I've got a huge responsibility charge going, am fueled by mountain dew and willpower, and generally enjoying the heck out of it all (stress junkie, what?)
The evening after I hand things over to whoever comes after me I'm still feeling pretty good, and can generally start appreciating the finer things in life (which last night were a good book and some sparkling grape juice in one of my pretty wine glasses). I finally fell asleep around midnight and woke up at 10 to my alarm (it was set because I had a noon lunch date with Chris and some people from work). I then made the fatal mistake of turning over and musing on how comfy my pillows, comforter, etc were... and woke up again to Chris' phone call, wondering where the heck I was.

One thing about pager duty - it teaches you to be instantly awake, no matter when it is or how much you would really rather not be awake at that particular time (calls at 4, 5, 6am etc happen because something broke, in which case you had better be - and sound confident, alert and capable of fixing whatever-it-is). It's a talent that's actually pretty useful, surprisingly.

I decimated my shiny new black nail polish job again this afternoon (I don't know why I bother really, I never can get more than a good 24 hours with itl looking perfect). At least black is a color with a time-honored tradition of being chipped ;-)

Also, I really want this (in Red). Also this :) Am firmly tamping down the urge to buy them, however, both because I've got a few vanity pounds that I'd like to kick, and because I need to get off my ass and look for a new car first. And spending a couple of hundred on shiny new toys is just a bad idea right now. It figures.

Oh - I'm working on getting my ftpserver working again. I'm pretty sure that it does, in fact, because I just checked my logfiles, and this appeared:

What is your command, my mistress?
[501:laura@cleopatra ~]$ grep vsftpd /var/log/secure
grep: /var/log/secure: Permission denied
[502:laura@cleopatra ~]$ sudamnit
Aug 25 09:14:40 cleopatra vsftpd[25290]: connect from (
[503:laura@cleopatra ~]$

So yeah, seems to be working. Cool :-)

Edit: Mental note to fix my icon-uploading routine for this site. The move broke it and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet, but I have some new ones that I really want to use here...


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