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All moved in!

Posted at 11 Dec 2008 11:57:35 AM

We did it - by dint of half a dozen people helping, and a couple of long days, we've got everything moved over to the house and put away (or in at least a preliminary state of put-away). I'm bone-tired, have several pulled muscles, the arches of my feet and my knees (oh gods, my knees [sorry Tim, I know that yours must be worse right now!]) are revolting, and I think I sat on the corner of a desk at some point and have a big bruise on my ass, and I am longing for a shower (to say nothing of what Dan, Tim, Liz and everyone else who worked their butts off to get all of our stuff out of the apartment, down the scary metal stairs and into the house)...but I'm feeling pretty accomplished. We did a truly kickass job this weekend.

The only thing we broke? A styrofoam banana.

The only thing we lost? The bedframe from the spare bed. (I don't know how, either.)

I still feel vaguely like we're just staying in someone else's house, and there's a very real feeling of "I really hope we like it here, because there is officially no going back now." I assume that both of those will settle out before long, or it will be an uncomfortable few years.

A'lar in Tempest Keep tonight, then relaxing on the couch with painkillers and spaghettios.

Work tomorrow, finishing setting up the spare bedroom, and several loads of laundry.

Woot. =D

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Posted at 11 Dec 2008 12:02:29 PM

The Great House Hunt has begun; we may have found something, but need to see whether the other side's realtor will play ball or whether they've already had a better offer. I'm trying to remain level-headed. A lot of shit's topsy-turvy lately, or seems that way when looked at from a distance. I was thinking where I was, life-wise, a year ago.. and it was a hell of a lot different than my life is now! Going from single, apartment, NY to engaged, house, MO is a bit of a lot to ask oneself to grasp. It's kind of like looking down when you're a long ways up...one foot up or down doesn't seem like such a long distance, and the foot after that doesn't seem so bad either, but the whole 2,000 feet is a dizzying height.

The answer, obviously, is "Don't look down," but that seems a bit simplistic. I'm trying to file "owning a house" under the category of things which Need To Be Done, rather than as yet another major life-changing event. It's not that I have second thoughts about any one thing in particular, but that I kind of wonder at my ability to handle it all without developing mental stress fractures.

A large part of it is that I've never been terribly good at de-stressing. Escaping, yes - in the form of shutting myself up with various books, computer games, etc, but never really de-stressing. I think that might be a necessary skill in the coming year or two...

Still raiding with Murder by Numbers, and up to my ears in apron sewing. That's proving a nice distraction, although I'm recognizing the signs of "I need to get this shit finished -now-, because I'm rapidly approaching the end of my sewing attention span and if it's not finished in a day or so, it's going to get left in the pile of half-completed projects." Gotta love it.

Last note - I've got a wedding dress. Probably. We'll see if it fits.


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