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An appropriate icon; someone nominate me for a prize.

Posted at 09 Jun 2009 11:55:21 PM

Ugh. Here's the thing of it:

Last Wednesday, I was persuaded to see a doctor for the problematic fingers-becoming-numb, dropping things, hands hurting problem. On Friday, I actually got in to see said doctor, who (to sum up) said that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, of the moderate variety, and handed me a prescription for twice-daily NSAIDs and wrist braces "to be worn at night without fail, and at other times during the day when convenient." Which it really isn't, ever, but I got myself into this mess.

Friday night things cheered right up when poppins17 and I went to see RENT at the Fox, with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, live and in person, strike me dead if I'm lying. In some ways it was beyond awesome, and in other ways ... well, I think they may have been doing this show a bit too long. It's fresher, somehow, with the kids who haven't been doing it for the better part of a decade. With Adam especially he seemed like he was doing it by rote rather than with enthusiasm... but I think it was noticeable more in the times between songs. He certainly pulled out a kickass One Song Glory. Angel, Mimi, Moreen, Collins and the rest of the cast were their usual stellar selves. (There was NOT, thank goodness, a repeat of the Angel Issues incident at Proctor's from quite a few years ago.)

I really wanted to nick the RENT poster from outside the Schnucks here, but I didn't get to it soon enough. Curses.

Caught a nasty cold, probably at the doctor's office. Saturday I was unsure, Sunday I was death on toast, and Monday was slightly better. Today is slightly better still, although I still have an inexplicable sore throat and stuffy nose.

Also today, that would be Tuesday, I bombed an interview. I'm really not sure exactly what part of anything the interviewer objected to, but after two hours I was informed that I was not a good fit. To quote, I was "damn insightful" and "if [he] had a developer position open, he'd hire me in a heartbeat." Of which I don't believe a word: he'd subject me to exactly as much scrutiny for a dev job as he would for this tech support one, and I know perfectly well that I don't possess the language skills that they use in that shop. But I digress. I'm trying not to be insulted by the notion that I'm more suited to dev than to work on the other end of computer support, but rather look at it as if he was able to tell something about me that I can't see myself. Maybe he's right... I really don't know.

Anyhow, in disappointment I came home, ate White Castle for lunch, knitted on my Sabine until my fingers started to go numb, took a 15 minute break and then went to tonight's raid. (I know, I know, I'm stupid.) They're still tingling, and I ought to go put my braces on, but I'm being stupid and stubborn. I will once I finish typing this. And finish my dailies.

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The first preserving of 2009

Posted at 03 Jun 2009 12:34:10 PM

Owing to my car acting up and the only appointment being at 7am today, I am now running on about 2.5 hours of bad, dream-filled sleep. Good times.

On the plus side, I have an interview next week with a company for which I would rather like to work, so that's something. Wish me luck. On the negative side, er... well, car repairs and no sleep. Also my cats are insane, and the dog is hyper. Again on the positive balance, the storm which came through yesterday has spared the power lines to our subdivision, thankfully. At least one friend that I know of was not so lucky.

I went strawberry picking on Saturday with a group of (I hope) new friends, and came home with a good experience and 6 pounds of fresh gorgeous strawberries. I decided to make strawberry-rhubarb jam with them, and turned out to only need about half - for a double batch! So now I have 9 half-pints and 2 pints of jam on my counter, and another 2.5lbs of berries still in the fridge.

The next venture, once I wake up sufficiently, will probably be strawberry balsamic jam. You all know my weakness for balsamic vinegar and even though I'm assured that the tang doesn't really come through in the finished jam, the color and a slight darker flavor still will.

Although I knitted for an hour and a half this morning at the mechanic's, I had noticed on my way in the rather characteristic pain in the soft part of my hand below the thumb which can really only come from whatever type of RSI to which I'm prone. So... the second Maeby sock may not be finished today. And although I really want to work on the Harper Hall shawl (given that it's 145 rows of 491-and-not-appreciably-decreasing stitch counts, I feel like I have to make some progress every day of it'll never be done) I may not be able to do that either. Curse my wrists.

Of course, cursing them while typing is probably not my brightest idea ever, is it?

It's dark and dreary today, so of course I am curled up on the couch reading The Nine Tailors. Nice and atmospheric, wot?

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Almost done.

Posted at 07 May 2009 05:01:56 PM

I finished the "Hedera" socks, and they're quite nice if I say so myself :-) Going to be starting a pair of "Nebula"s with the Colinette Jitterbug that I bought in Springfield... the drive up to Chicago this weekend will probably be mostly in the dark, but you never know.

The Nebulas are partially my reward for making progress on the linen dress that I'm making (Vogue 8358). It's a fairly simple dress and I bet that an experienced seamstress could have it done in a day, but while I enjoy sewing I have a very short attention span for it. And not having a proper work area does sort of hamper things... I have to pen the dog in the kitchen and confine the cats to the office to prevent them from declaring my pile of fabric their new favorite sleeping spot.

While I knit and sew I've started watching Battlestar Galactica. I'm about halfway through the first season right now, and I'm still not sure what I think of it. Well, maybe that's not quite accurate: I definitely think that it is quite good, but I'm not sure that I personally am enjoying the knowledge that there is a Cylon aboard the Galactica, knowing who she is, and having to get emotionally attached to her anyway. It makes things very muddled. Plus, Gaius Baltar and his vicious blonde Cylonic hallucination is driving me straight up the wall. He's vague, he's greasy, he vacillates, and completely fails at evoking any sympathetic reaction whatsoever. I have the most irrepressable urge to fast forward through any scene in which he appears (to the point where I looked up the series on IMDB to find out when he's killed off, praying it would be soon. Appears that he's not - damn). I'm not annoyed enough to stop watching, yet, though I didn't feel like tackling it today.

For the record, things which I have ceased to watch: Fringe, Dollhouse.

Still looking for a job.. I've started applying to other types of things; software support and actual prod support, as opposed to prod support development. We'll see. It might be nice to do something more varied for a change.

Timm took me to Sam's Club today. I like Sam's, I really do, even if I have to be careful what I buy because you always get so much of it. It's almost not worth it to buy anything perishable. But their frozen fish is really decent, and some of their canned things are neat. Pasta sauce we can always use. They've started carrying a line of pots & pans, so I picked up a cheap large skillet. It's not what I want, but it'll do for awhile 'til I find it.

Almost to the end of this madcap round of weekends.. Chicago this week, 2 baseball games next week. Then, hopefully, breathing.

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Posted at 29 Apr 2009 10:46:04 PM

Well, as of today at 10am, I'm officially out of a job.

Fired, eliminated, phased out, merged out - call it what you will: I've handed in my laptop and badge.

Obviously, I'm now looking for another one.

Probably heading up to the in-laws' for Easter. I don't think I've been to an Easter service since I left for college. I'd say something predictable about cheap chocolate, except... I just discovered several bags of post-Hallowe'en-sale candy in the sideboard downstairs, so I hardly think that we need more. ;)

A final note -

Jessie. 1986 - March 2009. You're already missed, kitsa... blessed be.

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Catching up.

Posted at 11 Mar 2009 11:44:05 AM

I got the last shot of the HPV/cervical cancer vaccine yesterday. Accordingly, my left arm is now complaining verbosely at anything I ask it to do. The rest of me feels run-down and woozy; whether that's a side effect of the shot, the rapid temperature changes outside, or another job-related stress cold, I don't know.

If it is the latter, the good part about this whole job mess is I will no longer feel any guilt about taking a couple of days' sick time. (I'm trying not to post too much about said mess here in public. For what it's worth, if you want to know what's going on, just email me.)

Dan's parents were in town last week and were instrumental in getting part of a kitchen wall (not the demon green one, the other one) taken out so that we can use our refrigerator effectively. We've also got a new french door in place of the old aluminum sliding one, and it looks fantastic.

It also insulates the house so much better that we're having difficulties regulating the heat again; the mean temperature's gone up by at least 5 degrees. Combine that with the recent 70-80* weather outside, and inside is just stifling.

Speaking of weather, if this keeps up, I'm going to have to start my vegetable seedlings pretty soon. The garden is still a mess from last fall, and needs a rather severe beating cleaning as well as at least a couple more bags of soil and peat moss. I'll get around to it; this sort of thing starts slowly.

Finished my diamond socks! Forgive the right toe in the picture: it was pre-weaving in ends and blocking. It's better now, I promise ;-)

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Job hunting

Posted at 06 Sep 2007 05:16:09 PM

I quit Ensco. I'm kind of sorry about it, but it was time, and honestly... I tried to quit before I left, and they wouldn't let go (as Mom so accurately phrased it). So my sympathy really isn't that profound.

Especially since the tech market here's doing quite well indeed, judging by the number of phone calls, emails and interviews I've been having. And especially since the interview I had today was unexpectedly amazing, and I seriously, REALLY want this job! I'm not going to post a lot about it now, 'til I know whether or not I get it, but suffice to say I'm incredibly enthused.

Dan and I have settled in really well - I've got my stuff (can't remember whether I've said that yet or not) with minimal breakages, everything fits, and we get along surprisingly well together. Without devolving into unbearably mushy stuff.... yeah. Things are very good.

The heat's finally broken, and it poured most of yesterday and this afternoon. It was 77 degrees as I drove back from my interview, and I nearly jumped for joy (in the middle of traffic. Yes..). I can't tell whether my plants are ok with this or not.. the peppers *look* better, but they still don't have any actual peppers on them. It's so weird. I'm theorizing that maybe the window box isn't big enough for them, and maybe they want something deeper... the only garden store I've seen so far turned out to be closed, though, so I'll try to find another one and see what they offer in the way of deep (but not wide) planters. The balcony can't take much more on it...

Drew was here last weekend, over Labor Day! We had a lot of fun - met up with Lindsay (Shadakul ;) ) a few times, went to dinner with Brian, Quin and Matt, hung out at bowling. Relaxed quite a bit, too :)

Made a really great ziti and sausage, with peppers and onions in a blushed crushed tomato sauce the other night. Whole 28-oz can of tomatoes and a whole box of ziti, though, so leftovers ahoy. I'm thinking mexican next, though my spanish rice and burrito skillz are a little bit lacking.


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