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Catching up

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:50:02 AM

Soooooooo tired. Ya. Not like I didn't sleep last night - got to bed around 2, which is par for the course. Did my first SM run with Bronwyn, though, which was nice (and got a seriously nice BoE drop or two, as well as a couple of BoPs. Mount shouldn't be a problem with this char!) Our party leader had to bail halfway through (not because of problems, he was one of the best people I've ever grouped with - my opinion of Ruby keeps getting better and better) and we'd already gotten rid of a damn ninja (stole a not half-bad 2h staff from me, the bastard, as well as some halfway decent cloth BoP shoulders from the Archmage. At least nothing _truly_ good dropped, or I'd have been truly pissed. He's a hunter, too...wth is he going to do with BoP cloth and 2h staves? O.o Rolling once, I can chalk up to stupidity...twice, not so much [esp. as the "This will soulbind..are you sure?" dialog comes up for things like that now]...f*cking bastard ninja), so Chris came by and ran the rest of us through Herod and the Cath. Definitely a good run!

This weekend was great - Chris and I went up to Schenectady to see Phantom of the Opera! at Proctor's :D Had lunch with Dad beforehand, which was also wonderful, and went to the planetarium for a while. And then basically hung out at the hotel as it was entirely too frigid to really wander around much. We stopped at the pharmacy and visited with Mom and Gene for awhile before coming back to Bing, which was really nice as well :) [I got to have a french toast bagel at the bagel store there! It really tasted like french toast!! Yes, I am obsessed with that bagel :P]

There's a couple of perfectly wonderful Firefly stories which I'm completely absorbed in lately (KL comes first, then Treasure). This guy is an amazingly talented writer, and I'm enjoying these so much. It's good for my Firefly obsession :) Go read them!

And ugh, the code I have to review just arrived, so yeah. Back to work.

(Oh yeah, training last week - went well, I enjoyed myself down there as always, still don't want the job. Nothing new.)

(One last thing - I won first place! The original image is here, if you're curious about how much work went into that. It was quite a bit!


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