I'm Laura. I am a gamer, a bookworm, a knitter, a spinner, a tatter, a seamstress, pierced, tattooed, musical, vehemently geeky and occasionally ineptly artistic. She/her.


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Our 100th Sale Giveaway Contest!

Posted at 04 Dec 2020 01:33:19 PM


Y'all, 100 sales. 100!!!

This is so far beyond what I envisioned back in March when I restarted Cybermenology, and I could NEVER have done it without all of you <3. So let’s do something fun!!

Here are the rules:
Follow me on Instagram @cybermenology, and leave a comment here or on Facebook telling me what your favourite fandom is - on Sunday night (08:00 CST) I’ll tally up and randomize to pick a winner. Tag a friend to get an extra entry! (Limit one extra entry per person.)

Winner can pick any $25 clutch in my shop OR pick a fabric and I’ll make you a one of a kind!

You've been amazing to me this year, and I'd like to return the kindness. Thank you so much, everyone!!

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Oh, help me.

Posted at 27 Aug 2008 12:11:11 PM

Predictably, having tossed out half a dozen bottles of perfume and mailed off my collection of imps to kirafyre, I'm buying BPAL again.

It starts with "Oh, I really should get a vial of Lady of Shallot! It would be a tragedy if I ran out of the imp and then they discontinued the scent or something!"

So then I go nosing around, looking for the Lady, and I end up with vials of Samhain 2008 and The Witching Time of Night too. Eep. (I suppose if I don't like them I can just start ebaying things...)

BPAL's tricky, because there are some rather prevalent scents that just don't work on me at all (rose, mint) and some that I just flat-out won't wear (dragonsblood, sandalwood). I'm hoping that after the experiment with Samhain 2008 I don't have to add "balsam" to the former list. Normally I'd just buy imps, but with the LEs they either don't offer imps or there isn't time enough to get both an imp and a subsequent vial.

In other news, this afternoon will be my first at the gym. The 4" Project has officially begun - here's hoping there's time enough left.

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The Great Perfume Giveaway 2008

Posted at 19 Aug 2008 08:39:42 PM

I got home too late to raid tonight, so it looks like this will get done sooner than anticipated!

The list of perfumes wint3rhart doesn't wear

...is as follows:

( Click for the rest )

Phew. See anything you like?


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