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February Song

Posted at 16 Feb 2013 03:57:54 PM

Hello, blog. We're back.

I'm grateful for the previously mentioned bit of time off from this blog and other crafty pursuits. It truly was necessary due to personal issues in September and October, and shortly thereafter we discovered that a new family member will be arriving in mid-2013. I didn't quite realize what exhaustion felt like before enduring the last few months -- and other moms tell me that what I think I know about exhaustion now is laughable compared to what life is like with a newborn. I, er ... think I'm excited? Heh.

Regardless, as long as energy allows, I'll be getting back in the craft saddle shortly. A new section of spindles should be available soon in my Etsy shop soon, and lo - Stringtopia 2013 approaches! I'm not missing that come hell, high water or sleep deprivation.

And speaking of Stringtopia, Abby has been kind enough to link to this site in this year's Stringtopia post. Given that, let's talk about knitting.

I've started a long-anticipated project: Windsbraut - Sommerwind. Over two years ago -- seriously -- I spun the yarn for this project. It was before I had ever taken a Longwools class with Beth Smith, before a Stringtopia, before any real videos from Interweave or any sort of formal training. I think I may have read some forum posts on Wensleydale.

My Ravelry notes on the original 2011 stash entry aren't encouraging, but as I wound the yarn this morning I can't find fault with it. Maybe it's due to the passage of time, and that two years later I'm less intimately connected with the yarn than I was immediately after I'd spun it. My honest opinion is that I could have plied it harder but it's Good Yarn. It handled being wound and rewound like a champ. As I've started knitting with it on US5's my only impression is that I really ought to go up a needle size. Wensleydale is, after all, hairy and as one would do with Mohair, one should do with Wensleydale.

Click to embiggen

The goal is to finish it for Stringtopia this year.

For completed FOs, there isn't been much of interest. I started a Tweezle for a friend's baby, but discovered (again!) that I am completely incapable of weaving in ends competently with acrylic yarn. The problem is compounded when the pattern in question involves stripes -- even more ends. Ultimately I started at the finished pieces for a couple of weeks and then decided the stress wasn't worth it; I threw them in the bin and went shopping from her registry.

Remind me of this episode next time I contemplate knitting for a non-knitter, please. Acrylic is a lovely thing these days and I have nothing against it - but top-down unstriped raglans only.

I did finish this tatted doily, but appear to have sent it off to live with its new owner before taking a proper photo of it:

Whoops. It's finished, really!

It took A Long Time, but I was pleased with the final doily. All shuttle tatted using my favorite shuttle: a Victorian gersilver one piece shuttle which has a spot on it for the owner's name to be engraved, but was left blank. It may have been surplus stock which was never sold, or perhaps the engraving was an extra cost which the original owner couldn't afford. I like it that way because I don't feel as though I'm using someone else's toys without permission.

I knitted a sweater for Rhinebeck - by which I mean I finished it in mid-October, flew to New York, and wore it while driving past Rhinebeck en route to the King Arthur Flour Baking Center in Vermont. The pattern is Paper Dolls by Kate Davies, and it is above reproach.

My mom and I spent the weekend nearby and took several classes, learned quite a lot, explored the surrounding area, ate in hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and as expected had a fabulous time. Dan has commented on the improvement in my sandwich white bread, and I hope to try for bread bowls soon.

It fits!

Stay tuned - shawl progress coming soon! Keep me honest, readers.

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April and May

Posted at 04 May 2009 10:25:15 AM

The whirlwind continues. We left for & got back from the emergency trip to NY on April 16th through 18th, respectively. Left again on the 25th to hit up the destination birthday party of one of Dan's best friends, which was a lot of fun but also a blessedly short [day] trip.

Mom was in town this past weekend, and we really covered a lot of ground. On Friday it was drizzling rain, but we dodged between the raindrops and created a really nice new flower garden around the mailboxes. It's edged with scalloped blocks, and all mulched in - really, it looks fantastic. If some of my veggies would start to come up in the back, all would be well.

Saturday we took off on a road trip to Springfield, MO. We stopped at a yarn shop and picked out some really pretty yarn for her to knit into a scarf. (I picked up sock yarn - no need to look so surprised. Colinette Jitterbug in the colorway "Morello Mash" - dark purpleish reds, that would be.) We spent a few hours wandering the World's Largest (tm) Bass Pro Store, and had dinner in the restaurant located in the Bass Pro Store. Then I got coffee from the Starbucks also located in the Bass Pro Store, and we had a doomed expedition to see a glass blowing demonstration (turns out the hours on their website had been wrong).

Sunday we went to Mansfield. On the way to the Laura Ingalls Wilder house/museum we got distracted by signs for a Garden Show at the Baker Creek Seeds museum. Little did we know that it would mean a 2 mile long line of cars, mud up to our ankles, a really neat experience at a pioneer village (yarn! handspun!) and seemingly infinite varieties of tomatoes and peppers. It would have been neat if we'd been more prepared, but since technically my garden is already in anyway and plants don't exactly fit well in a carry-on, we escaped with minimal monetary loss.

We saw the museum, which was neat. I don't know why, exactly, but I think I may have preferred the idea that the stories and the people were made up. Well, not made up exactly, but .. more abstract and confined to the pages of a book that one can always pick back up again. It's sad, reading about the endings to things.

She's back on a plane this morning. This week is relatively back to normal - I plan to spend today with my feet up on my desk, eating cheetoes, knitting my Hedera 'til I'm blue in the face, and surfing Monster.com.

Until Friday, when we head off for Chicago. Calm weekends, where have thou gone?

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Rambling, links, new music and Avenue Q

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:53:15 AM

Since I've now been poked by at least two people to get off my arse and update this site, here goes nothing :)

Christmas was ... eh, Monday, I guess. I got back to Binghamton on Sunday afternoon, and Dan followed me down that evening once he got off work. It was good, we just hung out, I sat around loading data all day (was still on pager duty), and in general we had a nice relaxing catch-up-on-your-movies type of day :)

I got off of my last pager rotation on Thursday, slept most of the day on Friday, and Kyle came up to visit that evening. We gathered up Matt and all went over to Robert's place to play with the Wii Matt brought up (neat system, it really is), and then raided Denny's at midnight :D Really, it was an awesome evening.

Kyle crashed at my place over the weekend, and we went up to Ithaca on Saturday both for lack of anything else to do, and to stock up on hair dye since that's the closest place to here that I know of which stocks Special Effects. Mine's dark blue now (I got bored of purple :) ) and I actually really love it. For some reason it doesn't dye quite as evenly as the purple did... *shrug* It's still pretty darn cool.

Picked up a couple of new desks for my apartment at Staples on Sunday... $13.50 each (!), and they're pretty good for it - pine, pretty big, no bells or whistles... just a nice big flat space. One is set up perpendicular to my regular desk so that I've got this whole corner-type thing going on, and the other is across the room as both spare space, and as a desk for anyone who comes to visit.

Ahh..hmm... oh yeah - I caught Kyle's damned cold :P So for the past couple of days I've been feeling like death warmed over, and pretty much just camping out in the apartment. I think tonight I'm going to go hang out at Robert's for a bit, maybe come home and do some AB with the latenight crew before going to bed. I *should* be in bed before 2, logically speaking... chances are good that it'll be around 4 again. Yay, weekends.

I've been accumulating tons of new music lately, some of which I've mentioned here before (Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars) and some of which is a bit newer. The song that I'm currently addicted to, and which has (no joke) been running through my head almost every time my brain has some downtime is this one:

Emilie Autumn's Shalott.

Apparently on Last.fm that song is tagged as "victorian industrial, songs I fucking love to death, Emilie Autumn"

... Yep, I pretty much agree!

It's from her Ophiliac album, which I have on preorder and am insanely excited about. Check out the Wikipedia article on The Lady of Shalott - it's probably shorter than going and getting ahold of the whole poem just to understand what she's singing about. (Have I mentioned that I love Arthurian legend?)

I'm also tempted to get into a discussion of just why I adore violin in grunge and rock music, but really I think it's sort of self explanitory ( Cruxshadows, TSO, Emilie Autumn and to a lesser degree* Barrage? Yep.)

*Lesser degree meaning they're neither grunge nor rock, not that they're not violin-ish. That's practically the main instrument in the band. They're so much fun :D

Also, hello to anyone jumping over here from Frosty's very kind journal entry! That was a really fun night; I still kick myself because I really ought to have been able to come up with Holocaust Cloak. And the phrase "don't-refer-to-me-by-my-haircolor-Laura" has already sent several of my friends into convulsions from laughter, which is *always* a good time ;-)

...Umm, Frosty? What on earth did I win this so-called "person of the year award" for, praytell?

I'm heading over to Kyle's next weekend, so we can take the train down and catch Avenue Q on Saturday afternoon (silly sold-out evening shows, blah). I'm really looking forward to it, since a day in the city is always a blast, moreso when it's accompanied by friends and good Broadway :D A quick stop along 28th street will be useful too, as I'll probably take the opportunity to stock up on some spices and such that I need.

That's all for now folks - I need to be out of here in under an hour, so time for another dose of Dayquil and the daily "finding some clean socks" ritual.

(Note: yes, I am leaving out all mention of the recent guild drama. Those that know what went on already know, and I don't really feel the need to start things up again here. I never did and never will have anything against KotW - my switching to BC was purely a factor of who I play with on a regular basis... and unfortunately, just about all of those people are in BC now. I completely understand if anyone is upset at me, and I am really and truly sorry.)

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An itemized list

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:53:07 AM

Because *I* think it's funny, my last two days (inclusive) have gone thusly:

9:00: Get up, only to discover that Outlook has the IQ of a retarded eggplant, and that my meeting is not infact for another half-hour. Go back to bed.
9:30: Get told that I really don't need to be on this conference call anyway. Go back to bed.
10:00: Realize that if I do not get up soon and do errands, I will not be here when the pager arrives, then it will get taken back to the FedEx place and then I will be in trouble.
11:00: Get dressed. Tell people that I will be afk for a couple of hours, since the post office and the mall two business days before Christmas are guaranteed to be quite the collective party.
11:15: Am out of the post office. Rock on.
1:00pm: Am finally out of the mall, and am feeling slightly homicidal.
2:00pm: Pager arrives, and the fun begins.
Sometime that afternoon: Begin discussing pager hand-off with previous pager holder, and am informed that some significant processing issues have cropped up which will require equally significant catching-up later. Mmmm... can already see how this will play out.
That afternoon and evening: Play WoW and check email. (This is normal.)
8:00pm: Am informed that an additional 16 hours or so will be needed to fix the aforementioned issues, and to check back tomorrow afternoon. Simultaneously wince and giggle with slightly-hysterical delight, since the train wreck this will be is already becoming clear. Go back to playing WoW and checking email.

2am: Have been alerted of issue requiring an immediate solution.
2:10am: Am rapidly discovering that the documented solution is in fact so much crap, and wake up the oncall DBA to fixplskthx.
3:30am: Problem is still not solved. Give up in disgust, and let the poor DBA go get his well-deserved rest. Also, attempt to get some well-deserved rest myself.
3:30 am - 8:00am: Attempt to sleep, yet get woken up every half-hour or so by emails. (This is normal, albeit depressingly so.)
8:00 - 10:00: Do normal work-related stuff.
10:00: Realize that I have exactly one hour to get out of the house. Take world's fastest slowest shower, since I am still resisting wakefulness with all my bodily power, pack and hope that I'm not forgetting anything, write emails to the wonderful people covering pager for me today while I am driving and at the TSO concert, and come to the conclusion that it is 11:00 and I am still not out of the house.
11:00: Load car. Realize that I have neither watered the plants, cleaned my apartment nor done last night's dishes. Verbally apologize to the apartment at large, and pull the door shut behind me.
11:05: Realize that rented movies are due back on Saturday. Swear, and then retrieve them.
11:15: Realize that today is clearly the day they gave free drivers' licenses to anyone who cared to apply, regardless of IQ, reflexes or aptitude. Swear some more, and arrive finally at Starbucks.
11:20: Am calmed down slightly by caffeine, and on the way to the video place.
11:45: Arrive impossibly late to said video place. Yikes.
12:00: Am finally on the highway. Jeez.
2:30pm: Arrive in Coxsackie to pick up Dan, and immediately turn around and hightail it up to the Pepsi Arena.
4:00: Thoroughly enjoy the TSO concert. YAY omgsquee happy :D
8:00: Am on the way home. Arrive, greet family, scrounge up something for dinner, am told that "I look tired." Hmm.
10:00: Yay, internets. Check email and discover to my joy that nothing serious has broken which I need to deal with. Also discover the new ETA of that solution has been pushed back yet again, and that I will need to somehow invent at least 48 mythical hours in order to catch it up again.
10:55: Finish this and realize that it is not nearly as funny as I think it is, but am sleep-deprived enough to post it anyway.

Notes: Yes, the TSO concert was wonderful, and I loved every minute of it :D Dan and I have gone every year for the past 3, and really I hope that we can keep up the tradition. We went to the afternoon show because I was a dumbass this year and didn't actually get tickets until last week, but honestly the 4pm was probably the better choice this year (as opposed to the 8pm) given the availability times of people to cover for me.

Not sure what's going on tomorrow (Dad?) or when I'll head back to Binghamton. It may be either Saturday or Sunday, depending on that server and my personal schedule... I tend to get really tired and that makes me not want to deal with people during these weeks (not that any of you have noticed though, right? ;) ), so honestly the sooner I'm back in isolation the better it will be for all concerned.

Oh, and - all the well-meaning people who keep inviting me to Christmas dinner because I will be all by my lonesome on Monday? Really, I'm ducking out of our own family's dinner because I am guaranteed to be in a heinous mood, probably unshowered for a couple of days and in general quite antisocial. I might bite. I will certainly growl. Also, not particularly fond of having to be polite and full of appropriate levels of holiday cheer with lots of people I don't know. I appreciate the thought, I really do - but I'm avoiding the whole fiasco for some very good reasons. It'll be ok, really :)

Still addicted to this new Three Days Grace album. This is some good stuff, people!

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Insert pithy yet witty subject line .. here.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:52:48 AM

Mmhmm, ADD post from hell coming up. Be afraid.

I am le tired, due to having been up all night and then stupidly attempting to get 15 minutes' worth of shuteye without first actually turning my alarm -on- (as opposed to just setting it), so slept for an hour and a half before waking up and blazing out the door to work. Worth it though, I think... went along on one of Atmos' PUG MC runs, got myself a [Striker's Mark], a Lava Core and a Fiery Core (I should be a good girl and send them to the guild bank, but I really need mount money!)...hung out afterwards and explored the Caverns of Time with Brian and Quin. That's such a cool new area, and I'm incredibly excited for it. Also found the Dark Portal out in whatever the area name where Nethergarde Keep is (Blasted Lands?). That is one darned cool-looking portal! I have some really nifty screenshots that I'll have to make into wallpapers or something.

Need to figure out how to make my video card not suck quite so hard. It's a damned good card, but for some reason I can't configure it to give me more than 15fps. It's been long enough now that logically someone can shed some light on this...

Got False to 300 herbalism, and took advantage of the assloads of herbs that I farmed up in the process to make probably 60g worth of potions (not to mention selling the plaguebloom and dreamfoil outright). I'm trying this as an alternative to farming Silithus... at the very least it has novelty going for it.

Starbucks seems to have redefined "dry" to mean "pour in as much milk as it is humanly possible to fit into that cup." I've been getting the heaviest dry cappucinos lately... one more and I really am going to say something.. this morning's fortunately escaped tasting like nothing but hot milk, so I didn't feel like caring that much.

The new Ego Likeness album is fantastic. I can't stop playing it. It's this perfect combination of bass and mellow vocals that makes it so easy to listen or dance to - really, really good. Now if I could just find my good headphones, I'd be all set.

Am thinking that I will add a custom-painted iPod nano to my list of soon-to-be-purchased guilty sins, as long as I'm already hitting up colorwarepc for my laptop. I need a new mp3 player, I know that my iPod software works (as opposed to trying to find linux-y software for some random brand of mp3 player. Sorry, but I'm not that masochistic), and heck, who can resist a matching laptop and mp3 player?

I want this. Check the 2nd picture, with the fishtail skirt - I want that too.
Not that I have anywhere to wear it to, more's the annoyance. Karma, I'm coming to visit just so that I can go out someplace worth wearing half of my wardrobe to!

I want a 360 too, and am dangerously close to buying one. My sole restraint at this point is the honest wonder whether I'll actually have time to play it, without resorting to first constructing a time machine and all that. Since it's not like I don't have other tasks on hand ... finishing my cloak (that's a big one, since it's sort of taken over my living room), doing laundry, there's some stuff on this website that I want to fix/upgrade/implement, and oh, play WoW. Right. Because that's not a full schedule or anything.

Christmas is coming entirely too quickly, and this is problematic. No luck on shaking off pager duty that week, and honestly I think I'm ok with it. It is going to severely SUCK to try to pull it off while at home, though... I think I'm not going to enjoy it at all. It's sort of hard to be a nice, normal, stressed-out sleep-deprived workaholic bitch when your grandpa is downstairs politely asking for some help cutting up the salad stuff for dinner, you know? All I want is to be left alone during that week, and that is exactly what I will not be getting. If I had my way I would go up for the TSO concert, say Hi and give people their presents (which I have yet to get. Shit!), and then come right the heck back home on Saturday morning... don't think that's going to happen.

UI mods are still broken. Most of them, anyway. I want all of Titan Panel back (it's only half-functioning as of yet), and I want my arcHUD, and also Serenity. Rawr... at least CTRA works for me, last night's MC was kind of funny in that a lot of us really discovered how much we depend on notifications like "**Damage reflection for 10 seconds**" flashing across our screens at 30-point font at crucial moments to keep us alive. We got through Domo by the skin of our teeth - I think there were 3 people up at the end, and noone was actually tanking Domo himself... O_o

Heading down to Maryland this weekend. Really have to get to the bank today. Should really find some work to do and then go do it. The car's behaving nicely, thank you :)

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Thanksgiving weekend

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:52:41 AM

So - heading home for Thanksgiving.

I still need to pack, and cut up some vegetables (I think we'll have time to cook them tomorrow, since dinner will be more like supper, but it'd be nice to get the legwork out of the way so I'm not hauling raw sweet potatoes and brussles sprouts and the like home, just to dump them in the fridge 'til needed :-) ). Shouldn't be too bad, though....

WoW is going back on my laptop. I figure, I'll be home 'til Sunday, it'd be nice to at least check in once in awhile - and I'll probably want it while I'm in St Louis, too. This means that I had to delete a few gigs' worth of mp3s to free up enough space... which makes me sad. I need a new mp3 player :(

If anyone wants me, feel free to IM or call. I'll probably VNC over to this computer a few times during the weekend to check my messages, so I'll get back to you eventually :-)

No word on the new car yet - apparently the delivery date estimation of "21st through the 24th" is leaning heavily towards the end of the week (when I inconveniently won't be here), so it will have to wait 'til Monday at the earliest.

Eric - you're not online at the moment, and I don't have your phone number. Any preferences for days to meet up and hang out? My PS2 decided to die (or something) earlier this week, so although I have it, FF XII is sadly unplayed... maybe I'll remember to bring a memory card home. *mental note*

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You know you grew up in Catskill....

Posted at 05 Nov 2006 09:34:42 PM

So, Dan sent this over to me today, and I couldn't stop laughing (wincing, occasionally, but always laughing)!

Hey Laur,

One of my friends (in the truest myspace sense of the term) posted this as a bulletin and I laughed my ass off. Granted, some of the things I didn't know, but I also wasn't that much of a social person when I lived there (something new and different).

You know you’re from Catskill if…

-You feel like going down to the river and you only have one safe park to pick from.
-You remember when Mike Tyson drove his Lamborghini through the In and Out. (or if you remember the In and Out?!)
-You’ve ever bought something from Newberry’s.
-You remember what was there before Rite-Aid.
-You knew the Cats won at state championships (basketball) before the game even began (because they haven't won one since then!)
-“The Hop” doesn’t remind you of anything CLOSE to a dance.
-You can go to a drive-up window to buy your cigarettes.
-You think La Conca D’Oro is the swankiest restaurant ever.
-You know Coxsackie is pronounced “Cook-sock-ee” and Cairo is pronounced “Care-oh”.
-You’d know what I was talking about if I said, “do you remember the Main St. ‘smell’”.
-You can remember when the Uncle Sam Bridge was a drawbridge.
-You’ve ever gone shopping at Jamesway.
-If you’re from the Village, you’re either from Downtown or Westside….end of story.
-You think Conehead Buddha is one of the best bands ever.
-You know that lower Main Street is actually a dyke filled with trash.
-You ever ate lunch at The Mayflower.
-In the summertime you go to Story’s for your corn (or Black Horse!)
-You still refer to whatever happens to be in the store at the top of the hill on Westside as “Stewart’s”.
-You know there will be fireworks every Saturday night at Cone-E-Island during the summer.
-You know all of the nicknames for the Village Police Officers.
-You call it “The Daily Snail”.
-You sometimes accidentally call “Price Chopper”, “Shop Rite”….or try to use your Price Plus card instead of your AdvantEdge card.
-You call it “Wal-Marts’s”.
-You know that one of the hookers is actually called “Hooker”.
-On the subject of hookers, you know there’s a Madame in the apartment over H&R Block
-You go to the Community Theatre, even though it’s totally outdated and the dust on the drapes is about 5 inches thick.
-When you were in high school, Summer Rec was the best job you could ever ask for.
-You ever had an account with Catskill Savings Bank.
-everyone always goes to the Hudson Valley Mall (even though it sucks) because they think it's closer and less complicated than going to Albany.
-You only go on vacation to one of two places- Orlando or Cape Cod.
-You have a Brooklyn accent, even if it’s very faint (words like talk and coffee)
-You’ve ever been annoyed because of the (constant) construction on the Rip Van Winkle Bridge (and the fu^*ing 9w, uggh!)

*dies laughing*

Yep.... so, so very true.

*keeps on laughing*

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Moving right along... :)

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:52:34 AM

The Cardinals won the World Series! (Been awhile since I updated, no?)

This is excellent, as it's nice to see a team that actually worked their ass off for it get the title. I love the Yankees dearly, but let's just say that change is healthy. Congrats, both Cards and fans!

I was up until 6am again and am sleeeeeeepy. In a really good mood (it seems to be more and more of a permanent condition lately, which is excellent), but sleepy. Yarr. Thank goodness for sick time, as I didn't get into work 'til 11, not that anyone's there to count and/or care anyhow except accounting people.

As of Saturday morning, I am now the proud owner of a piece of paper which, in about a month given appropriate love, care and bank account management, should sprout into a very shiny new car :D Brand new 2007 Toyota Yaris, which Tim refers to as a cheap plastic windup toy but which I cheerfully point out is not held together by twine... I think we're even ;)

Mom came out to visit for the day yesterday! It was really, really nice - we did some shopping, made 4 pints of pumpkin butter (the recipe said it would make 8-9...lies), then made steamed chicken and spaghetti, which is one of my favorite foods ever and which I've not had for probably the better part of a year. (...Holy runon sentence, Batman O_o) Also, I cleaned my bathroom. This was necessary.

We ran about half of ZG in the evening, wherein Carn and I mostly talked and occasionally paid attention to what was going on on our respective monitors (yay, he's back!! :D [See? Told you I really am happy! :P]). The ZG run crashed and burned around 1AMish, after which Sway came online and, well, that occupied the rest of the time 'til 6am. (Carn, stop laughing!) 'Twas a very good day :)

Bored tonight, I think... the fabric for my cloak isn't supposed to arrive 'til Thursday, which is irritating, but since I'm booked Wednesday already I guess it could be worse. Not sure whether I want to go by some craft store and see whether they have massive sheets of tracing paper onto which I could copy the pattern... it's a gorgeous 1979 pattern, completely uncut, and I'll feel awful cutting and pinning it if I can get tracing paper. Not to mention, it's thick as all hell, and pinning thick paper to thick wool without having anything buckle when I try to trace it isn't my idea of a good time. Got taffeta for the lining.... I'm still thinking I'll try to find satin instead, but we'll see when it arrives. I really am unreasonably excited about this project. *glee*

I have a Spooky Blue Raspberry lollipop :D

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It came to mind that I didn't care.

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:51:53 AM

An update, oh my...this one might actually have substance, too!

My trip to Florida last weekend (Thursday through Monday) with Mom to visit Dan was actually a lot of fun - we saw his campus, which is nice, did some shopping, test drove a car, and did a really amazing amount of just hanging out and reading. I made it through I think 5 or 6 books, counting the plane trips both ways. That is awesome =D Mostly Discworld...I'm plowing through them at a pretty good clip. I'm up to Reaper Man, which I'm enjoying. Moving Pictures was kind of meh...nothing great, nothing bad. I'm just a Rincewind fangirl, I guess =D

Dan is also now charged with reading Good Omens and American Gods in his negative amounts of spare time. Yesh.

This month is crammed...l keep checking my calendar to find some time to oh, I don't know, maybe sign up for a raid or two so that I don't become one of those bitches who just comes once we've downed the wipefest bosses >_> but yeah... last weekend was Florida, this weekend is NY for Chris' birthday, next week is pager duty so I'll actually have lots of raiding time that week, and the week after that is Halloween. No clue what's going on in November, that requires too much foresight right now and I'm sleepy.

Which reminds me, I'm giving up on growing my hair out to do Sophitia @ PAX...I'll just have to be satisfied with not embarrassing my friends for a few days. Woe ;) But seriously, it's getting long and it's annoying me. (My middle-school self just cried a little inside...I distinctly remember swearing never to cut it above my shoulders, preferably above the middle of my back, blah blah blah. Live and learn, I guess.) Besides, it's cute when short and purple...longer than shoulder length just looks limp. I think about this stuff too much.

Mental note to go by the hair place here and see what they can do in the way of extremely temporary black dye...if I try to do it myself it'll look like ass, and it needs to be gone in a few days (and on blonde hair, too...this should be impossible fun).

Chris' birthday present is still not here, and I'm on the verge of killing *Company*. The only reason I haven't done so yet is because it's probably the postal service at fault, and there's not a whole lot I can do about speeding that up.

My package of Halloween Peeps and assorted other goodies made it to Australia! Karma said that she got the last package a few days ago, which makes me really happy. Also eager to try Tim Tams, a package of which is apparently winging itself toward NY as we speak. *glee*

I got my BPAL order the other day! 2 lovely 5 mL bottles of Morgause, which I love beyond reason and am considering up and ordering 2 more right now, because if they discontinue it I will be seriously distraught. Haven't tried the imps which arrived with it yet...I've been in a very gothic mood lately, which isn't lending itself to experimentation. I'll get around to it, as some of them look intruiging. Also, I want one of naamah_darling's BPAL boxes. Badly... just need to get the cash together again after getting my car. I know what I want, too, because she'll do a beautiful job with it...a mischevious green-eyed faerie :)

Speaking of cars, this is the one I test-drove while in Florida, and which I really liked: Toyota Yaris. 4-door automatic, naturally... the 2door looks like they forgot half of the car. Mom said that she and Gene can toss a couple thousand my way temporarily, so that I can build a new one rather than looking for a used...they start at $12k and actually start being drivable at $14.5k, so it's really not that far out of my budget. And new means a good warranty, less wear, etc... yay :) One thing I still have to check up on is how servicable it is outside of dealership repair centers...I hate having to take my car to a dealership for stupid things, and would prefer to not do so at all if possible. It's nothing more nor less than a blatant ripoff, and usually an ineffective one since real mechanics are more likely to actually _fix_ whatever it is that's wrong.

My Halloween costume is almost together...I need to run by Gap and get the pants, and my belt is proving problematic still, but I got the tank top while in Florida and the rest of it more or less sorts itself out. Hee....this is going to be fun!

My sftp server works now! I can't reach it from work because of blocked ports (and no "business reason" to open them), which is just weak. If I move it to 443 I can, but eh...I'm debating. People already know where it is, and I don't feel like it's worth the effort. If I want something, I should have the foresight to copy the files over when I'm home, and if I forget, it's my own damn fault. A guildie pointed me towards a new band last night that I need to look up, and Brian's hopefully going to burn me off some Tool/Queens of the Stone Age/other assorted stuff, Arsis is currently rocking my world, and that'll help.

Perl is being a little bitch, and refuses to update itself so I can get at WWW::Mechanize. So no penny-arcade podcasts for me...woe. That's my project for tonight, in addition to sewing my new patch onto my shoulder bag. I thought I'd ordered the Alliance one too, but apparently not...rawr. Have to fix when I'm at the mall tonight...mmm, Hot Topic, guilty addiction that it is. I'm amused at myself every time I shop there. However, they did introduce me to Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show, for which I will be forever grateful. The people who work there are so much more entertaining than the clothes.

This is probably too long already, but since it's my diary ya'll can stfu and deal. Need to write in my real diary more often. I miss having a cat around...

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Lake George/Shadow spec/Christmas present ideas

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:51:16 AM

Hooray for posting!

I found a couple new things around here that broke with the move to my new host, which'll need fixing. All backend stuff, nothing that shows up to all you people out there :) Also, I'm working on implementing some cut functionality similar to Livejournal's . It's a little trickier than I originally planned, but that's more a problem with my code than with anything else.

Had a great weekend in Lake George last weekend; we got to do all the things that Chris calls "stuff to prevent Laura from going into Lake George withdrawl" - meaning a nice long boat ride, going to see the Hyde Collection (they had the Mona Lisa sketch out, which I love!), and walking down Canada street for the heck of it. Also, we played air hockey and skeeball in the arcade, and gave all the tickets to a little girl who was looking depressed, so that was fun ^_^

I've got pager duty coming up again starting tomorrow (shit! Just realized that I didn't ask anyone to fedex me up the pager, so I'm going to get it late. Shitshitshitshitshit. I hate having to wake up every half hour to check on things manually...) Oh well. It's my own dumb fault =/
This will afford me some nice shiny opportunities to get some raiding in, except of course I'm queued yet again for MC tomorrow and Friday. Le sigh...I'm trying to level Bronwyn as fast as I can, except everyone who knows me realizes that this is roughly the speed of molasses... halved. I actually gave in and respec'ced this afternoon to be about half-holy, half-shadow. The late 40s - early 50s are all grinding anyway, and it's amazing how fast one can kill things when one has the choice of more than two spells! Vampiric Embrace + SW:P + Force Lightening is just murder on everything...it was incredibly cool :D I could really start liking this girl even more now that she can, ya know, kill things. Found a pretty cool pally in Tanaris to murder things with, and I think I gained almost a quarter of a level.

...yep. Shadow wins. *sigh* :P

Still havn't put my new (old) soundcard in. Really need to do that before I start raiding again (have I mentioned that a silent Molten Core sucks?), but I'm so bad about rebooting this computer that I just haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight or tomorrow. Someone come online and /kick me if I don't remember.

I figured out what I want to do for everyone for Christmas presents! It'll be time-consuming (and I'm not going to say it here because it'll spoil it) but I think it'll be fun. And certainly a bit more personalized than some other things I could come up with. :)

Anyhow, really need to go jump in the shower now, so that we can go shopping and figure out what to do for dinner. I only have about half of an idea, and unfortunately it's all the vegetable half.


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