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Gold medal, please!

Posted at 24 Feb 2010 11:05:10 AM

My Olympic knitting project has been started, worked, and is finished. Pictures to come!

Snowflakes - still not done. It was put on a two week hiatus for the Olympics.

Evenstar Clue 1: Also not done; same reason.

I have, however, successfully grown one thing: my queue (/facepalm). I've decided on my parents' Christmas present, which true to form is enormous, and also on a wedding present for a good friend. The latter involves a custom dye job from Laura at The Unique Sheep, who was responsible for the amazing gradience colorways used by many people in the Evenstar group.

My knitwear design classes at Kirkwood Knittery continue apace; I'm loving the class, but longing for the return of lazy Saturdays. It won't be for a while, though: my brother and I are going to Kansas City this weekend for the Billy Joel/Elton John Face2Face concert (I still cannot believe that he was able to get tickets! Dan, if it involved selling a kidney... just don't tell me) and Franklin Habit (fangirl *squee!*) is coming to St Louis the first weekend in March.

He's both doing a talk & book signing, and teaching classes on Saturday. I've signed up for both the lace intro class and the photography class. I wouldn't have taken the lace one if I hadn't been assured that there is going to be adequate space and I won't be taking a spot from someone who really needs the "Intro" part; mostly it's that I greatly admire his knitting, and for however much I know about lace I am sure that he knows more!

The Blues' Sticks & Stitches game is 3/21, and I need to get a hat or something knit up for that.

Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade are going to be here on 3/31, and I've got to get their crocheted Fruit Fucker in the works.

I'm still going to MD Sheep & Wool in May, so if anyone reading this has anything they want from the festival, let me know beforehand! I'm planning to drive there, so there's no worry of not being able to transport things.

P. S: Little Big Planet, with the little knitted sackboys? Fantastic game. I'm thrilled that not only does there exist a recent game which is third person perspective'd, I have friends with a PS3! And after years of WoW, I find myself getting bored with single player games; having to play at someone else's house means co-op!

P. P. S. My sackboy is a tiny knitted penguin.

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Marking the occasion

Posted at 26 Jun 2010 11:48:30 AM

I am posting this, mostly, to mark the occasion. Also if the world collapses in on itself you will know the cause and who to blame.

Last night while at Michaels, "quickly - just to get something framed and then get out*", I did it.


I bought a crochet book. (No!) (Yes!!)

In my defense it's amigurimi, not afghans, and it had cute little Mario mushrooms on it. How am I supposed to resist the opportunity to make Mario mushrooms?! (They may also restore 243 health over 18 seconds when eaten... stay tuned.)

You may have noticed that the book cover also promises a pattern for a Fruit Fucker, although I am sure that the writers did not intend their alien-robot thing to be interpreted in such a manner. Or maybe they did, and they're just trying to give children an early and well-rounded introduction to gaming culture? Regardless, I fully intend to make a pair and send them to Gabe and Tycho.

In other Michaels-related news, I have finally located a large-sized wicker basket with a lid** -- O frabjous day! -- and it now resides under the end table next the couch. Said end table no longer looks like a wool factory threw up on it, and my living room is consequently neater. I do so enjoy encapsulation!

Also, I have Christmas cards. With luck and a break in the space-time continuum, they will actually be sent out prior to Christmas.

* Letting me go into a craft store unescorted is the first sign of trouble.

** You would be surprised at how rare these are. I would have thought that more of the crafting community had cats, but surely their sales figures know best.

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Catching up

Posted at 10 Nov 2009 02:31:22 PM

The gang's all here - we got my brother moved into an apartment a couple of hours south of St Louis last week. I use "we" loosely -- our part consisted mostly of spare furniture transport.

While Mom was here the four of us took a trip down to Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston (yes, home of the throwed rolls). The rolls were as airborne as advertised, and absolutely delicious. I don't know why they bother having you order sides with your meal; waiters come around every couple of minutes with pots filled with various other sides that the chefs apparently just felt like making, so we got a taste of everything!
Final review: A+, would definitely go again.

I was taking a vague look at Penguicon this coming year; it both looks like something I'd be interested in and something that may not be worth the trip. Halp D:

The project that the Ravelry Heirloom Knitting group has been working on - have I mentioned this before? - is nearing completion. "Nearing" is a sort of relative word, as large parts of it remain to be done, but it's at least at a point where those not spending all their time trying to chart the border corner can cast on for the middle section.

So I have. 271 stitch provisional cast on in laceweight and gossamer: hear me roar!

This officially means that I have two giant lace shawls in the works, and one thankfully not at all complicated sweater. It's amazing; the gossamer that I'm using for Queen Susan is so fine that when I switch back to the laceweight cashwool for Snowflakes in Cedarwoods it feels like I'm knitting sock yarn... >_> Trouble with these shawls is that both are of the type which require concentration and long spans of time in which to work on them, or I get something like half a row done which doesn't feel at all productive.

And what with Dragon Age Origins*, and Torchlight**, and Real Life***, I don't really HAVE long spans of time to work on anything. Aaagh.

Contemplating a trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival next year. I could probably stay with some family in the area, and there are highly tentative plans from said HK group to have a mini meet up at the festival. I think it would be fun :D

And maybe next year I could actually go to Rhinebeck!

* Excellent game.
** VERY Excellent game. Nowhere near as srs bzns as DAO, and quite a bit more addictive.
*** Always excellent :-)

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Posted at 14 Nov 2007 11:16:43 AM

I have a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Because tenieldjo is amazingly awesome and camped the Chesterfield GameSpot, she managed to procure the very last of their shipment of Wii's. We traded [Xbox 360] for [Wii] last night, whereupon I powered through the first 3 levels of Super Paper Mario.

It is everything the last Paper Mario was, and more. I think I'm in love.

(Oh, and we also have Zelda: Twilight Princess. Tonight may be BF's turn with the Wii...)

Also, WoW patch 2.3 dropped yesterday, and fixed a metric ton of little tiny broken things. Plus, new 10-man dungeon (Zul'Aman) and some other neat new stuff... now that Jayce and Nixxis have left the server, I'm thinking about going back to Novus Tempus, if they'll have me. It's just a question of whether I really want to put the effort in to deal with the usual contingent of arrogant lootwhores and idiots. I do miss raiding, though, so maybe.

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Yay, books :D

Posted at 08 Nov 2006 02:26:45 PM

The problem with reading the Halo books (which are extremely good, by the way)?

Now I want a 360, because I really feel like playing Halo right now.
Edit: Bullet Witch looks really intruiging, too... probably won't go in for N3 - pretty, but meh - but I may want to check out Bullet Witch when it comes out.

Damn you, Microsoft...!

(A point in its favor is the VGA cables, though...it recently dawned on me that I don't need a 2nd TV to fulfill my gaming-with-background-noise obsession: all I need is a good LCD monitor, of which I definitely have a couple of extra. Hmmmm...I feel like shopping now. This could be dangerous. Mwahahahah...)

Edit 2, Son of Edit: Changed to use correct Firefly/RvB icon. *grin*

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Neverwinter Nights 2: decision time!

Posted at 02 Nov 2006 12:56:42 PM

Sooooooooo...NWN2, yes or no?

There's no native linux client for this release, which I view as just about as shitty a decision as they come. But - the first one was a pretty damn fun game, and I enjoyed it. Didn't preorder it, but that reminds me that I did preorder some crap that I should probably go un-order now. *mental note* to go by EB after work today.

There's literally no information up on transgaming.org yet, but my bet is that it'll at least install even if I have to hack things a bit. (*mental note* Speaking of hacking games to get them installed, I think I left HoMM5 at Chris'. Must get that back, as it's only installed on the computer which is currently living in a closet and that is no good to me. ...Thinking of making that computer into a freevo...right after the printserver works. Wish me luck.)

So, who's getting it (or not), and why?


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