I'm Laura. I am a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, a seamstress, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic. She/her.


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The Starlight Shawl

Posted at 12 Aug 2012 09:46:43 AM

After much swatching (much, much too much swatching!) I've finally finished the prototype for my new pattern: The Starlight Shawl.

I'll be getting the pattern written up in the next few days, and hopefully by this weekend it will be off to some test knitters! If you're a member of the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry, keep an eye out - I'd love to work with you!

ETA: The pattern has been released! It's available on Ravelry and will be listed shortly on Craftsy.

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Trillium and Arabella tatting patterns now available!

Posted at 12 Aug 2012 09:16:35 AM

I'm excited to announce that two new tatting patterns are available!

Trillium Bracelet

A bracelet which starts with a series of split rings, branching off on either side into a clover formation which reminded me of the Trillium flower. This bracelet looks stunning when beaded.

The pattern is available by clicking here.

Arabella Choker

A tatted choker is given additional stability and style when paired with a ribbon. This also can be adapted for beads.

The pattern is available by clicking here.

In addition, I have been partnering with Murphy's Designs to bring you Machine Embroidery versions of my tatting! These use machine embroidery techniques to create tatting-like effects. If you would like to view these embroidery patterns, Trillium can be found here and Arabella is coming soon!

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Wings Shawl pattern released

Posted at 12 Aug 2012 09:15:50 AM

I don't have much time left before I have to leave for the Knitters' Guild meeting, but as I have accomplished something this morning I would like to tell you about it.

The pattern for my Wings Shawl has been released. I'm quite proud of this one - it was a lot of work. Many thanks to all of my test knitters poppyred, WOWWOOL, makneta, lindse, Sajina, Valentina777, EveKnitter, and aliiceinahearse!

The Wings Shawl pattern is written for two yarn weights and four sizes: Shawlette, Small, Medium, and Are You Sure? Large. Yardage requirements are between 450m and 1000m; the smallest size will fit into a single skein of Dream in Color Starry. Blocked size will vary between 60" x 30" to 90" x 40".

The pattern is available via Ravelry for USD $3.99.


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