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Spring is here! Pass the apples.

Posted at 26 Jun 2010 10:50:55 AM

Why, hello there.

How are you today?

I think we can safely say that spring has finally arrived.

Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade are in town this evening for their 11 1/2th Anniversary Celebration (don't ask, I don't know either). Bella's working on a CTS-Sackboy, and me.... well...

The Littlest Fruit Fucker
Pattern: Not much of one
Yarn: Berroco Lustra, same as I'm using for my cardigan, and of which I hope to still have enough. Oops.
Hook size: The peach-colored one. (I am the world's worst crocheter.)

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Desktop victory

Posted at 26 Jun 2010 10:50:25 AM

My desktop finally looks normal again!

In previous versions of Ubuntu (8.04 a. k. a. Hardy) my embedded terminal was accomplished using a combination of devilspie and gnome-terminal 2.22. The specific version was necessary; any higher and it wouldn't obey devilspie's commands to remove the titlebar and remain stationary.

In the current version (9.10 a. k. a. Karmic), it's still accomplished using gnome-terminal because I like its transparency, but this time devilspie is the buggy one. I've got the system resources now to go All Compiz, All The Time, so that's what's controlling the embedded window.

Steps for an Embedded Terminal on Ubuntu 9.10:

1. Open up a new gnome-terminal. Right-click on the window and edit the profile to have the characteristics that you want -- transparency, font, font color, scrollback, etc -- and save the profile. Go ahead and save it as the default, since at this point it's important to note that as all of the ccsm settings reply on the application name, (rather than the title) you can't actually use gnome-terminal for anything except this one window.* My default terminal is actually xterm.

2. Fire up the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm). You'll be customizing a few things here: Window Decoration, Place Windows, and Window Rules.

It may make things easier if you have a gnome-terminal actually running during this, as changes will be visible in realtime once you're done with each plugin and click the "Back" button.

Window Decoration: Enable this plugin, and change the "Decoration windows" box from the default "any" to "(any) & !(class=Gnome-terminal)". This ensures that every window except one of class Gnome-terminal will have a border around it.

Place Windows: Enable this plugin, switch to the "Fixed Window Placement" tab, and add a new entry under "Windows with fixed positions". For mine, the positioned window is "class=Gnome-terminal", the X and Y positions are 0 and 30, respectively. Note that in X Windows, your positions are relative to the upper-left corner of your screen.

Window Rules: My entries for Skip taskbar, Skip pager, Below, Sticky, Non movable windows & Non resizable windows are all "class=Gnome-terminal". This effectively renders the terminal pinned below all other windows, immobile and invisible to your pager & task switcher.

In the same plugin, switch to the "Size Rules" tab. Add a new entry. Sized Windows should be "class=Gnome-terminal", my width and height are set to 950 and 900, respectively. At my 1680x1050 resolution this takes up about half of my screen widthwise, and almost all of it lengthwise. Note that these aren't the same numbers you'd use were you to set the window's size via gnome-terminal's --geometry switch (for a window roughly the same size, I was using --geometry="140x70".)

3. Once you've the terminal looking like you want, close out of ccsm and add an entry to your System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications. What you name it is your business; the command should be simply "gnome-terminal".

* Technically a lie, as you could use "name=YourProfileName" instead of "class=Gnome-terminal" in all of the settings, which would mean that you can create a new gnome-terminal profile called "YourProfileName" just for this embedded window and keep using gnome-terminal as your default term. But I prefer xterm, so I didn't.

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Gold medal, please!

Posted at 24 Feb 2010 10:05:10 AM

My Olympic knitting project has been started, worked, and is finished. Pictures to come!

Snowflakes - still not done. It was put on a two week hiatus for the Olympics.

Evenstar Clue 1: Also not done; same reason.

I have, however, successfully grown one thing: my queue (/facepalm). I've decided on my parents' Christmas present, which true to form is enormous, and also on a wedding present for a good friend. The latter involves a custom dye job from Laura at The Unique Sheep, who was responsible for the amazing gradience colorways used by many people in the Evenstar group.

My knitwear design classes at Kirkwood Knittery continue apace; I'm loving the class, but longing for the return of lazy Saturdays. It won't be for a while, though: my brother and I are going to Kansas City this weekend for the Billy Joel/Elton John Face2Face concert (I still cannot believe that he was able to get tickets! Dan, if it involved selling a kidney... just don't tell me) and Franklin Habit (fangirl *squee!*) is coming to St Louis the first weekend in March.

He's both doing a talk & book signing, and teaching classes on Saturday. I've signed up for both the lace intro class and the photography class. I wouldn't have taken the lace one if I hadn't been assured that there is going to be adequate space and I won't be taking a spot from someone who really needs the "Intro" part; mostly it's that I greatly admire his knitting, and for however much I know about lace I am sure that he knows more!

The Blues' Sticks & Stitches game is 3/21, and I need to get a hat or something knit up for that.

Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade are going to be here on 3/31, and I've got to get their crocheted Fruit Fucker in the works.

I'm still going to MD Sheep & Wool in May, so if anyone reading this has anything they want from the festival, let me know beforehand! I'm planning to drive there, so there's no worry of not being able to transport things.

P. S: Little Big Planet, with the little knitted sackboys? Fantastic game. I'm thrilled that not only does there exist a recent game which is third person perspective'd, I have friends with a PS3! And after years of WoW, I find myself getting bored with single player games; having to play at someone else's house means co-op!

P. P. S. My sackboy is a tiny knitted penguin.

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Posted at 06 Jan 2010 09:47:56 AM

My kitchen will shortly be decorated with a whole lotta' Ursula Vernon. w00t.

(Note to self: PAINT KITCHEN. NOW.)

(Note to everyone else: Cookopelli I, Cookopelli II, March Hare and Dormouse)

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Marking the occasion

Posted at 26 Jun 2010 10:48:30 AM

I am posting this, mostly, to mark the occasion. Also if the world collapses in on itself you will know the cause and who to blame.

Last night while at Michaels, "quickly - just to get something framed and then get out*", I did it.


I bought a crochet book. (No!) (Yes!!)

In my defense it's amigurimi, not afghans, and it had cute little Mario mushrooms on it. How am I supposed to resist the opportunity to make Mario mushrooms?! (They may also restore 243 health over 18 seconds when eaten... stay tuned.)

You may have noticed that the book cover also promises a pattern for a Fruit Fucker, although I am sure that the writers did not intend their alien-robot thing to be interpreted in such a manner. Or maybe they did, and they're just trying to give children an early and well-rounded introduction to gaming culture? Regardless, I fully intend to make a pair and send them to Gabe and Tycho.

In other Michaels-related news, I have finally located a large-sized wicker basket with a lid** -- O frabjous day! -- and it now resides under the end table next the couch. Said end table no longer looks like a wool factory threw up on it, and my living room is consequently neater. I do so enjoy encapsulation!

Also, I have Christmas cards. With luck and a break in the space-time continuum, they will actually be sent out prior to Christmas.

* Letting me go into a craft store unescorted is the first sign of trouble.

** You would be surprised at how rare these are. I would have thought that more of the crafting community had cats, but surely their sales figures know best.

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Some humour for your Monday

Posted at 15 Jun 2009 03:16:14 PM

So Penny-Arcade has had this voting thing set up, where they did 3 different introductory strips for 3 very different storylines...they turned out to be quite popular, especially (from what I can tell, a group called The Lookouts) and today is the day of The Voting.

I just tried, and every single comic, newspost, & voting page is returning Error 502. Penny-Arcade just effectively DDOS'ed themselves, and isn't that just a karmic kick in the ass?

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6 more times, please. Right here.

Posted at 22 May 2009 07:54:37 PM

OK, so I wasn't going to be one of those people who came home and was all "Star Trek was awesome!!"


Nevertheless: Star Trek was AWESOME!

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Well, I've learned things today

Posted at 23 Apr 2009 08:42:57 AM

Mac OSX cannot apparently recognize partitions that it did not create, or that are in other filesystems than the basics - HFS+ (proprietary, and irritatingly so), NTFS, FAT. Awesome. This means getting rid of the handful of ext3 partitions that I put on my laptop has been nontrivial and eventually required the complete removal of all partitions, the re-creation of one big new one via the commandline provided with the restore CDs because the installer is dumber than a box of rocks, and the re-installation of OSX. (Actually kinda happy about that last one. I liked Tiger a hell of a lot better than whatever the latest one is.)

Apple, I AM NOT PLEASED WITH YOU. You're Unix-based, please start acting like it.

Started a toe-up sock class last night. I'm using Mini Mochi, which is gorgeously dyed and feels divine but is a pain to knit with. It's basically a thickly spun single, and as such it splits like mad.

Picking Matt up at the airport tonight. Have to get the laptop back in working order by tomorrow night. Cardinals game tomorrow (versus the Mets - whee).

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Soaking up some "couth".

Posted at 07 Jan 2009 01:41:34 PM

Today is awesome.

I have procured a ticket for Opera Night with the St Louis Symphony this Friday, which is half recital by a soprano whose name I don't recognize but whose voice is absolutely captivating* and half highlights from Wagner's Ring. Assuming the baby blanket yarn arrives in time, thus guaranteeing me a garter stitch-filled existence for the next month, I will probably knit. There's not much to look at during either a recital or garter stitch.


To the Russian National Ballet's one-night-only performance of Sleeping Beauty on the 21st. Words cannot properly express how incredibly happy this makes me. I have wanted to see this ballet since I learned of its existence. (That was probably somewhere around 6th grade homework, when I got tired of listening to Enya and Sarah Brightman and popped in a Tchaikovsky CD instead.)

In conclusion, OMG. The end.

* Kelly Kaduce.

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Hot damn

Posted at 21 Aug 2008 11:22:52 PM

Hot fucking damn, to be exact.

I finally finished the back-end system to this place. I can now add, edit *and* delete posts without having to resort to phpMyAdmin.

Fucking right!


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