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Rambling, links, new music and Avenue Q

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:53:15 AM

Since I've now been poked by at least two people to get off my arse and update this site, here goes nothing :)

Christmas was ... eh, Monday, I guess. I got back to Binghamton on Sunday afternoon, and Dan followed me down that evening once he got off work. It was good, we just hung out, I sat around loading data all day (was still on pager duty), and in general we had a nice relaxing catch-up-on-your-movies type of day :)

I got off of my last pager rotation on Thursday, slept most of the day on Friday, and Kyle came up to visit that evening. We gathered up Matt and all went over to Robert's place to play with the Wii Matt brought up (neat system, it really is), and then raided Denny's at midnight :D Really, it was an awesome evening.

Kyle crashed at my place over the weekend, and we went up to Ithaca on Saturday both for lack of anything else to do, and to stock up on hair dye since that's the closest place to here that I know of which stocks Special Effects. Mine's dark blue now (I got bored of purple :) ) and I actually really love it. For some reason it doesn't dye quite as evenly as the purple did... *shrug* It's still pretty darn cool.

Picked up a couple of new desks for my apartment at Staples on Sunday... $13.50 each (!), and they're pretty good for it - pine, pretty big, no bells or whistles... just a nice big flat space. One is set up perpendicular to my regular desk so that I've got this whole corner-type thing going on, and the other is across the room as both spare space, and as a desk for anyone who comes to visit.

Ahh..hmm... oh yeah - I caught Kyle's damned cold :P So for the past couple of days I've been feeling like death warmed over, and pretty much just camping out in the apartment. I think tonight I'm going to go hang out at Robert's for a bit, maybe come home and do some AB with the latenight crew before going to bed. I *should* be in bed before 2, logically speaking... chances are good that it'll be around 4 again. Yay, weekends.

I've been accumulating tons of new music lately, some of which I've mentioned here before (Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars) and some of which is a bit newer. The song that I'm currently addicted to, and which has (no joke) been running through my head almost every time my brain has some downtime is this one:

Emilie Autumn's Shalott.

Apparently on Last.fm that song is tagged as "victorian industrial, songs I fucking love to death, Emilie Autumn"

... Yep, I pretty much agree!

It's from her Ophiliac album, which I have on preorder and am insanely excited about. Check out the Wikipedia article on The Lady of Shalott - it's probably shorter than going and getting ahold of the whole poem just to understand what she's singing about. (Have I mentioned that I love Arthurian legend?)

I'm also tempted to get into a discussion of just why I adore violin in grunge and rock music, but really I think it's sort of self explanitory ( Cruxshadows, TSO, Emilie Autumn and to a lesser degree* Barrage? Yep.)

*Lesser degree meaning they're neither grunge nor rock, not that they're not violin-ish. That's practically the main instrument in the band. They're so much fun :D

Also, hello to anyone jumping over here from Frosty's very kind journal entry! That was a really fun night; I still kick myself because I really ought to have been able to come up with Holocaust Cloak. And the phrase "don't-refer-to-me-by-my-haircolor-Laura" has already sent several of my friends into convulsions from laughter, which is *always* a good time ;-)

...Umm, Frosty? What on earth did I win this so-called "person of the year award" for, praytell?

I'm heading over to Kyle's next weekend, so we can take the train down and catch Avenue Q on Saturday afternoon (silly sold-out evening shows, blah). I'm really looking forward to it, since a day in the city is always a blast, moreso when it's accompanied by friends and good Broadway :D A quick stop along 28th street will be useful too, as I'll probably take the opportunity to stock up on some spices and such that I need.

That's all for now folks - I need to be out of here in under an hour, so time for another dose of Dayquil and the daily "finding some clean socks" ritual.

(Note: yes, I am leaving out all mention of the recent guild drama. Those that know what went on already know, and I don't really feel the need to start things up again here. I never did and never will have anything against KotW - my switching to BC was purely a factor of who I play with on a regular basis... and unfortunately, just about all of those people are in BC now. I completely understand if anyone is upset at me, and I am really and truly sorry.)

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Hair pictures

Posted at 25 Jan 2006 09:49:55 AM

Pictures are up! They're awful pictures, as usual, but it's sort of difficult when all one has is a mirror :P

hair 1 hair 2 hair 3

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Hair dye day

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:00:54 PM

My hair is partially purple! (Reeeeeally dark pink, which on my hair looks purple) :D I need to patch a few spots tonight which are lighter than the others, but on the whole I love it ^^

In normal news: I got my car back, there's nothing wrong with it (*I hope*), I'm going down to VA for a week on Sunday, I hit lvl 52 in WoW so am almost at the point where the game will be new again ^^ (well, I've been several places this time around that I didn't last time - I think this guild is quite a bit more helpful in that respect. Un'Goro, Searing Gorge, Sunken Temple...heh. I have a sort-of-new fridge in my apartment (they pulled it from a currently empty apartment)...apparently though, the previous user of said fridge decided they liked the bottom shelf so much they couldn't bear to part with it, so I went to Lowe's and got a sheet of Lucite to cover up the vegetable bins. It's working out really well actually =) I got the wireless NIC for what will be my print server, as soon as I get a printer (necessary part, no?). I'm trying to cut down on the amount of soda I drink, and drink more water.

I think that's about the list!


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