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Where I've been

Posted at 10 Nov 2008 04:59:03 PM

Day 6 of my left arm being taken over by a hematoma. I realize that I didn't exactly mention days 1 through 5 - they were lost in a haze of "Wait, wtf?", "There is no way in hell that I am typing today" and "I forgot again."

Long story short: after giving blood on Wednesday, the nurse tied the gauze pad to my arm with plastic "tape" in the classic above-and-below-the-elbow figure-8 technique. But she tied the top part just a wee bit too tight - and I didn't notice it 'til I got home after knitting class. By the time I peeled the tape off, there was a rather gigantic bulge in my arm right above where the tape was, it didn't go away, and it hurt like a motherf*cker.

Should I have noticed at some point during the day? Probably. In my defense, they'd dug around in my arm for a good 20 minutes, trying to actually find the vein. Also, I was wearing a long-sleeved sweater. I wasn't really in a position to differentiate between "pain" and "more pain" - I just figured it hurt because they'd torn up the inside of my vein.

Live and learn.

So after 24 hours of my arm having a golfball-sized bulge and crying in the car from the pain (ya'll? I do not cry in public), I broke down and headed to the doctor's after work on Thursday. Diagnosis: hematoma. Prognosis: It's going to hurt like someone took wire shears to your arm muscles. Here, have some Tramadol! Also, as the blood drains out it'll probably look like you got your arm caught in a shredder.

So here we are today. I've learned that I dislike narcotics rather intensely, that the muscles above and below my elbow STILL hurt if I move too quickly or do tricky things like turn my palm upwards, and that after the past 2 bad experiences I'm banned from giving blood again By Order of the Husband.

Not that I disagree... the Red Cross seems to have missed the "do no harm" part of the Hippocratic Oath, and I'm rather annoyed at them. Red Cross? Let me know when you actually train your phlebotomists, and then I'll be back.

(Also, we have a new cat. She is solid black, 6 months old and her name, for the present at least, is Endora. Mollie is Not Amused.)

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A fun-filled morning of self-diagnosis.

Posted at 05 Nov 2008 12:43:28 PM

From WebMD:
"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) one of the buzz phrases of the 90's and 21st century.

Typical complaints of those with CTS involve numbness, tingling on the palm side of the thumb , index, middle and thumb side of the ring fingers as well as weakness of grip. People affected by median nerve pressure at the wrist will also describe painful or electric shock-like sensation radiating into the hand or back up the forearm. Not everyone has all the classic symptoms but will have some variation or combination. For instance, only one or two fingers may be numb."


Well, fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. FUCK.

I thought that CTS means that your wrist and hands hurt all the time, not just that they're weirdly internally-cold at the fingertips, and sort of pins-and-needles like your arm is asleep and doesn't ever wake up. I thought the pins-and-needles meant it couldn't be CTS. And here I thought (logically) that CTS would make my whole hand hurt, and because the outsides (pinkie sides) really kinda don't, maybe I just have blood flow problems or some shit.

Clearly I'm wrong. Oh, hells.

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AFK part 3. (Part 3 is the non-AFK part.)

Posted at 31 Jul 2008 10:58:38 AM

Dan made a rule: "Until you can go for 24 hours without puking, you can't go to work."

I seem to have passed, so here I am, at work. Freezing, I might add, but that's par for the course even when non-sick.

I have tea. And Dayquil. And 7 hours to go.

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AFK part 2

Posted at 30 Jul 2008 10:28:13 AM

Still home. Dan's rule: until I can go 24 hours without puking, I can't go back to work.

Still feel like crap. At least most of the dizziness is gone and my spine doesn't feel like I could rip it out of my body one vertebrae and it would feel /great/. Icy Hot pads are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Speaking of bread, we have none atm. I fail at toast. :(

Spent most of yesterday making envelopes - I'd had a feeling, feeling as I did while going to bowling on monday, that Tuesday was not going to be a good day, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up a big book and some loose sheets of patterned paper. Along with the envelopes for our wedding invites I'd ordered some pretty folded plain cards. Figured I could make some neat envelopes and liven up the everyday mail a bit. I like how they turned out... pics when I feel like standing again.

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Posted at 29 Jul 2008 12:32:21 PM

Whatever bug I was starting to get on Monday morning seems to have hit with a vengeance. Lying down makes my stomach and intestines work backwards, I weirdly dizzy; can barely stand or walk straight (something's wrong with my sinuses). At a few points during the night I had nothing better to do than hang around in the bathroom, figured I'd see whether my digital thermometer still worked. 'Bout what I figured, 100.3.

Staying home today, needless to say.

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Health update

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:03:02 PM

Gave blood yesterday morning.

Annual OB/GYN appointment yesterday afternoon, including first stage Gardasil vaccination.

Result? Tired as fuck, with bruises on my upper arm from where the crappy phlebotomist squeezed the blood pressure cuff WAY TOO TIGHT in an attempt to get my vein where she could stab it*, and a sore elbow and shoulder from various needles being stuck into me.

The high point of the day was the bimonthly post-donation trip to Tucker's Place, which is the best steakhouse I've ever experienced. It's just ... steak. Damn good steak. And a baked potato, and a small salad, and a roll. Nothing else. No fancy crap, no massive portions, just normal food. Bonus points: the place is cheap. We can't get out of O'Charley's for less.

On the schedule tonight is laundry, in preparation for packing for NY, and prebowling.

* The eventually-summoned supervisor got it in 1.4 seconds flat, no random stabbing, muttering or squeezing. I'm not bitter, really.


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